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Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine (BGE) Review: Is it Worth it?

Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine (BGE) Review: Is it Worth it?
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I bought Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine (BGE) course when it first launched in 2020, and have now been a member of his community for three years.

The one question people ask me - is Blog Growth Engine worth it? What’s unique about the course that I can’t get free online or from his youtube channel?

In this Blog Growth Engine review, we’ll take a look at Adam Enfroy’s history, the BGE program, blogging community, and what’s included in his updated BGE 4.0 blogging course for 2023. Let’s go!

Executive Summary:

Don’t have time to read the full review? 

Blog Growth Engine is an in-depth course for both the newbie and veteran blogger.  Adam teaches how to run your website like a real startup in 2023.

The program is updated regularly (we’re now at the 4th overhaul in just a few years). The program has a thriving community, and the team has even launched a Slack group to collaborate with the 2,600+ students.

Adam's course is worth considering, but if you want to start a niche site or blog, Authority Hacker is our top go-to program.  I'm a member of both courses and recommend Authority Hacker Pro (AHPro) as the most comprehensive blogging course on the internet. 

AHPro is only open 2-3 times a year. The Authority Site System (TASS) is available at all times and an excellent starting point for your blogging journey.

Who is Adam Enfroy? Why Should I Learn from Him?

Rewind to 2018, Adam Enfroy was working full time in the tech industry. To many on the outside, his life would appear to be a success. He was living in Austin Texas and making six-figures a year as an affiliate manager.

The reality? While he was making enough to pay rent, make a car payment, and pay his bills, he was working 50+ hours a week with an hour commute to and from the office each day. 

He’d come home from work with enough time to eat dinner, watch a couple shows on Netflix, and get to bed - only to turn around and do it again. Stressed and overworked, he was only saving about $50 a week and if lucky, he’d earn a 3% annual raise (that doesn’t even keep up with inflation)...

BGE's Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy

This was not sustainable - and not a path to build real long-term wealth.

In 2019, he launched and took what he was learning working in the tech world and applied it to his own website. What are sites like Shopify, HubSpot, Forbes, and BigCommerce doing to scale content that most bloggers are not?

Adam was able to scale his blog quickly. He left his job in seven months, hired his first writer and link building assistant, and in a short amount of time, managed to scale his personal blog into a $100k/month passive income business.

He eventually partnered with Colin Shipp and launched the original Blog Growth Engine course with Beta testers and started building his own community. 

Today, Adam’s business is fueled by both his blog and youtube channel. He has twelve people on his team and has built what he refers to as an “unkillable machine” that made over $4.5 million in 2022.

If you want Adam Enfroy’s blueprint for starting and scaling your own blogging business, watch his free webinar here.

Why I Bought Blog Growth Engine

Before buying BGE, I was already running what many would probably consider a successful blogging business. I was running a small portfolio of niche websites, and monetized my blog content with affiliate offers.

On most months, my little blogging business would bring in an extra $1,000 to $5,000 in affiliate sales. Some months did even better.

I already knew what I was doing with blogging, but I could not get over how quickly Adam Enfroy was able to scale his business to $100,000/month. There was obviously a piece of the puzzle missing in my business. 

Buying the course made sense because if I just got one “aha moment” from the program, it would be more than worth the price of admission.

I believe in continued education, and invest in courses when something comes around that I feel is worth my time.. You don’t know what you don’t know. There are always smarter people out there with something to show you. 

If you’re serious about running a real blogging business, you should watch Adam’s free webinar and consider purchasing the program.

What’s included in the Blog Growth Engine 4.0 Course?

Below is a screenshot showing the member’s area of BGE. 

BGE course review
TASS 3.0

Our Rating:

Blog Growth Engine is Great... But Gael Breton and Mark Webster's The Authority Site System (TASS) is one of the most in-depth digital marketing courses available for bloggers and authority site builders today.

