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Top Facebook Groups for ClickFunnels Affiliates

Grow Your Business & Make Strategic Connections on Facebook

Top Facebook Groups for ClickFunnels Affiliates

Disclosure: Links in this post may contain affiliate links, read my advertiser disclosure for more info. 

I love digital marketing. Affiliate marketing is (in my opinion) one of the best business models!

Whether you’re writing articles for your blog or running facebook ads to your latest sales funnel, sometimes you want to talk shop, get feedback, or ask for advice…

Our 9-5 working friends (for the most part) just don’t know about digital marketing like we do…

I love getting together with my old college friends, but most of them don’t know what SEO stand for… and they definitely have a different idea of what a funnel is…


This is a funnel, right? 😄

Fortunately for us, with just a facebook account, it’s easier than ever to connect with other internet marketers on a global scale.

Also fortunate for us, some of the biggest names in ClickFunnels have done the heavy lifting for us, by building (and actively managing) facebook communities full of entrepreneurs just like you – and access is mostly free…

If you’re a solopreneur or a ClickFunnels affiliate, you can find support from other like-minded people in the online groups they gather in.

I’ve gained so much value from the below facebook groups over the last year, I’ve also decided to start my own. The FreedomRep facebook group’s focus is to serve affiliate marketers & bloggers. 

If you’re looking to grow your blog, affiliate commissions, or connect with other digital marketers, click here to join my community…

Below are some of the top ClickFunnels experts – either company executives or high earning affiliates – and their impressive facebook groups.

The online communities on this list where chosen for a few reasons:

  • they serve both the beginner ClickFunnels affiliate marketer as well as the more advanced Dream Car winners…
  • their group discussions are actively managed and SPAM free – threads provide real VALUE to members
  • they have high engagement – you can post a question or ask for advice – and likely start getting helpful feedback pretty quickly…

Most of these groups are closed (you have to request access), but you can join today – and likely get accepted within a few hours. Let’s take a look at the top facebook groups for ClickFunnels affiliates…

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson quotesRussell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels has two official facebook groups…

Just starting your 14-day trial?

Need feedback on your funnel? Have a question, or just want to engage with other funnel hackers in the community?

The “Official” ClickFunnels facebook group is where to go.

This official group is Russell’s main social hub for connecting with other entrepreneurs and small business owners that are actively part of the ClickFunnels company CULT-ure…

Official facebook group for ClickFunnels

If you’re at all interested in ClickFunnels, their software, or their various training programs, you should already be one of the 197,000+ members in this group…

ClickFunnels Official:

Russell Brunson’s second group, the “ClickFunnels Avengers” community was formed specifically for their ClickFunnels Affiliates.

This group was created by the ClickFunnels team to ensure all affiliates have access to the community and the support they need.

The truth is, affiliate marketing is not easy. I’ve had success selling other products online, but for whatever reason went a while without much success promoting ClickFunnels.

I probably would have abandoned the affiliate program after a few months if it wasn’t for this group.

BUT every day, members are posting success stories along with screen shots of their earnings.

Got Bars?

Screen shot from the Avengers facebook group

Seeing others succeed was very helpful in keeping me motivated to keep pushing on – when I wasn’t personally getting much in results…

You’ll find a lot of well known affiliates and Dream Car winners selflessly answering questions and providing value in the Avengers group.

Also important to know is that the ClickFunnels team often goes “LIVE” in this group to share updates with their affiliates.

If releasing a new offer, product, or promotion, the team communicates directly with their affiliates through this Avengers group.

ClickFunnels Facebook Group

Get Company Updates in the Avengers Group!

If you’re serious about promoting ClickFunnels, you should already be in the “Avengers” group! But if you haven’t joined yet, go here:

ClickFunnels Avengers:

Steve Larsen

Science of Selling Online GroupSteve Larsen also runs a couple of powerful facebook groups.

“The Science of Selling Online (Funnels or Die)” is all about offer creation, funnels, and storytelling.

Steve’s community is where the ClickFunnels coach, master funnel builder, and offer creation specialist nerds out with the rest of his tribe…

Steve often publishes his new content here first.  He also goes LIVE in the group, drops a ton of value bombs 💣, and engages, personally answering your questions.

If you’re interested in anything related to marketing and sales – this group is for you.

The Science of Selling Online (Funnels or Die):

Steve Larsen’s second facebook group “Hack MLM” is specifically for Russell Brunson and Steve Larsen’s network marketing team.

This facebook group can only be accessed by active members of their MLM downline…

ClickFunnels MLM Group

Inside Steve’s “Private” MLM facebook Group

Managed by Steve and his business partner Coulton Woods, it’s an excellent place for his tribe of funnel hackers to discuss funnels, network marketing, the automated recruiting / onboarding systems, and more…

Hack MLM:

Access to join us in Steve’s MLM Team is by application only: Click here to learn more.

Spencer Mecham

Automation Nation Facebook GroupSpencer Mecham is behind the popular “Automation Nation – passive income systems for entrepreneurs” community.

