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Dream Car Profits Review

Does Jacob Caris Deliver the Blueprint to Super-Affiliate Success?

Dream Car Profits Review

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If you’ve been an affiliate marketer for some time, you’ve likely heard of the Dream Car Contest that ClickFunnels has for its affiliates. It’s a contest encouraging their affiliates to get at least 100 active ClickFunnels members signed up with their sales funnel software.

ClickFunnels already pays their affiliates a 40% recurring commission on each sale, BUT by reaching 100 referrals, the company also pays the affiliate an additional $500 per month toward his or her dream car.

Refer 200 active users and the company bumps your Dream Car bonus to $1000 per month.

Reaching the “Dream Car” status is the goal of many affiliates…

What is Dream Car Profits?

Jacob Caris Super Affiliate

Jacob Caris

This is what super-affiliate Jacob Caris teaches in his newly launched course “Dream Car Profits.”

Jacob is a dream car winner, and in this program he walks you through the core strategies he used to earn the Dream Car.

The course is taught via easy to follow video modules.

Sometimes he shows screenshots or shares his screen so that it is very clear what you need to do to model his plan for success.

Not all courses are created equal. But, if implemented, this course could help any rising affiliate marketer become a true super affiliate.

How can it help me become a super affiliate?

When someone jumps into affiliate marketing, many times that person will think that massive passive income will easily come pouring into their bank accounts shortly after they get and share their affiliate link with the online world. Many beginning affiliate marketers give up and walk away from affiliate marketing simply because their expectations don’t match reality.

Beginning affiliate marketers usually waste a lot of time and money trying to figure out what they need to do and how they could start making those commissions quickly. They fall into the trap of shiny object syndrome. They buy tons of courses, but don’t go through many, if any of them. Beginning affiliates often feel a sense of overwhelm and get stuck in the rut of learning, but not applying what they learn.

How would it be to simplify the process of getting those commissions coming in and know exactly what to do for that to happen? What if a beginning or rising affiliate marketer, or even an advanced affiliate marketer, had the exact blueprint to success?

That’s what Dream Car Profits does. It breaks down the steps to success. There are no false expectations and you know exactly how, when and what to do. By following the steps in Dream Car Profits, those commissions will start rolling in.

A peek inside Jacob’s Clickfunnels affiliate dashboard

In other words, it helps you jump-start your affiliate marketing. It puts you on the path, that if consistently followed, could help you become not only a great affiliate marketer, but even a super affiliate.

>>Click here to visit Dream Car Profits<<

Is the course expensive?

No. The course has regularly increased in price since the launch, but will eventually stop at a certain price that’s fair. Though the course is worth way more than the price, Jacob wants to make it affordable for anyone wanting success with affiliate marketing.

What does Dream Car Profits entail?

The course has several modules that walk you through the steps for success. The course covers the core free strategies and paid strategies used for success. Using both free and paid strategies combined is one aspect of this course that makes it invaluable.

dream car profits members area

Inside the Dream Car Profits Members Area

Here is some of what the course has to offer:

Blogging with a “Twist”

Dream Car Profits has a unique take on blogging and SEO. It teaches how to maximize blogging and SEO to see those commissions coming in from it. Jacob shows his own authority website. He teaches his strategies, keyword research, what plugins are great to use, how to he built his own website and how you can do the same.

I’ve been tracking some of the affiliate sales made from this website and can tell you that a $249 commission that came in within the last week has been from one of the strategies / plugins Jacob Caris recommends in his course…  This one tactic alone has more than covered the price paid for his program…

Video SEO

The second module takes us inside on of his youtube accounts…

Jacob Caris youtube channel - dream car profits

Screenshot from Dream Car Profits

If you’re not using youtube to drive traffic to your offers, you’re leaving money on the table. New data shows that youtube makes up 37% of mobile web traffic worldwide… Jacob walks you through his youtube strategies that have been effective for promoting ClickFunnels and other affiliate programs. Plant some digital real estate with youtube videos and you’ll start to see results…

Adwords & Bing

This program also teaches about search PPC and shows how to target people searching for particular terms. This module of the course goes over eight key steps for success with paid search PPC ads. It also walks you through setting up an ad campaign so you can see exactly what to do.

>>Click here for Dream Car Profits<<

google ads ppc training - dream car profits review

Jacob takes us inside his Google Ads Campaign

Profit with Facebook Groups

Another module in this course walks you through setting up your own Facebook group and why it’s an important step to your business. It’s a way to get in front of a lot of people and build your brand so you can generate more affiliate commissions all while impacting and helping others. This course teaches how to go about creating and maintaining a community on facebook… from the ground up –  the right way to bring you more success.

Jacob Caris facebook group

Click image to join Jacob’s facebook group

There is also a module that reveals his strategy for coaching and taking on clients.  No filler in this short and concise program that breaks down each of the steps Jacob took to become a super affiliate.

There is a bonus module as well. It goes into how to have multiple streams of income, increase your commissions even more, and take your affiliate marketing business to the next level.

Dream Car Profits Review

There are two ways to do affiliate marketing. One way is to experiment to find out what works and what doesn’t, wasting a lot of time and money in the process. The other, smarter way is to find someone successful and model what they have done.

The Dream Car Profits course is a clear path to success created by a super successful affiliate marketer. It’s pretty clear which path is the better option.

Sign up for Dream Car Profits today.

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