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Amway – The $8.6 Billion Grandfather of Multi-Level Marketing

Amway – The $8.6 Billion Grandfather of Multi-Level Marketing

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Amway, (short for American Way), is a Michigan based multi-level marketing company specializing in health, beauty and home care products. The company, together with their sister company under Alticor reported sales of $8.6 billion in 2017. How did they get there?

The journey

Amway has had a remarkable journey from its basement days. Before grossing $8.6 billion in sales, there have been bumps and wins along the way. Here are a few of their significant dates and milestones along the way.

The company was founded in 1959 by two friends Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, in the basement of their homes. They had tried their hand in other ventures before including a sailing venture and a hamburger stand.

Amway Founders

Rich DeVos & Jay Van Andel

1962: The company went international opening stores in Ontario Canada; this would become the second of over 100 countries that Amway would venture into.

Still in the 60’s, Artistry cosmetic brand made its debut with 11 products and 37 color shades. Growing to become one of the top-five selling premium skincare brands in the world.

1972: Amway acquired the Nutrilite brand, rounding out their brand offering to include home, beauty, and nutrition categories. Nutrilite would grow to become the world’s leading brand of vitamin and dietary supplements.

1980: The company clocked $1 billion in international sales.

1990: Amway expanded into 33 additional markets around the world, including China and South Africa, within a decade, it would double in size.

2015: Acquisition of the XS ™ brand of energy drinks and sports nutrition. XS became instantly popular with younger generations and emerging markets and quickly became one of the company’s most popular products.

Fast forward to 2017, just after 50 years of operations, was listed No. 1 direct selling company according to Direct Selling News Global 100. Today, they have 15 manufacturing and processing plants around the world, and over 750 spaces around the globe including experience centers, shops, plazas, distribution centers and presence in 100 countries.

As they built their social commerce brand over the decades, Amway’s commitment has remained the same, and they have retained these three guiding pillars at the core of all our operations:

1. Redefining what living well means.

2. Help change lives and lifestyles as a social commerce brand.

3. Help individuals with dreams of starting their own businesses achieve their goals.

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Amway has engaged nearly 1,000 scientists, engineers, and technicians to work hand in hand with leading universities, science institutes, and advisory boards to conduct world-class research and product development. Science and research are the force behind their leading nutrition, beauty, and home products.

Amway’s products have consumers in mind. How to make their lives better. How to improve their quality of life and wellness so that every individual is living their best life each day, every day.

Despite their accomplishments, the company is continually striving to build on them, pushing to do better for their customers. What are our famed products and what value do they carry? Let’s take a look at Amway’s diverse brands.


The best nature has, and the best science has given way to their vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements to fill in nutritional gaps. The company has three products under this category.

• Nutrilite

Contains essential vitamins and minerals along phytonutrients from plant concentrates. Phytonutrients come from vegetables and fruits and provide a range of benefits to your health, from eye health to protecting your body against cancer.

• Truvivity

This supports your skin health from the inside out by hydrating you round the clock. Hydrated skin is supple and resilient. While most beauty products support your skin from the outside, Truvivity seeks to balance this out by doing the same from the inside.

• Bodykey

This is a complete weight management system, designed to complement your efforts at maintaining a healthy body weight. The meal replacement shakes contain all nutrients an adult needs and includes fiber to keep you feeling full for long periods of time.

In all their supplements, Amway uses high standard, organic plants to make their products. You can trace back their ingredients. You are guaranteed safe, pure and effective ingredients.
The company’s experts carry out more than 25,000 tests each month. The result? Guaranteed purity, safety, and effectiveness in each of their products.

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Suitably named the Artistry ™ brand is simply love in a bottle. This range creates personalized beauty solutions for every woman.

• Artistry

Celebrates each woman’s individual beauty by creating skincare, makeup, and holistic beauty solutions, infused with nature, perfected by science and personalized just for you. You will find something that perfectly complements your skin type, tone, and taste.

• Satinique

This brings together health, beauty, and hair by blending botanicals and nutrients to elevate your hair to its full potential.

• G&H

Your entire beauty regimen starts with your skin. It’s your canvas. G&H uses ingredients that are carefully grown, sourced and blended to create unique, nurturing formulas that balance out your skin and keeps it looking as healthy as it possibly can.

• Glister

For confidence and radiant freshness, glister toothpaste offers comprehensive solutions for your mouth.


We think of everything, don’t we? When your health and beauty are in check, and you are feeling great from the inside out, next step? Your home. What’s in store?

