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DoTERRA – The Global Wellness Multi-Level Marketing Company

The MLM with 3 Million Global "Wellness Advocates"

DoTERRA – The Global Wellness Multi-Level Marketing Company

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doTERRA is a health and wellness company specializing in therapeutic essential oils and related wellness products. It empowers advocates with the independence and freedom to run their own business promoting and selling doTERRA products.

Earning a reputation for distilling the highest quality essential oils, doTERRA combines standard-setting quality control with attractive compensation packages, making it an industry leader in health and wellness.

What doTERRA Sells

doTERRA’s signature products are therapeutic-grade essential oils. These are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that give seeds, stems, roots and flowers of various plants their distinctive scent.

doTERRA company profileMade up of small organic molecules, these compounds quickly change in room temperature from a solid or liquid state to a gas, releasing a powerful fragrance known for its therapeutic benefits. Essential oils have historically been used in food preparation, beauty treatments and health-care products.

To distill essential oils of the highest quality, doTERRA uses its own CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol. This standard-setting procedure ensures that doTERRA’s oils are naturally safe, highly pure, and have maximum therapeutic benefit. doTERRA offers single essential oils as well as proprietary blends that have even greater health and therapeutic benefits.

In addition to its essential oils, doTERRA also sells lifestyle products for personal care and weight management, as well as health food supplements and diffusers. The full suite of doTERRA products promises a comprehensive package for your health and wellness needs.

Company History

doTERRA—derived from a Latin phrase meaning ‘Gift of the Earth’—was founded in 2008 with a single mission: to produce and bring to market the highest grade essential oils and related health and beauty products.

Impressed with the incredible therapeutic benefits of essential oils, a group of healthcare and business professionals decided to make their dream a reality by developing their own rigorous quality-control protocol for distilling essential oils.

This is the CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol), and it is an industry-leading protocol for developing the purest and safest essential oils.

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In April 2008, the company released its first offering of 25 single essential oils and 10 proprietary blends using the CPTG.

Since then it has expanded its range of single and proprietary essential oils, and also now offers a variety of health, spa and beauty products all developed with doTERRA’s comprehensive wellness philosophy in mind.

Today doTERRA is an industry leader in holistic wellness and beauty products, offering a full suite of products for your wellness needs.

How doTERRA Advocates Make Money

Independent sales reps or “advocates” make money based on the company’s unilevel networking marketing compensation plan.

There are multiple ways for doTERRA advocates to earn a commission, but ultimately the more product an advocate sells, the bigger their paycheck.

Advocates are paid based on their personal sales as well as on the sales volume of their downline organization of independent distributors.

These earnings are based on 20% of the Personal Volume (‘PV’) assigned to each product. So the higher the PV of the products purchased by someone an advocate enrolls, the greater the earnings.

Details of the doTERRA compensation plan can be found here.


doTERRA provides advocates exciting opportunities to run their own business promoting and selling industry-leading health and wellness products. Whether you are looking to introduce your friends and family to the therapeutic benefits of doTERRA’s products or you’re thinking about larger business opportunities, doTERRA is a great place to start your wellness journey.

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