Free Webinar: AuthorityHacker.Com

The BGE Training

Blog Growth Engine 4.0 consists of over 60 video modules organized in the following “Phases” or sections:

  • Building Your $10k Monthly Plan: What is a blogging business in 2023
  • Search Intent and Keyword Research: Step by step keyword research to ‘rank and bank’ your blog posts
  • Mindset for Guaranteed Success: Mindset overview to build a successful blog business
  • How to Build Your Website: The MVP concept, your essential toolkit, and how to setup your wordpress site.
  • Content Creation: Adam’s content assembly line strategy, minimum viable post method, and more…
  • Webcopy Masterclass: Web content 101, how to write sales copy, Adam’s templates for content and more… 
  • Link Building: Step-by-step system how Adam was able to acquire backlinks and scale his blog to a DR 79 website in such a short amount of time.
  • Monetize Your Brand: This isn’t just affiliate marketing. Learn about ad revenue, selling your own products, and even selling your expertise (consulting).
  • Monetizing Your Skills: How and what skills to monetize. Sell links or content and learn how to outsource, scale, and systemize the whole process.
  • Content Updates: How to perform site audits and update content to improve rankings.
  • Scaling & Outsourcing: How to outsource to scale your business faster.
  • Recommended Tools: Get the tools Adam and his team leverage to operate their business.
  • Finished with the Entire Course? How to get your questions answered. Get connected with one of Adam’s coaches and plug into the BGE community if you get “stuck.”

In this course, you’ll learn that blogging is a data-driven business. Your blog is a middle man between an online buyer and a product or service. You’ll get the information you need to create, rank, and monetize blog content and become profitable. 

Click here to watch Adam Enfroy’s free masterclass and learn more.

Blog Growth Engine 4.0 Community

The BGE community is really where the program shines. If you take the training seriously, there are really no excuses as the support here is beyond what is typical in a digital marketing course. 

The BGE course is hosted on the platform and combines both the course material and the community under two separate tabs. Click on the “Community” tab and you’ll enter BGE’s internal social community.

Colin Shipp, Jessica La, or other members of Adam’s team will post updates here. Someone from the team will regularly go ‘live’ in the group with Q & A sessions, free training, and members (like you) can post questions for the coaches and other students to see, like, and respond.

connect with members of the community

Connect with the 2,600 BGE students online

The layout and UX in the Blog Growth Engine community is very similar to a facebook group.

In addition to the active Blog Growth Engine community, Adam and his team have created a Slack group for collaborating with other students.

I’ve personally connected with other members of Adam’s community and given guest post opportunities. It’s hard for a new blogger to get backlinks and guest post opportunities to contribute to real websites. I’ve been able to give other students writing opportunities, and have received free (well-written and engaging) content in exchange. 

It’s a cliche win-win for both parties. 

I’ve also found backlinking opportunities with other students in the group from this Slack channel. If you’re currently blogging and understand the value in landing guest posts and earning backlinks, then you may want to join BGE.

Slack group access

Get access to the BGE Slack channel

Coaches Corner, The Vault, and Access to 3.0…

If you miss a live coaching call, the team uploads these videos in the “Coaches Corner” section under the Classroom tab of the course. If you buy the course today, you’ll be able to scroll back a year and check out some of the topics discussed as far back as fall 2022…

“The Vault” has some more training from Adam, Colin, and the rest of the BGE team. This includes phases such as:

  • Building your $10k/month plan
  • Additional videos on keyword research and search intent
  • Content creation
  • Monetization
  • And more…

If interested, Adam and Colin have also included the entire Blog Growth Engine 3.0 course in the members area. Here you can find the previous version of the course. After going through the latest BGE 4.0, you might want to visit some previous modules here as much of the content is still very relevant to running a profitable blogging business.

the Vault

Get inside the Vault for more training

Is Blog Growth Engine For Me?

