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5 Affiliate Marketing Tips Straight From the Pros

5 Affiliate Marketing Tips Straight From the Pros

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You've got thousands of products to promote across dozens of great affiliate platforms. It only takes a few clicks to launch a site, and you've got social media for free promotion. You've also got a ton of free tools to run the business.

You'd think turning a profit is as easy as getting started... nope.

Everyone is your competition in this industry. Everyone is promoting products and services as easy as you're finding it to be. They're even reading affiliate marketing tips and tricks like you're doing right now.

The difference between you and them? You're willing to commit.

Affiliate Tip #1: Go for the BIG Markets

Try going after a BIG market and build a strong brand.

Why go for big markets? Well:

  • There's more money going around
  • The market is more familiar with products
  • You'll have more support and resources

Think markets like health, wellness, finance, travel, and the like. These markets are so massive that you can carve out a niche and still make great money.

A big market also means your authority site doesn't get restricted in its growth. You won't corner yourself, get bored, or become too overwhelmed by the competition. You can expand into other markets as you grow, too!

For example, is in the pet fish niche. There is so much content to cover when it comes to buying and caring for pet fish. In addition to the informational content, there are hundreds of products such as fish tanks, food, and aquarium decor that the site owner can review and use to monetize the site.

When you find a wide market that is also profitable, you should run with it...

epic aquarium - an authority in the pet fish niche

Affiliate Tip #2: Build and Leverage a Network

Super successful affiliate campaigns tend to happen during big launches. You'll see several affiliates promoting a product in tandem. It builds hype, and everyone is working together in creating a successful launch.

Try this for building those types of business relationships:

  • Connect with peers and find ways to support another
  • Join professional networks and fill skill gaps via other pros
  • Use social media (especially facebook or LinkedIn) to find talent and connections

Put those networking skills to good use. Soon you'll have a tribe of affiliate marketers that'll support your brand's growth.

In fact, you can join my growing facebook group of bloggers and affiliate marketers here...

Affiliate marketing tips for 2020 

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Affiliate Tip #3: Get Really Good at SEO

Social media marketing is great for lead generation but it's not passive. You'll have to be in there every day doing promos to get a good ROI with SMM.

What's a better, long-term strategy? Search engine optimization.

Go for the "big wins" with SEO:

  • On-page optimization and/or refreshing old content
  • Link building via guest posting and earned, high-quality bylines
  • Getting faster hosting, boosting security, and improving user experience

Landing a couple of well-placed review articles can do wonders for profits. 

Affiliate Marketing Tip #4: Promote Several Products

A smart affiliate promotes several products at any given time. Find high quality products that complement your main product.  Add products and services at different price points so there's something for everyone.

Think "three" when choosing affiliate products:

  • The big-ticket item
  • The mid-level alternative
  • The affordable option

Multi-product pricing tiers cover all customer types from big-spending whales to bargain shoppers. You're not limiting the income stream, and you get more flexibility with promotions.

You'll also find content creation easier since you have a wide selection. This plays into not cornering yourself in a niche and going for the big markets.

You'll also want to consider promoting products that pay affiliates monthly recurring commissions.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

The ClickFunnels affiliate program for example, is excellent for this. The company has a whole line of products and services from entry level "free plus shipping" books, to their funnel software and high-ticket training packages that can run thousands of dollars a sale. 

Their flagship product, the ClickFunnels software also pays a monthly recurring commissions for anyone you send their way and help get started.

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Affiliate Tip #5: Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Affiliate marketing is about as old as the Web. In the end, you're promoting other people's products for a share of the profits. This is no different than most other business models — except it happens to be online.

Many came before you and share their professional guidance. So, why not use affiliate resources to your advantage to get a head start and great support?

  • Use 80 percent of your time applying best practices
  • Use the other 20 percent with experimental stuff

This offers a great balance for business sustainability and growth. You'll also save a lot of time and money not chasing far-out ideas.

Go Beyond Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

You'll likely make a few bucks by following these affiliate marketing tips. But, those profits may slump if you're not treating the project as a real business.

How can you build a strong business using the affiliate model?

Check out the other online business and marketing guides on our site. Use them to build a stronger business, and to continually improve your efforts. And, don't forget to join our professional community!

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