• espring

Water is life. This product is scientifically tried and tested to provide your family with clean, safe and better-tasting water.

• Atmosphere sky

This handles your home air treatment. Removes 99.99% of particles passing through your home, and you can inhale better air quality.

Cook away queen

These products are designed to deliver excellent cooking performance.

Homecare products

These products clean your house, surfaces, and clothes.

Energy and sports

For a vibrant, active, energetic lifestyle, this is for you. The company has:

Energy drinks

These are designed to deliver positive energy for making the most out of every situation. The bonus? They are sugar-free, so you still keep your sugar intake under control but still get your energy levels up.

Sports nutrition

This redefines what it means to live a healthy active lifestyle, with great flavor and fuel for your body. Whether its energy in a can or our nutrition bars, you get nutrition, fuel, and great taste.

How to buy Amway products

Amway only sells products through their independent sales reps. The network marketing selling model is based on personal service, and thoughtful, personalized recommendations you get from distributors who know their products in and out and are able to evaluate and recommend which products would complement your lifestyle best.

Dedicated Amway Business Owners (ABO’s) can answer all your questions, show you how to use the products for maximum benefit, and handle your returns and refunds if you are not satisfied.
In addition to their one-on-one distributors, Amway has an online ordering system where you can order products and get the same personalized interaction with an agent.

This one-on-one service to customers is invaluable and provides us the company feedback they need to serve you better. It’s a win-win.

How to join Amway as a distributor

Sometimes you love a product so much; you want to be part of its success story. Or you look at a company, and its business model aligns with your goals, and you want to jump on it. Sometimes, it’s not possible to do so, but with Amway’s MLM business model, there is a world of opportunity and possibilities.

How can you get yourself in on the success train? With Amway’s business model, you have the opportunity to start and grow your business, on your terms. Choose when to work, where to work. Choose your hours. Get to pick your kids from school every day and still have a source of income. Or keep your day job and work part time for extra income. The company makes it as flexible as possible.

What’s more, you don’t get sales quotas, it is a low capital engagement, and you get to sell guaranteed products, while you watch people’s lives transform with our superior quality, wellness products.

What’s in it for you?

• Product

Buy and sell everyday use products from our beauty to homecare brands. With guaranteed quality all through and their satisfaction guarantee on over 450 products, the company ensures high standards, safety, and effectiveness.

• Income

For people with a dream of owning their own businesses, Amway offers a low-cost, low-risk opportunity to anyone who wants to sell high-quality products that people are happy to buy, and help others do the same too.

This can be a primary or secondary source of income for you and your family. Pay bills, dine out and travel. All you have is possibilities.

There are three ways to make money with our products:

1. Retail markup: as an ABO, you can sell products at a markup (the difference between sale and retail cost). The company suggests a recommended retail price, but you can as well set your own price.

2. Bonuses: ABO’s receive monthly bonuses based on their personal sales volumes –the volume and types of product you sell.

3. Growth incentives: as you grow your team, you receive monthly bonuses based on the sales made by your team members. There are also cash rewards and business trips awarded to ABO’s for reaching key business growth milestones.

As with any business, the monthly compensation is not set at a standardized figure for all ABO’s. Your earnings are going to be dependent on individual goals, time and effort put into the business. So far the company has paid $58 billion in income and bonuses since 1959. You determine what slice of the pie you want.

• Skill building

Amway also offers online and offline resources for people to develop lifelong business and personal skills. ABO’s gain a wealth of practical business skills that serve them in their business and beyond.


As a business owner, you will have support from mentors, brand centers, free online learning tools, call centers, and team support, should you need it. You are never alone as you navigate the business. You will have a community of people and resources if and when you need them.

What is the potential?

To know the potential of your business, here are a few quick numbers.

• You can find Amway products in 71 million households in their top 10 markets alone.
• 1 out of 5 US homes own Amway products.
• 63% of homes in Beijing own at least one of their products.
• 58% of households in South Korea have at least one product from Amway.

Simply put, ABO’s have a robust and active customer base, who buy products time and again because they love them. Being everyday use products too increases your customer pool to grow your business.

Further, Amway does not place restrictions on how you market your business. While you are contractually obligated to be transparent on your connection to the company, Amway is flexible on your branding and marketing identity. It is your business, and they let you run it as such.

The company’s goal is to include everyone in their $8.6 billion success story, whether by improving your lifestyle with their products, coming on board as a distributor, or better still by doing both. Amway is a success story that keeps on giving, creating opportunities and opening up a world of endless possibilities.

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