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Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine (BGE) Review: Is it Worth it?

Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine (BGE) Review: Is it Worth it?
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Adam Enfroy's been getting a lot of attention lately.  You've likely heard the story about how this digital marketer quietly launched a personal blog back in 2019, that is today earning six-figure a month in passive income.

Adam's story which appears (at least on the outside) like an overnight success, has of course now earned him media attention from major blogs and publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur. His blogging and SEO methods are also what's behind his new blogging course, the Blog Growth Engine (BGE).

As someone who's been blogging since 2012, I was reluctant to buy another marketing course. My ego stepped in like - "I already know how to blog and build profitable sites!"

But doing a little research, I realized that clearly this guy knows something that I don't. I couldn't figure out how he was able to scale his site so quickly... I decided that if I get just one big "aha" moment from Adam Enfroy's content,  it'll be worth the price tag of the program.

I definitely learned a few things and believe the course is worth the price of admission. In this Blog Growth Engine review, we'll look inside the new program and go over everything  you need to know before buying.  

tl;dr: Blog Growth Engine is an in-depth course for both the newbie and veteran blogger.  Adam teaches how to run your website like a real startup in 2022.

You can't go wrong with this program. BGE is now the #1 blogging course I recommend on this website. Check out Adam's MasterClass here.

Who is Adam Enfroy?

Nine years ago, Adam was making $9 an hour working at a pizza place. He was broke, partying too much, and not doing a whole lot with his life. 

He was interested in digital marketing, listening to podcasts and reading about ways to make money online, but he was not really working on any serious projects of his own. 

BGE's Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy

It was through his job experience working for startups where he learned the skills needed to build a real online business. 

In recent years, Adam's worked as a digital marketing consultant, an affiliate manager for an SaaS company, and managed e-commerce marketing for six national brands. His career started taking off and he was starting to get paid well doing something he was genuinely interested in -  digital marketing.

The problem?

As his career grew, so did the stress. He essentially painted himself into a corner as higher paying jobs lead to more responsibilities and less free time. He was doing well at work - at the expense of his personal life. 

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In 2019, he launched on the side, with the goal of building it to a point where he could get off the 9-to-5 hamster wheel and stop trading his time for money at his day job. Within just six months, Adam was able to:

  • quit his job
  • start living on his own terms
  • travel, pay off student loans, invest, and more...

He's scaled his personal blog into a real authority site. It's not just a hobby blog. He's now competing with big brands in the SERPS because he designed his site like a real brand.

He's publishing well written content, earning thousands of high authority backlinks, and building an affiliate marketing income that hovers around six-figures in profit each MONTH.

This course is the blueprint - he's organized exactly what he's doing to go from brand new site to becoming one of the top 1% of all blogs on the internet.  If you're interested in learning how he did this, let's look inside the course content...

Adam tells his story

Blog Growth Engine (BGE): What's Included?

What I really like about this course is that Adam Enfroy does not get lost in the weeds with every little SEO trick, hack, or tactic to try and game the Google algorithm. We've all seen blogging courses with 200 hours of training videos that are just overwhelming.

You spend the $1,000+ to buy the program and end up never watching half of the content. Sometimes I wonder if the gurus stack on the 200+ hours of video not because the info is necessary for your business, but only so they can justify the price of the program!

This course is different.

Adam has teamed up with business partner Colin Shipp to create a blogging course that shows you exactly what you need to do NOW to launch and scale your site to the top of search engines.  

This is what you need to grow a long-term and sustainable search-based affiliate blogging business.

Instead of getting lost down SEO rabbit holes, they give you the key strategies  that really move the needle for building authority and ranking in the SERPS. 

you've been taught niche selection wrong

Adam & Colin discuss niche selection: What's working now in 2022

The course is broken down into ten phases:

  • Phase Zero: An introduction to the Blog Growth Engine
  • Phase One: Niche Selection
  • Phase Two: Mindset
  • Phase Three: Blogging Like a Startup
  • Phase Four: Decoding Search Intent
  • Phase Five: Minimum Viable Website
  • Phase Six: Keyword Monetization
  • Phase Seven: Blog Content Creation
  • Phase Eight: Link Building
  • Phase Nine: Affiliate Marketing
  • Phase Ten: Scaling & Outsourcing
  • Phase Eleven: Monetizing Your Skills with Services
BGE Skool members area

Inside look at the member's area

Each phase starts with an overview video, and then includes three to eight videos teaching the important concepts of each phase. 

BGE Review

Screen shot of the BGE members area

Adam's Private Community

Many high-ticket courses include access to a closed facebook group. This course is slightly different in that they've just moved both the course and community onto 

Keeping the course and community on the same platform is great because once you're logged into the course, you can ask questions either in the community or in the actual course itself.  

Also, I want to add that Adam Enfroy, Colin Shipp, and their team of coaches are all VERY engaged in the group. Often a student will ask a question in the community, and Colin, Eddy, or another coach will respond with a personalized Loom video message that goes into detail.  

People are in there every day asking questions, connecting with others, and getting help from experts in the community. Below is a screen shot of some recent posts (names and faces blocked for privacy).

Adam Enfroy's community

BGE's Community

Another thing that I like about the community is that Adam is attracting the right kind of customer. Meaning, he's built a following of real bloggers and digital marketers. Many are new (which is great), but I'm also finding other established business owners in here, making the networking opportunities alone worth the price of the course.

The BGE Slack Group

A recent addition to the Blog Growth Engine course is the new Slack group. One thing you'll learn in this course (if you don't already know) is that your websites need backlinks!

