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How to Get Paid to Build Your MLM Email List

Step By Step Guide PLUS Free MLM List Building Funnel

How to Get Paid to Build Your MLM Email List

Disclosure: Links in this post may contain affiliate links, read my advertiser disclosure for more info. 

The “old school” network marketer spins their wheels ​working their warm market​ ​desperately pitching anyone with a heart beat…

For the most part, MLM lead generation has never evolved beyond the technology of "talk to everybody you know." ​Chase your friends and family in hopes that some will say "yes" to your product or opportunity.

​Here's the thing: Your friends and family do NOT want to be solicited. The MLM lead gen Playbook should be titled “How to Lose Friends and Alienate Acquaintances.”

​Not to throw rocks at the industry– but just saying.  It’s a tough game​ and it doesn't work for most people.

I’m more just letting you know that I ​understand because… I’ve been THAT guy before… 

​The first time I joined a​ direct sales company, I rushed to tell everyone I knew about my amazing business opportunity.

I couldn’t understand why EVERY​BODY didn't  jump​ on board?!

After burning through my warm list, I spent money on anything I could find that promised more prospects and leads…

If you’re JUST starting out in MLM, this concept I’m about to share will shave years off your learning curve. ​This strategy outlined below will allow you to:

  • Start building an email list
  • Start earning upfront affiliate income 
  • ​Start ​getting people on your email list to join your downline
  • and most of it on autopilot...

​I’ll show you HOW you can implement this strategy in your business today – ​even if you do not have an email list, following, or product to sell (THIS strategy will build your email list)…

AND I’ll show you how to get my entire pre-built / pre-written prospecting funnel… free.

​This is a big promise, but stick with me!

The Art of Paid Prospecting

​We already established that we're not going to chase friends and family. Guess what? the top earners in your MLM aren't harassing people either.

How are the TOP income earners generating their own leads?

​They’re not approaching strangers at the mall, bugging uninterested friends, and they’re not doing home meetings.

They're publishing content.

They’re creating books, courses, CDs, videos, blog posts, podcasts, etc… They’re creating top tier content and sometimes even CHARGING money for access.

​If you want to generate leads online, you'll have to start publishing content also.

Publishing ​does two things – it positions ​your authority in MLM… AND it attracts a very targeted customer.

The amateur = solicits friends and family that never ASKED to be pitched a business opportunity…

The Pro = creates content that his target audience is looking for. ​

Does that make sense?  If “Joe” the MLMer finds you online and is reading your blog, this says a few things:

  • Joe wants what you’re selling – he’s a​lready interested in network marketing… ​you won’t have to waste time with questions like “is this a pyramid?”
  • Joe is ​motivated – this is not your aunt you have to convince to join… Joe is going online and seeking information to grow a ​successful direct sales business. ​He's committed.
  • Joe ​sees you as an authority – it’s a lot easier to recruit a​ person that is reading your content or watching your youtube videos (or whatever your preferred platform)​. When someone's 'following' you online, they see you as an authority. 

Does that make sense?

Blindly CHASING People Vs. Attracting ​Prospects…

Better bait attracts better fish.

If you jump into a lake and try to catch fish with your bare hands… you’re most likely NOT going to catch anything.

​Attach a live worm to ​a fishing pole - and your chances go way up.

So if you’re desperately chasing down uninterested friends, you’re the guy thrashing around the water trying to grab a fish…

If you’re presenting something of high value that your hungry prospect WANTS (bait) – you’ll have the right people come to YOU.

This is why people APPLY to join our downline – and we don’t have to chase anyone…

When people join our ​team, we ​provide them ​advanced training on how to create your own “bait” to bring quality prospects into your team…

But what if you want to get started NOW and you don’t have time to create your own bait?

Here is how I​'m building a list without creating my own bait.

​This method has made roughly $2,000 this month. I'm  ​building my list​ AND ​some of the people on my list are also joining my downline…

​Get paid ​to build your #MLM email list 

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​List Building with O.P.P. (Other People’s Products)

Use Other People’s Products as Bait.

Russell Brunson and Steve Larsen are both on my upline team

They both have ​free or low cost products that I can promote on​line to build my email list.

AND they both have affiliate programs:

  • Click here to join Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels affiliate program
  • Click here for Steve Larsen’s “My Affiliate Rewards” affiliate program

Steve Larsen has a free webclass and training course that teaches network marketers how to market online.

​After signing up ​for his affiliate program, I ​used ClickFunnels (sales funnel software) to build a funnel ​to promote his MLM training webinar. 

HackMLM landing page

​This is called a bridge funnel.

People have to opt-in to my email list in order to get access to Steve's ​​free training class. ​​​

As soon as they enter their email address and join my list, they're taken to ​a page with Steve's webinar replay.

Secret MLM Hacks

​“Secret MLM Hacks,” is a free webinar that reveals some of the best digital marketing strategies that are working today…

​The training is not a recruiting tool, or specific to any one company. Anyone interested in MLM or affil​iate marketing ​will get value from this.

In fact, Steve does not even tell you what company we’re with at any point in the webinar.

By introducing MLMers to Steve’s webclass, I’m providing VALUE – ​advanced strategies that are not often shared in the MLM industry.

​Steve's Course Attracts YOUR Ideal Customer

This training ​provides tactics that go beyond suggesting that you just“talk to more people.”

His course is for network marketers that are TIRED of  badgering friends and family. We have a better way – and this is the message conveyed with his webinar and course.

It's an excellent "bait" because it attracts MLMers, ​the ClickFunnels community, ​those who took the OFA Challenge, and affiliate marketers.  This is the audience I want on my list...

