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ClickFunnels Platinum Review: Russell Brunson’s New Offer

From Etison Suite to "Platinum" What's Changed?

ClickFunnels Platinum Review: Russell Brunson’s New Offer

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ClickFunnels Platinum? FunnelFlix? September 23, 2019 marked ClickFunnels’ five year anniversary.  Along with their birthday celebration, Russell Brunson announced some exciting new changes in the company.

The highlight of his latest announcement was the introduction of a new offer: The new ClickFunnels Platinum account along with the launch of FunnelFlix.

In this ClickFunnels Platinum review, we’ll look into the new product offering, Russell’s reasons behind these changes, as well as my thoughts on it all…

If you’d like to watch the entire ClickFunnels 5 year birthday “State of the Union” announcement for yourself, the live stream is still posted on youtube…

Russell Brunson’s Big Announcement

Russell Brunson created massive buzz for the week leading up to the September 23rd announcement…

A week before this ClickFunnels State of the Union, he started an email campaign feeding into all of the rumors that have been circulating about the company…

  • Are they going to sell ClickFunnels?
  • Is Russell stepping down as CEO?
  • Is ClickFunnels going public?
  • Are they acquiring a competitor?
  • Are they getting rid of the affiliate program?

These are just a few of the rumblings that have been floating around the company among members in different facebook groups…

Russell used thes rumors to his advantage, stating that he’s aware of all the speculation, he implied there may be some truth to some of it, and that he’d go LIVE to address important changes in the company on ClickFunnels’ 5th birthday.

This of course only escalated the hype around his big announcement. I admit, I was at the computer waiting with anticipation along with @ 5,000 others waiting for him to start the broadcast!

A Renewed Focus on Sales Funnels

Russell Brunson, Todd Dickerson, and the team at ClickFunnels are moving forward with a renewed focus to strengthen their position as the “category king” in sales funnel software.

Clickfunnels Platinum review

Russell admitted that they were perhaps trying to do too many things with the growth of the company.  Instead of competing with the top companies across multiple applications, they’re centering their energy on what they do best… Funnels.

The plan moving forward is to partner with or acquire other software companies that are the ‘category king’ and bring these companies into the ClickFunnels ecosystem.

If you’re currently using Actionetics, Actionetics MD, or BackPack, you can continue to… but the company is sunsetting these products, meaning they will maintain the products for current users, but will not be updating the software moving forward…

ClickFunnels Platinum Review: What’s Included?

So what’s included in Russell Brunson’s new offer?

It appears that Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson are sticking to the two-tiered price model for the company software moving forward…

The basic plan is $97/month and the new Platinum plan is replacing the Etison Suite as their $297/month plan…

Platinum package

>>Start a Free Trial of ClickFunnels Platinum Plan Now<<

With the new Platinum plan, you’ll still have unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, and unlimited follow-up funnels (the rebranding of actionetics). In addition to this, you’ll get access to:

Daily Virtual Hackathons

Until now, these ‘hackathons’ were only available to Russell Brunson’s high ticket 2 Comma Club X training students.

ClickFunnels Platinum members can log into their ClickFunnels accounts and join LIVE hackathons each day… There will be live hackathons for different types of funnels:

  • Lead, Challenge, Survey, Summit Funnels
  • Webinar, Product Launch Funnels
  • High Ticket Funnels
  • and more…

The eleven core funnel types will be rotated throughout the month. You can log in to your ClickFunnels Platinum account, find a virtual hackathon, plug into it, and someone will literally help you get your funnel created, designed, launched, and live!


This is part of the ClickFunnels Platinum review I find most interesting… FunnelFlix is exactly what you’d probably guess it is: The Netflix of business and marketing video content.


Inside Look at FunnelFlix

Over the years, Russell Brunson has put together a LOT of training material. They sell courses in different packages, and not everyone gets access to everything…

Some people may miss a piece of the puzzle that’s covered in a course they don’t own….

The ClickFunnels team has made FunnelFlix as a hub for all of their training and business courses. In addition to their own content, Russell Brunson and the team are even acquiring content from other marketers to make this a robust addition to the software package.

Some of the content available in FunnelFlix:

  • 30 Day Program – All of the 30 Days training/content
  • Affiliate BootCamp – the entire ABC course
  • Tony Robbins; “Private Collection” personal development training
  • Justin Brooke’s AdSkills Traffic course

I started going through Justin Brooke’s AdSkills course today… This course alone includes 12 video modules that covers everything from:

  • Youtube, facebook, twitter, & instagram ads,
  • AdWords, GDN, LinkedIn, native ads
  • Landing pages, tracking ads, his market research blueprint
  • and more…

>>Start a 2 week trial of ClickFunnels now and access FunnelFlix<<

Justin Brooke AdSkills

Full access to FunnelFlix is included in the Platinum plan, but there is also content available to those with the Basic plan.  For example, if you’re interested in Tony Robbins content, or Justin Brooke’s AdSkills course mentioned above, you can view it right now with the $97/month basic plan…

My thoughts are that Russell wants to show standard plan members some of the value availabe in FunnelFlix, in hopes that many will upgrade their accounts to Platinum…

The Official Funnel Hacker Forum

ClickFunnels now has more than 96,000 active members… but the ClickFunnels facebook group has more than double that number of people lurking in it…

The company TRIES to moderate this facebook group, but being open to everyone and anyone, can make it challenging to monitor… This can make it difficult for members to ask questions, get help, etc…

The company has now launched it’s own members forum that can be accessed via your back office.

ClickFunnels Platinum Review - Funnel Hacker Forum

Note: The Forum is open to ALL members, not just those with a Platinum account…

You can ask questions, engage with others, and know that you’re all paying members of the software company….

Two Upcoming Announcements

Russell mentioned two more ‘announcements’ in the near future… One on January 31st, and one on March 8th (his 40th birthday)… In this ClickFunnels Platinum review, I’ll speculate one of these announcements will be for the “ClickFunnels Collective.”

3 important dates for the SaaS company platinum review

In the FunnelFlix members area, there is a tab for ClickFunnels Collective. He mentioned nothing about this in his live broadcast, but I believe this is a higher tier account option they will announce at one of the above later dates…

This membership level will possibly have an account executive, or some level of one-on-one coaching to help members launch their business… This is just my guess as to what it will include.

In this broadcast, Russell also implied they were in talks with other companies (category kings) that compliment their software. I believe they will soon announce that they’re acquiring or partnering with another company…

ClickFunnels Platinum Review: My Thoughts…

I honestly was worried that Russell Brunson was stepping down from CEO of the company… or that the company had been purchased.

The ‘major announcement’ seems to be a smart move for the company. They’re focusing on their core strength – FUNNELS… and adding a ton of content and resources to help members succeed.

I really think the company is looking for ways to improve retention. The virtual hackathons are a great way to help members get their funnels LAUNCHED fast.

clickfunnels platinum review: the funnelfix video coursesThe FunnelFlix video content is great for teaching members HOW to use funnels to marketin online. This should also help bring people into their ecosystem and inside their company culture…

If you’re not a member of ClickFunnels yet, you can access all of FunnelFlix content, the new members forum, and unlimited funnels with a free two week trial here…

What is your opinion about the ‘shift’ in the company? Love it? Hate it? Leave a comment below!

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