Spencer is a seven figure affiliate marketer and one of the top earning affiliate in the ClickFunnels affiliate program…

He’s a Dream Car winner, 2 Comma Club member, and often referred to as a ClickFunnels “Super Affiliate.”

As the name of the group implies, Spencer’s focus is teaching entrepreneurs how to build passive income systems through affiliate marketing.

The Super Affiliate is active in the group – answering questions and engaging with everyone from newbies asking questions like “what is clickfunnels?” to the more seasoned marketers that have been going strong for years…

Spencer could have made his group membership exclusive to paying members of his Affiliate Secrets course… but didn’t.

Where else can you get support from a top-earning “Super Affiliate?”

Facebook groups for affiliate marketers

In addition to Spencer, there are other six-figure earners in the community that post and help others seeking advice.

If you’re at all interested in earning a passive income as a ClickFunnels affiliate, this is a group you should join…

Automation Nation – Passive Income Systems For Entrepreneurs:

Chris Fong

Chris Fong Affiliate Marketing ExpertChris Fong is behind the “Affiliate Profits Mastermind” facebook group.

Who’s Chris Fong? He’s a top affiliate for several programs: Clickfunnels, ActiveCampaign, Legendary Marketer, The Amazing Selling Machine… and more.

Chris Fong credits much of his success with ClickFunnels to packaging high-value “bonus” bundles to incentivize people to buy via his affiliate links. 

The super-affiliate recently launched his Bonus PowerPack to help other ClickFunnels affiliates do the same.

Inside his facebook group, you’ll find training, a community of like minded people, and resources you can leverage to create a profitable online business.

Have questions about SEO, email marketing, or ClickFunnels? This is the group for you… Chris and other marketers in the group are willing to help out where they can.

In addition to his facebook group, you can also read Chris Fong’s latest blog posts at Smart Business Trends. or check out his Check out his facebook group here…

Affiliate Profits Mastermind – SEO, Email Marketing, & ClickFunnels:

affiliate profits mastermind chris fong

Jacob Caris

Jacob Caris facebok groupJacob Caris started affiliate marketing in 2017. In a short amount of time, he’s earned the ClickFunnels Dream Car.

He’s also a top affiliate for Legendary Marketer, and Dean Graziosi’s Knowledge Business Blueprint.

In 2019, he even launched his own “Dream Car Profits course revealing strategies that took him from newbie to earning his Dream Car so quickly.

In his facebook group of over 3,000 affiliate marketers, Jacob shares actionable content with the goal of scaling your affiliate marketing business to $10k/month.

Check out Jacob’s facebook group here:

Super Affiliate Community

Rachel S. Lee

Rachel S. LeeRachel S. Lee is behind the group “Influencer Affiliate Marketing: Make Money Online with Rachel S. Lee.”

She has been an online marketer for several years now. Rachel is a ClickFunnels “Dream Car” winner, 2 Comma Club member, and a leader in the funnel hacker community…

Rachel’s focus is teaching entrepreneurs how to build their online business via affiliate marketing and creating offers – such as coaching programs and training courses.

Rachel has built an active group with thousands of members. Connect with Rachel S. Lee’s facebook group here:

Influencer Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Online with Rachel S. Lee:

James Hurst

James HurstJames Hurst is the “Dream Car” winning affiliate marketer behind the facebook group “Current and Future DreamCar Winners.”

Like some of the other groups listed, James has an excellent mix of seasoned affiliate marketers and hungry new ClickFunnels affiliates in his community.

There’s a lot of value shared and connections made in this group but…

James has one unique request upon joining – You MUST go LIVE in his group!

Or you will get kicked out! 😜

Get out of your comfort zone, introduce yourself, and learn from James and his network of top earning ClickFunnels affiliates.

Important: James also creates special bonus offers for some of ClickFunnels’ higher ticket packages and releases them to members of his facebook group first.

If you’re interested in any of the ClickFunnels big ticket items, it’s worth joining just to review his bonuses before making any purchase…

Current & Future Dream Car Winners:

Julie Stoian

Julie Christine StoianJulie Stoian is a digital marketing expert, business coach, and the founder of “Funnel Gorgeous,” and “Create Your Laptop Lifestyle.”

She’s a coach in the “One Funnel Away” Challenge… and she’s also an Executive Partner and Vice President of marketing at ClickFunnels.

Julie’s facebook group “Living the Laptop Life” is a community of more than 25,000 online marketers and entrepreneurs.

You’ll find discussions covering everything from facebook ads to youtube marketing. If you’re a digital marketer looking to make connections, Julie’s group is a no-brainer.

Living the Laptop Life – A Group For Online Service Providers + Marketers:

If you’re just now getting started promoting ClickFunnels, there are a lot of resources available. 

There are no excuses…

The ClickFunnels affiliate program itself is free, Affiliate BootCamp training course is free, and the potential to network with other like-minded affiliates is free (with a facebook account).

Get involved in these groups, take advantage of the opportunities, soak up as much as you can, and win your Dream Car. Is there a facebook group that you feel should have made the list? Let me know in the comments. 🙂 

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Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC. View full Disclosure here.

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