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ClickFunnels Marketplace Explained

The "Hub" For Funnel Buyers & Sellers

ClickFunnels Marketplace Explained

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The ClickFunnels Marketplace was originally created as a hub for ClickFunnels members to easily buy and sell custom funnel templates…

You can buy or sell funnel templates. You can hire funnel experts, or find clients if you yourself are a Certified funnel “expert.” The ClickFunnels Marketplace is similar to an Upwork or, but specifically for ClickFunnels…

The ClickFunnels Marketplace is for you if…

You want to SELL Funnels. 

Let’s say for example that you’re a Network Marketer… and you’ve spent a lot of time creating a lead generation funnel for your personal business.

You may want to GIVE this funnel away for free as an incentive that is exclusive to people that join your team (as Steve Larsen is doing with our MLM team)…

But there are another 18 million other network marketers in the U.S. alone that are NOT on your downline team…  If you’re not interested in keeping your funnel to exclusive to your team, you may consider selling this funnel in the Marketplace store.

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You can set up your marketplace seller profile, set the price of your funnel, submit it for approval, and once it’s available in the marketplace, get paid for each sale.

If you are a skilled funnel builder and are able to create sales funnels that other ClickFunnels members want and buy, the Marketplace may serve as an additional source of income for your business…

Marketplace for Funnel Hackers

You Want to BUY Funnels.

Your ClickFunnels account is already loaded with premade templates to simplify the process of building your online funnels.

But maybe there isn’t a funnel template that fits your needs… Or if you don’t have the time and energy to create the perfect funnel, you may want to check the Marketplace.

Someone else may have already created the funnel you need, and have it available for sale at a reasonable price.

Even if you enjoy building your own funnels, if you find exactly what you need already done for you in the marketplace (at a price that makes sense), it may be worth buying.

You Need to Hire a ClickFunnels Expert

Do you need coaching? Help with funnel strategy? design?

If you need outside help with your business, the ClickFunnels Marketplace makes it easy to connect with a ClickFunnels consultant.

Anyone on the internet could go out and start branding themselves as ClickFunnels “experts.” The Certified Partner program ensures that the person you’re hiring has been through ClickFunnels training.

They have passed the Certified Consultant program and have the credentials you’re seeking in an expert…

In the Marketplace, you can scroll Consultant profiles. These profiles link to their websites and contact information so that you can connect with someone that knows marketing – and knows this software…

Marketplace for ClickFunnels Certified Consultants

You ARE a ClickFunnels Expert

If you’ve finished the 12-week ClickFunnels Certified Partner Program and want to get started as a Consultant, the ClickFunnels Marketplace is a great forum to connect with other ClickFunnels members.

The ClickFunnels Marketplace is one of the first place new funnel hackers will check if they need help from a Consultant. Staying active in the Marketplace is a great way to build your client list…

If you haven’t already signed up for ClickFunnels, or just want to continue with ClickFunnels at a discount, I highly suggest checking out their Funnel Builder Secrets special offer.  It’s the only current option to get started with the software at a discount – saving hundreds of dollars on your membership for the year.

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