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Affiliate Bootcamp Review: Inside the ABC Virtual Summit [Updated 2019]

Ultimate Review of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Training

Affiliate Bootcamp Review: Inside the ABC Virtual Summit [Updated 2019]

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Updated May 28, 2019: The Affiliate Bootcamp is now the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit…

As you may know, some of the Affiliate Bootcamp training has recently been taken down – as some of the strategies in the program needed to be updated…

We all KNEW the updated training would be up and available soon.  On May 28th, 2019, Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team launched what they’re calling the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit.

ABC Virtual Summit

What is the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit?

Quick back story…

Since ClickFunnels first launched, the company has paid out over $52 Million in commissions and created 98 Dream Car winners.

In 2018 alone, the company paid out $22 Million in affiliate commissions…

Despite these awesome numbers, roughly 80% of the ClickFunnels affiliates earned under $200 last month.

So Russell has reached out to the top “Super Affiliate” Dream Car winners and asked them – WHAT would you do if you HAD to start from zero and become a Dream Car winner in 100 Days?

If you had no list, no influence, no online presence, etc… How would you do it? Wha’ts your action plan?

Out of 98 Dream Car winners, 15 responded and laid out their entire game plan.

THIS is the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit.

A four day virtual summit – each day, three to four of the Super Affiliate interviews are released so that you can learn EXACTLY how they would win their Dream Car and “retire” in 100 Days with the ClickFunnels Affiliate program…

Click Here to Get Started…

Who are the 15 Super Affiliates in the ABC Summit?

When you enroll in the free virtual summit, you’ll get a 100 Day Gameplan from:

Steve Larsen, Dave Gambrill, Rachel Pedersen, Peng Joon, Jim Edwards, Greg Jeffries, Jacob Caris, Dana Derricks, Joe Marfoglio, Spencer Mecham, Marley Baird, JR Rivas, Josh Rhodes, Tyler S. Clark, and Billy Gene…

Registration is Free – Click Here  (at the time of this writing)…

Below is my originial Affiliate Bootcamp program review…

For now, I’m not removing this for a couple of reasons.  In case the company decides to return to the free course model vs the Virtual summit.  And also because there is important information here about the ClickFunnels affiliate program.


Affiliate Bootcamp is the free affiliate marketing course by Russell Brunson and the team at ClickFunnels…

Why offer this course for free? The company’s goal with this training is to help affiliates SELL more ClickFunnels products.

They don’t want you to sign up for their affiliate program and start spamming out affiliate links everywhere. It’s in their interest for affiliates to know what they’re doing (and of course bring the company sales)…

Important to Know:

If you’re reading this to help decide whether or not the program is worth your time – there is no cost and no risk. You can sign up for the training  course now and explore the members area within minutes.

ABC 100 Day Challenge

Join the 100 Day Challenge

ClickFunnels’ bold promise is that Affiliate Bootcamp program will show you “how to retire in 100 days as a ClickFunnels Super Affiliate.”

This is a big promise – but people have done it – I cover more on the ClickFunnels affiliate program and how this “retirement” is attainable below. But first…

Affiliate Bootcamp: What Will I Learn?

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a 100 day challenge. There is a lot of content to go through. When you log into the members area and view the dashboard, it can be overwhelming – there are 66+ video modules to view.

ABC training dashboard

Inside Members Area – The ABC Dashboard

For example, the first 5 days are videos of Russell Brunson laying down ‘the foundation’ of your online marketing business… and the first five videos are EACH around 60-90 minutes long.

Russell Brunson ABC Video 1

ABC Day 1 “The Secret Formula”

You might think @ 70 days of 60+ minute videos is too much.

Don’t worry – the training on most days are less than an hour in length.  Also realize the audience in these videos paid a lot of money to learn this information. Do not devalue this training just because your access is free!

Daily Video Training

ABC BootCamp Day 6-20

The Obstacle is the Way.

If you’re motivated enough to take this serious over several weeks, your likelihood of success will increase greatly over the average joe that passes on the information…

Most people dabble… they’re interested in the “affiliate income” part, but fizzle when the educational process turns into WORK…

If you STUDY this course and GO ALL IN – you can crush it with affiliate marketing and potentially “retire” in 100 days.

I went through the training – and treated it the same as courses that I’ve paid $1000+ for…

Russell Brunson has great energy, he talks fast – his teaching is also entertaining, so it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting through hours of video.

ClickFunnels realizes they’re giving a LOT of content with this course, which is likely also why they release the training over several weeks.

After signing up, they email each day’s training at a pace that is easy to consume without overwhelm.

If you’re motivated and want to move faster with your training, they also give you the option of unlocking the entire Affiliate BootCamp (ABC) program at once.

After the first five ‘foundational’ videos, Russell transitions into explaining the building blocks of a funnel…

Over the course of the 66+ Affiliate BootCamp training videos, he covers everything from:

  • creating funnels
  • driving traffic / testing funnels
  • creating irresistible offers
  • facebook / social media marketing
  • email marketing – Russell even GIVES you his pre-written email swipe files
  • and more…
66+ days of affiliate marketing training

ABC BootCamp Day 21-66

In addition to the video modules – some of the daily training includes downloads and worksheets to fill out, etc. It really is an online course with Russell Brunson as your instructor.

Your best first step is to just log into the members area and see some of the topics covered in ABC for yourself.

What I DON’T Like About the ABC Training:

They’re often updating modules (which is great), but at the time of this writing, there are several videos that are down.