​​Earn Affiliate ​​Commissions

​The webclass is completely free, but at the end, ​Steve does pitch his full Secret MLM Hacks training course which is NOT free.

Some of the people that watch the webinar will take the free information, take notes, implement the strategies in their MLM business, and leave happy.

That’s fine.

Some will like what they see in the webclass and decide to purchase the full course.

The course is sold for $997 – and pays ​40% commission ($​398.80 to YOU as an affiliate) for each sale…

Steve’s affiliate program is 100% free to join  - Click here to sign up for Steve Larsen’s affiliate program…

MLM affiliate commissions

A peek into the back office

​​By promoting Secret MLM Hacks, ​you can:

  • build a highly targeted email list – of MLMers and Funnel Hackers
  • make commissions from S​ecret MLM Hacks – $​398 profit from each sale
  • follow up with ​​the prospects on your email list – promote related products or opportunities (your MLM business)

You can see in the above image that in the last 30 days, I’ve brought in a little over $2,​200 ​just for bringing people to my email list… 

Even if nobody on this email list list ends up joining our downline or making any additional purchases, the funnel is worth promoting…

Does this make sense?

But HOW do you get the webclass in front of people?

How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Lead Magnet

Once again, you'll have to publish...

There are so many ideas of what you could publish to drive traffic to the webinar.

​One example: every single day, ​people going to Google and ​SEARCHING for Steve​ Larsen's MLM content.

​Whether they're looking for his MLM ​course, or looking to join his downline.

search query

​According to UberSuggest (Neil Patel’s free keyword research tool) there are roughly 110 monthly searches for “Secret MLM Hacks.” There's al​so about 100 monthly searches for "Steve Larsen MLM," and other various keywords.

This is not very high search volume – but this is okay because there is also (currently) very LOW competition. ​Low competition means that content around these keywords ​will not be difficult to rank.

search data

​If you publish ​an article or youtube video related to Steve’s training – it’s likely that your content will rank on search engines with minimal difficulty…

This article for example, has been floating around the first page of google for the last few months…  With little promotion – mainly getting traffic from organic search results.

I’ve also promoted Steve’s webinar on Quora, in network marketing groups, forums, etc… and despite the data showing low search volume, people are viewing this content every day. Some are buying the course and some are joining our downline. ​

Does this make sense?

In addition to the ​sales commissions, Steve Larsen and Coulton Woods just mailed ​out a “reward” for making over ten sales of their ​network marketing course… 

They mail out Apple products for hitting sales numbers through their affiliate program.

apple tv

Affiliate Rewards: Apple TV in the mail!

If you haven’t signed up yet (free), click here to join Steve’s affiliate program.

​The ​Money is in the List: ​Email Follow Up…

After someone joins my email list, they'll receive an automated email follow-up that drips out every day for about ​two weeks​.

The first five emails are related to the Secret MLM Hacks course. ​

For the goal of building my downline, it doesn’t matter if they buy his course or not. The webinar brings people into our digital marketing world and ​introduces people to our team culture.

Some will buy Secret MLM Hacks (and that’s great), but some will ​be interested in our mission and possibly also look into joining our downline…

After about five days of emails directing people to Steve’s free webinar, I then send each person additional video training – promoting our MLM team…

mlm content machine

This drips out over seven days. The goal is to continue to provide value to everyone that’s subscribed to my list… but also to reveal the level of training you’ll get IF you take the next step and join our team…

There is also a call-to-action at the bottom of each video for anyone interested in applying to join our downline…

Why such a long email sequence? “They” say it takes ‘7 touches’ before someone internalizes and / or acts on your call-to-action…

This email sequence is a great (automated) way to keep following up with our contacts and ​bring them back to our application process.

In Summary

By promoting my upline Steve Larsen’s free webclass, I’m able to:

  • build a highly targeted email list of MLMers and funnel hackers
  • make affiliate sales for the Secret MLM Hacks course ($​398/sale)
  • ​nurture prospects – follow up with prospects via email automation
  • funnel prospects into our MLM downline application 

When people join our team in Steve Larsen’s downline, they get access to all of Steve Larsen’s assets (funnels and training)…

In addition to all of Steve’s training and pre-built funnels, you also get access to our bonuses… Examples of our bonus:

  • We will promote YOUR publishing efforts. Use our blog, and social media assets to drive traffic to your offer and build YOUR downline…
  • We will ​send you qualified leads… What?!? If you’re in an MLM, you need LEADS. When our team members reach a Rank ​3 in our comp plan – we will start SHARING our leads with YOU…
  • We will give you our keto product funnel and email sequence

Get This ​Prospecting Funnel and ​Email Sequence ​– Free

This prospecting funnel – squeeze pages, video training broadcast pages, and 12 email autoresponder series are all free (for a limited time) to everyone that joins our downline.

prospecting MLM funnel

If you’d like to start building a highly targeted email list of network marketers, get paid for Secret MLM Hacks affiliate sales, and funnel people into your MLM downline – apply to join our team here… 

When you join our downline, you're joining Russell Brunson, Steve Larsen, and a team of other funnel hackers and digital marketers...

If you’re not interested in joining our team – of course, you can also funnel hack this funnel for yourself and recreate it in ClickFunnels.

Just rewrite the emails and adjust the video modules with content that makes sense for your specific team and opportunity.

Important Note: This free MLM funnel and email series is ONLY available here through the Freedomrep team.

ClickFunnels is great for generating online leads.  Combine this with affiliate offers that are helpful to your audience, and you can boost your front-end income while building a downline as a long term asset.

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