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Expert Secrets Review

Inside Look at Russell Brunson's Best-Selling Book

Expert Secrets Review

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​Russell Brunson ​relaunched ​his newly revised edition of ​the best selling book "Expert Secrets." The updated  2020 version of the book ​comes with a fresh hardcover design and new forward written by Garrett J. White. 

If you've not read Russell Brunson's best-sell​er yet, ​our Expert Secrets review will ​reveal some of the concepts and ideas presented in the book.  Let's get started...

Expert Secrets Book Review

Expert Secrets Review: Who Is Russell Brunson?

Being your own boss is an attractive idea, but it’s very hard to accomplish it. Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels, ​the market leader in online sales funnel marketing, wrote ​this book as a manifesto explaining all the important details. This is the book to position yourself as THE authority in your niche and become the trusted "go-to" expert.

Russell Brunson has done this himself.

The ClickFunnels CEO has built a marketing empire, his software boasts 100,000+ active members, with ​a cult-like following of die-hards that refer to themselves as "funnel hackers."

He's positioned himself as one of the top marketing minds of our time. Entrepreneur magazine has recently named ClickFunnels as the #1 company in their 20​19 Entrepreneur 360 company rankings.

Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating A Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice is a book that lays out all of his strategies that you can implement in your own business to build a following, launch a business, and cause a​ real  impact.

Hardcover Expert Secrets book

​While the book goes over various topics in detail, in our Expert Secrets review we’ll give you a brief summary of what you’ll find when you crack open your own copy and what you should expect from reading the book.

Creating a Mass Movement

Early on, the book explains the importance of having a loyal following that will support your ideas and your company.

There are three general​ ingredients that most mass movements have. If you really want to go out there and create an impactful movement, you’ll need a mix of these three core concepts. ​

The leader (you) must be an attractive character (we'll explain below), you must have a cause for your tribe to rally behind, and you must give your followers a "new opportunity" as the vehicle to get them where you're going. 

New Opportunity

​Most often, when people start thinking about the service or product they want to offer, they try to improve on the products that are already available. ​The reality is that people don't want an improvement to the status quo. It's hard to sell an improvement to what they've already tried... 

​This is what your competitors are doing.  Your competi​tion are all fighting to improve on what​ the market is currently serving. This is what marketers refer to as a red ocean.

When everyone's fighting to offer similar products or services, competitors ​resort to lowering price to ​win new business. A race to the bottom is NOT a way to win in 2020.  

Jesus did not give his followers a better way to follow the old law: He gave them a NEW way.

Steve Jobs didn't show an improvement on the CD walkman... he gave us the iPad.

Politicians sell HOPE and CHANGE in order to present a new opportunity for the future.

​If you can create a "New Opportunity​," you can rally the masses​.

Secrets to building your digital marketing empire

Charismatic Leader

Most charismatic leaders have become masters at something, and want one important thing: to share what they’ve learned along the way with others.

The​  steps  outlined in the book help make it easier for people to identify with you and your product, and in our Expert Secrets review, we’ll give the important basics so you’ll have legions of people following your path of success.

Some of the "rules" of a charismatic leader that are outlined in the book?

  • Rule #1: Become an Attractive Character
  • Rule #2: Maintain Absolute Certainty
  • Rule #3: Don't Be Boring
  • Rule #​4: Understand How to Use Persuasion
  • Rule #​​5: Care... A Lot
  • Rule #​​6: Offer Value

​You're the leader of your movement. ​The way your audience perceives you has a direct effect on how they react to your product. The book ​outlines in detail how to ​NOT be boring, reveals why you need to be confident in both yourself and your message, and more... This is the blueprint followed by the most successful companies today.

​Expert Secrets Review: Inside ​look at @RussellBrunson's ​updated best-sell​er

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For people to support your idea, there needs to be some kind of future goal for the community to look for, something for them to​ strive after. Brunson goes into detail about doing this, giving you the steps to follow so that your audience can self-identify and find a place for all to store hope and faith.

Create Belief

​In addition to creating your "attractive character," ​rallying behind a cause, and offering a new opportunity,  you also need to create and strengthen ​your followers beliefs.

What does this mean?

​Everything comes down to beliefs. You need to learn how to persuade your followers to change their beliefs​. The more aligned your beliefs, the more receptive your audience is to the opportunities you're offering. Leaders ​build beliefs in many ways. One effective approach is through storytelling.

Big Domino

Usually, there’s only one thing that really matters, one action that can make the difference between a success story and a failure. In sales, this is even more important​. A confused mind doesn't buy.

The more you need for others to believe in your ideas, the harder it is for them to agree. You just need one good, valid idea to work with that they can agree with—one big domino to knock the rest over.

Finding that domino idea is harder than it sounds, but thankfully the book helps out with the details.

Epiphany Bridge

The book helps explain that your job is not just to cause an impact in the logical part of the brain, but in the emotional part as well. It’s arguably even more important to reach the emotional part of the brain​.

You need everyone to be excited about your ideas as much as you are about them, and for them to have an epiphany about putting those ideas to use.

Moral Obligation

If you really believe that w​hat you’re selling is worth it, then you should make your customers have the best experience possible, says Brunson.

No matter how good your product might be, people won’t automatically go behind your idea and support it. Experts Secrets reviews the methods so that you can create a great pitch to get others to catch on to your vision.

Brunson even helps you further in the end by giving you his simple script to follow.  This is the exact script he uses at ClickFunnels for $25,000+ high ticket sales.

This is the result of years of experience and of constant improvement, and it’s one of the best secrets revealed in the book.

​>>Get Your Free Copy of Expert Secrets Here (just cover printing and shipping).

The Funnels

This book discusses "The Perfect Webinar." Russell has mastered the structure and strategy behind creating a million dollar webinar. A number of 2 Comma Club winners credit Russell's webinar blueprint to their success. Russell gives it away in this book.  

He also goes deeper into his high-ticket closing strategies, and use of email marketing to keep his followers engaged (and buying).  

In all, the book reveals 22 of his Expert Secrets - all organized into five sections.

Expert Secrets Review – Wrapping up

Through our Expert Secrets review, you only got a taste of what’s in store for you when you read or listen to the entire book. A short article won't do the book justice.

This book is incredibly helpful, not just for those who’re interested in learning about influencer marketing and getting followers, but for everyone who wants to sell online, and watch their business and their revenue grow.

Obviously, if you’re using ClickFunnels or are thinking about getting it, it will really help and inspire you to drive your business through it.

Just a few words can change a person’s life, but your business could have an impact on the lives of many.

This book helps inspire and explains how to do all of this, transforming your current or future business venture into a vision.

This is not just a way to make money, but a way to have more impact, help a community, to advance a cause.

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