While I’m sure they’re going to replace these videos ASAP – I’d rather see the old videos for reference vs clicking on a video module and finding the video has been removed…

Sooo, How Can I Retire in 100 Days as a ClickFunnels Affiliate?

I hate to even write that, because it sounds so sensational, but there are affiliates making full time incomes from home as ClickFunnels Affiliates.

Depending on where you live, your lifestyle, cost of living, etc… the amount of money needed to be an “all-in” full-time affiliate marketer varies.

(One person may only need an income of $30,000 to live their best life. Someone else may be looking at $100,000 (or more.)

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program basics:

ClickFunnels has multiple products/services that they sell.  The company pays 40% commission on all sales made by affiliates…

Let’s take their ClickFunnels software as a product example…

  • The regular ClickFunnels membership costs $97/month. (40% commission = $38.80/month)
  • The Etison Suite membership costs $297/month…  (40% commission = $118.80/month)

This is a recurring MONTHLY cost to members. ClickFunnels pays affiliates the 40% commission for EVERY MONTH the member sticks with the software…

For our affiliate “retirement” example, let’s say that you need $100,000/year to unplug from the 9-5 grind…

This breaks down to roughly $8,400/month in income. 

If you concentrate on promoting the ClickFunnels 14-day trial – how many total members do you need to refer to the company in order to reach your monthly goal?

The 40% affiliate commissions again range from $38-$118/MONTH for every member that you refer.

  • 216 referrals with the $97/month plan ($38.80 x 216) = $8,400/month… which reaches your $100,000/year goal.
  • 71 referrals that join at the $297 Etison plan ($118.80 x 71) = $8,400/month… which equals your $100,000/year goal.

Of course, some members will join at the $97/month plan, and some will prefer the full Etison Suite.

You need to refer and maintain a total of 71-216 ClickFunnels members in order to reach this income goal.

If your objective is to refer one new member to ClickFunnels daily – you could potentially hit your retirement goal in 100 days.

Note that ClickFunnels’ affiliate program is not limited to just the software, but also pays affiliate commissions for their other products such as:

Second Tier Commissions

In addition to your personal sales, the company pays a second tier commission…

Everyone that you refer to ClickFunnels or their affiliate program will be linked to your 2nd tier. Because you referred them to ClickFunnels, the company will pay you 5% commissions for every one of their sales.

There are many active ClickFunnels affiliates that focus heavily on building their second tier vs selling products…

The Sticky Cookie

Every person that purchases a ClickFunnels product/service through your affiliate link also gets “sticky cookied” to you. This means that ClickFunnels attaches a token to your customers browser that links the customer to YOUR affiliate link.

After your referral makes a purchase, ClickFunnels will continue to communicate with your customer and market products to them… If your referral makes any additional purchases, ClickFunnels will pay YOU the commissions.

You will continue to make commissions from all of their future purchases – as long as you’re the last affiliate your customer has purchased from.  Make sense?

Here’s a video that explains the “sticky cookie” in more detail…

The Dream Car Bonus

In addition to the generous 40% commissions, ClickFunnels will pay for your “dream car.” Affiliates with 100 active ClickFunnels members qualify for a “dream car” bonus of $500/month to cover a car payment.

Affiliates that refer 200 active ClickFunnels members qualify for $1,000/month in dream car payments.

Click Here to Learn More About the ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

This dream car program is an additional perk to the company’s already lucrative affiliate program. Below is a screenshot from ClickFunnels Super Affiliate Spencer Mecham’s account… Looks like he’s referred just a little over 200 active members!

Spencer Mecham ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner

Why Stop at 200? 🙂

The ClickFunnels Avengers Facebook Group

ClickFunnels has created a facebook group for their affiliates in the BootCamp program. The group was created as a a community hub for ClickFunnels affiliates to discuss strategy, concepts, and get peer support for their struggles and successes along their affiliate marketing journey…

Russell Brunson, Dave Woodward, Myles Clifford, and others from ClickFunnels also regularly go “live” in the group to share new offers, bonuses, promotions, or just update the community…

>>Click Here to Join the ClickFunnels Avengers facebook Group<<

facebook Avengers Affiliate Group

Your first step after starting the Affiliate BootCamp training should be to plug into this ClickFunnels Avengers Affiliate group.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate BootCamp Review

The Affiliate BootCamp training program provides everything that one would need to start making sales as a ClickFunnels affiliate. The company has created an affiliate army by combining their free high-end ABC training system with a high paying affiliate program.

As mentioned above, you can sign up as a ClickFunnels affiliate without being a member yourself.

Many people do this, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I feel there’s a credibility issue with recommending a product or service without using it yourself.

At the very least, start a free trial to familiarize yourself enough with the software before selling it.

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial here…

If you’re not already a member – get started with the ClickFunnels free trial and the ABC Affiliate BootCamp training at the same time. If after 14 days, you’re not already in profit mode and you don’t think that the ClickFunnels software is for you – then you can of course cancel.

With affiliate payout ranging from $38-$118/month – you’re only looking at 1-3 referrals before your ClickFunnels account is free (covered by commissions).

And again – if not interested in promoting ClickFunnels, the strategies taught in the Affiliate BootCamp course can be used to promote any other product online. The free training is still worth checking out…

The company has seen a three year growth of 4,232% – ranking #76 on the INC 5000 list for 2018. With no VC funding, and growing sales – much of their success can be attributed to the work of their affiliates.

(End of original article)

The previous Affiliate Bootcamp “course” as well as the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Interview series are both excellent concepts.

I’ve just started going through the ABC Summit (the Super Affiliate interviews were just released today). Looking forward to learning from some of the best affiliates in the community…

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