Blog Growth Engine is NOT for you if:

  • You think blogging is a way to get-rich-quick
  • You don’t want to work hard 
  • You want to blog as a hobby or to practice creative writing

Blog Growth Engine IS for you if:

  • You’ve tried blogging before, but didn’t have any real plan or direction
  • You want to start a real business and are willing to work hard
  • You understand the long-term potential for time freedom available with a blogging business
  • You want a step-by-step organized system for content production and building backlinks
  • You don’t want to figure it out on your own
  • You want to keep up with the latest trends (like A.I tools and software)
  • You want to learn advanced monetization methods (like sponsorship revenue) 
  • You want access to people making $10,000+ month from blogging
  • You want to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and provide value to others in the community
  • You see the long-term value in building real relationships with other bloggers
webinar screenshot

Screenshot from Adam's free webinar

TASS 3.0

Our Rating:

Blog Growth Engine is Great... But Gael Breton and Mark Webster's The Authority Site System (TASS) is one of the most in-depth digital marketing courses available for bloggers and authority site builders today.

Free Webinar: AuthorityHacker.Com

BGE Bonuses (Only Available Here)

Adam Enfroy will continue to update the Blog Growth Engine course. This is not a program that will be outdated or go offline in a year (I’ve unfortunately bought courses that have disappeared or become outdated quickly)...

If you end up joining our community and buying the Blog Growth Engine through my link, you’ll have access to a program that will stay relevant for years to come.

In addition to any new content offered by the BGE team, I am currently offering one-on-one mentoring as a free bonus.

I normally charge $400 for an hour consultation and $100/month for ongoing mentoring. If you buy Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine via my affiliate link here, you’ll get:

  • One hour phone or video consultation ($400 value)
  • Ongoing access to me via Messenger / text for six months ($600 value)

This is in addition to the one-on-one calls and support provided by the BGE team. The first few months are the hardest when launching a new project and creating a new habit. 

When you buy the course via my affiliate link, you get my help in creating a game plan, and you have the ability to reach out with any of your questions.  Have ME as your personal accountability partner.

A little about me:

  • I’ve made over $200,000 last year strictly through blogging and affiliate marketing
  • I consistently average over $10,000 a month through blogging and SEO
  • I’ve made as much as $85,000 in one month JUST from affiliate sales 

The screenshot below shows a few affiliate payments that have come in the last week.

bank account with affiliate commissions

$34,000+ in affiliate earnings this week

I’m not posting this to brag, but to show there’s real value in having direct access to a six-figure blogger. One could argue that this bonus alone is worth the price of Adam Enfroy’s course.

If you join via my affiliate link, you get access to Adam’s course content, the BGE community and Slack channel, BGE coaches, and one-on-one mentoring with me for six months. 

If you factor this into the price of the course, I think it’s a pretty good deal.

Important: Please reach out to through the contact page here to take advantage of this BGE Bonus offer. If you do not reach out to me personally, I will not know that you purchased via my link.

Blog Growth Engine Price

The price of Adam Enfroy’s course has increased over time. When I purchased the course a couple of years ago, it was (I believe) $797.  At the time of this writing, the course is going for $1,497.

After you optin for his free masterclass here, you should see a button to buy the course. This will take you to his sales page where you can see the current price of the training program.

Adam Enfroy review pricing for BGE course

Note that some of the other popular blogging and SEO courses can run up to $4,000. In my opinion, the price of BGE is reasonable for the amount of value you can get from the program.

Blog Growth Engine Review 

The blogging world has changed a lot over the last decade. If you’re ready to start or scale your blog and take it to the next level, I highly suggest looking into Adam Enfroy’s course and compare it with other top courses.

You don’t have to figure it all out yourself. The program gives you everything you need to build a real passive income machine. Use your blog to build your resume, gain influence in your niche, and eventually scale or outsource the work you’re not interested in. 

A blog is one of the only business models that can truly be outsourced, and ranking content worldwide opens the doors for incredible income potential.

With over 60 videos, Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine program provides in-depth training for every piece of the blogging business puzzle. This combined with the BGE coaches and community, it’s really a valuable program.

Adam Enfroy's program is not our top choice, but definitely worth considering. If you’re really interested in building a six-figure blogging business, check out our review of The Authority Site System here and compare the two. 

TASS 3.0

Our Rating:

Blog Growth Engine is Great... But Gael Breton and Mark Webster's The Authority Site System (TASS) is one of the most in-depth digital marketing courses available for bloggers and authority site builders today.

Free Webinar: AuthorityHacker.Com

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