Adam was able to scale his blog quickly due to his networking, outreach and ability to land guest blog post opportunities on other websites. Adam's private members only Slack group is designed to allow his students to network, collaborate, line up guest posts, and find link swapping opportunities.

There's a Slack channel for:

  • general discussion
  • contact exchanges
  • guest posts / links
  • niche edits
  • paid opportunities

Thanks to this group, I've landed multiple backlinks from up and coming blogs as well as high authority websites. Below is a screen shot inside our Slack group.

Slack link exchange

Adam's Slack community

Private Coaching Sessions

One thing I like is that the group is still small. At the time of this writing, it's still a close community and members have already started networking and connecting for guest posts and other partnership opportunities.

In just the last few months, Adam and Colin have upgraded a few students of the course to coaches that are now answering questions alongside Adam and Colin.  

If you decide to become a member of the Blog Growth Engine community, you can now also schedule a one-on-one consultation with any of Adam's coaches.

Members can schedule a time to meet, ask questions, and go over roadblocks and other challenges they stumble on in their business.

If you've been in the digital marketing space for some time, you know that a consultation like this is not cheap. Its now included for all members of the course.

One on one coaching

Biggest Take-Aways From the BGE Course

New Bloggers:

If you're new to blogging, there will be plenty of aha moments  πŸ€―  throughout the training. This really covers it all. You have Adam, Colin, and the rest of their team holding your hand through each phase of your new blogging journey. 

If you're really new, you may not even appreciate how well they cut through the nonsense and have managed to only include the most important information you need in order to be dangerous, lol...

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I have friends and family members that want to get started blogging and I now literally just point them to the BGE program and only step in to help when they get stuck or have questions. 

To get an idea of Adam's teaching style, check out his youtube channel.

Seasoned Bloggers:

If you've been in the blogging and affiliate marketing game a while, there will be some overlap here as you likely know all of the basics that any all-inclusive blogging course needs to cover. I would however recommend that you don't skip over some of the early phases in the course as there are hidden gems in each video.

For example, I understand niche selection fairly well, but Adam explains the "authority flywheel" and includes an exercise that actually helped bring a lot of clarity to my content strategy.  He also shows how he uses data from google to pivot his focus and find pockets of profitable sub-niches.

Adam and Colin also has a take on keyword research that flies in the face of what most of the other experts share.  The "Keyword Monetization Matrix" is not something you'll want to miss...

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Their "Content Assembly Line" is also (for me) a new way to frame the content creation process. I manage multiple sites, so the eight videos in this phase has been helpful for structuring and scaling my content machine .

Advanced Training 

Phases 8-10 are priceless. The link building phase in the Blog Growth Engine is by far some of the most important content in this program. This was exactly what I needed as I struggle with link building. 

Adam Enfroy and Colin Shipp have a genius system for building and scaling their backlinks. They lay it all out in this program.

I personally was also blown away by Adam's advanced affiliate negotiation tactics. I always have just accepted affiliate agreements and never negotiated the terms.

Adam is a former affiliate manager. He understands the relationship from both sides and in this course explains how you (the blogger) are in a position of power to negotiate more money, backlinks, or other bonuses as an affiliate...

The gears in my head are turning as I process some of this information and figure out my next moves. 

 Negotiating and link building like a startup takes work, but you don't build a DR78 site in two years without a lot of work.

ahrefs data for

Traffic value = $1.2M?!  πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Who is this Program For?

If you're a brand new blogger and you're serious about building a real affiliate marketing business online, just buy the course. Go through each video step-by-step and if you actually put in the work, you can't go wrong. 

If you've been around the block and know your way around wordpress and content creation, you'll still pick up a few gold nuggets worth the price of admission to the program. I purchased the course primarily for more insight into Adam's backlinking strategies and the course doesn't dissapoint.

Additionally, the facebook group is great for networking and connecting with other bloggers in your niche. If you're like me and believe in investing in your continued education, you should consider Adam Enfroy's Blog Growth Engine program.

screen shot of BGE blogging course

Screen shot: Inside look at link building with Colin

Adam Enfroy's Course: Pricing Information

Adam Enfroy's Blog Growth Engine (BGE) program is listed on his website at $2,997, but (at the time of this writing) the course is available at a discount.

You can currently get full access to Adam's course today for one payment of $997.

Note: We will update this page when the $997 MasterClass offer expires, but please check this link for the lowest price available.

Note that once you buy the program, you're a member for life and get access to all updates and added content.

Adam will likely raise the price of the course periodically. If you get in now, you've locked in all future updates in today's price. Again, we'll try to keep this page updated, but understand the price may change at any time.

For testimonials and latest pricing options for BGE, visit Adam's website here...

BGE limited time discount

Blog Growth Engine Bonus: 

If you end up buying Adam Enfroy's Blog Growth Engine via my link here, I'm offering the following bonuses:

  • Bonus #1 - Personal Access to Me: Get stuck, hit a roadblock, or have BGE related questions as you launch your new site? Just want an accountability partner? Get 120 days mentoring and access to me personally via facebook messenger.

  • Bonus #2 - Blog Review: Get fresh eyes on your website. Reach out after you finish phase 5 - the Minimum Viable Website. I'll review your new site and give feedback as you launch your new blogging business.

After buying the Blog Growth Engine, shoot me a message on my contact page or reach out to me via facebook here.

Blog Growth Engine Review: Quick Summary

Adam Enfroy has approached the blogging world with the experience, tools, and strategies picked up from working for startups in the real-world. The result is a focused and easy-to-follow program to go from brand new to a high authority website in a short amount of time. 

If you're looking for a fluff-free blogging course taught by real instructors that are walking the talk - building six-figure MONTHLY affiliate incomes, this is the program for you.


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