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Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Inside Look at Jonathan Montoya’s Course

Freedom  Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Inside Look at Jonathan Montoya’s Course
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Affiliate marketer Jonathan Montoya is back with the new Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 program. 

In 2020, Jonathan Montoya seemingly popped up out of nowhere and started getting attention in the affiliate marketing world.  In just nine months, he's managed to build a six-figure affiliate marketing business allowing him to quit his $80,000 a year job as an electrical engineer. 

In addition to going full-time as an affiliate, the "super-affiliate" also launched his own successful affiliate marketing course titled "Freedom Breakthrough - the Affiliate Blueprint Academy."

Montoya has now revamped his program and launched "Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 "The Affiliate Stacking EcoSystem."

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya initially got on my radar due to how quickly and seemingly effortlessly he managed to build a huge following online.  

Jonathan Montoya had a pretty typical American life. He made a decent income as an electrical engineer, he's been happily married for six years, and just recently had his first child.

How'd he get into online marketing?  Jonathan was sick and tired of the 9-5 grind.

He was tired of the commute, tired of a soulless unfulfilling job, long hours, and tired of his $80k job still not being enough to live the life he wanted.  

He needed something different.

He wanted to be able to stay home with his family. He wanted a higher income, and he wanted to build a real passive income business that would allow him to work, play, or vacation whenever he wanted.

Jonathan Montoya review

Click Here to Visit the Freedom Breakthrough Website

While he attempted a few different businesses - nothing offered the time and financial freedom like that of affiliate marketing.  When he started his journey, Jonathan was $1,200 in debt. Today he is a full-time six figure affiliate with:

  • 30,500 subscribers on Youtube
  • Over 11,000 engaged members in his public facebook group
  • Over 155,000 followers on TikTok
  • Thousands of students 
  • Time freedom and over 30 streams of affiliate income

The Freedom Breakthrough Course 

The goal of Jonathan Montoya's training is to demonstrate how a complete newbie can create a profitable affiliate marketing business - starting from scratch, with no experience or tech skills...

When you opt-in for the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 training, Jonathan Montoya reveals how you do NOT have to reinvent the wheel to be successful with affiliate marketing. Some of what you'll learn in the free video include:

  • How to choose a niche and find proven products that are easy to sell (and pay up to 75% commissions)
  • How to use Jonathan's simple one-page websites to build your email list, follow-up with email marketing, and make affiliate sales - (you don't need tech skills)...
  • How to get thousands of people clicking on your offers every day (without paying for ads)
freedom breakthrough 2.0

Screen Shot from Jonathan's Freedom Breakthrough Free Training

Do these strategies work? The affiliate marketer "launched" his affiliate business on May 15th, 2019, and was able to quit his electrical engineering job by March 2nd, 2020. He lays it all out for you in the free webclass. If you haven't registered yet, click here...

The Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Course

Freedom Breakthrough: The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem is the new program organized in twelve training modules. Here's a quick look into the paid members area.

Module 1 - The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem: The big picture overview of Jonathan's system.
Module 2 - The Perfect Affiliate Funnel: How to set up your system to run on autopilot.
Module 3 - The Online ATM:  Jonathan's email marketing templates, sequences, and more. 

Module 4 - Youtube: How to Get Free Traffic From Youtube: Youtube SEO Mastery

Module 5 - TikTok: How to Get Free Traffic with TikTok.

Module 6 - Facebook Groups: How to use facebook groups to build your brand and trust with your audience

Module 7 - High Ticket Sales: Daniel Chau reveals his strategies for making high ticket sales.

Module 8 - Facebook Profile Funnel: How to monetize and optimize your facebook profile.

Module 9 - Blogging Secrets: How to build an SEO-friendly website that brings organic google traffic.

Module 10 - Top of the SERPS: Nathan Lucas reveals his methods for ranking at the top of Google search results.

Module 11 - Google Ads & Youtube Ads: How to Profit from Paid Traffic

Module 12 - Launch Jacking Mastery: How to Profit from the Hype Around New Product Launches

Bonus #1 - 8 Weeks live group coaching: If you've been in digital marketing for some time, you know that access to a top earner doesn't come cheap!  This alone is arguably worth the price of the program.

Bonus #2 - 3 Day Challenge White Label course: Jonathan is giving you his 3 Day Challenge funnel. Connect it to your Stripe account and start making $7 sales every time someone new takes his three day challenge.  It's yours to market, sell, and use for list building.

Bonus #3 -  YT Ads Breakthrough: This is an eight module course specifically on Youtube ads. Yours free with Affiliate Breakthrough 2.0

Bonus #4 - 75% Commissions for Life: Jonathan Montoya pays his affiliates 50% commissions. But if you buy his course, you can then market AB 2.0 for 75% commissions (earning $1,121.25 a sale!)

Bonus #5 - Private FB Community: You may already be in Montoya's public facebook group, but he also has an insider group for paying members of his course. Step your game up and network with Jonathan and his top students.

Each module has an accompanying worksheet with an assignment to complete for the module. 

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review:

What I Like About the Program

There is no doubt about it that Jonathan Montoya is crushing it online right now - and knows what he's talking about. For me personally, I think any affiliate should check out both his paid and organic strategies for Youtube and TikTok

He covers all of the platforms that he's currently using to build his six-figure business. I like that he's also recruited other experts for some of his content. Their expertise compliment his and help round out the course. With the twelve modules and bonus material, this is a full program that covers everything one would need to build an affiliate marketing business.

I also like that he's already bringing in success stories. He has newbies signing up for his course that are implementing his strategies and sharing their results online. 

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What I Don't Like about Freedom Breakthrough

It wouldn't be a Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course review with criticism.

It's not a big deal, but you will need a ClickFunnels account in order to use Jonathan's share funnels. As he says in the webinar, you do NOT have to be techy at all to use his system. This is because he gives you his affiliate funnels. You literally just one-click upload them into your own ClickFunnels account. 

This is one of the great features of ClickFunnels, but just FYI - the software is a paid tool ($97/month). Some newbies may be hesitant to add paid tools to their business when just getting started.

If you're unfamiliar with ClickFunnels, it's one of the top funnel builders you can use in your affiliate marketing business. While you don't have to use ClickFunnels to succeed as an affiliate - leveraging the software can help.

If you're not currently using a funnel builder software, you can start a 14-day trial of ClickFunnels here...

Freedom Breakthrough Review 2.0 - Inside look at Jonathan Montoya's new #affiliate marketing course

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Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Pricing Options

There are two options for buying Jonathan Montoya's new affiliate marketing course.

  • One payment of $1,497
  • Three monthly payments of $597

Click here to visit the sales page and review all buying options.

If you still have not watched the Freedom Breakthrough (free) webclass, you can still watch the replay here.

Additional Resources by Jonathan Montoya

If you're interested in Jonathan Montoya's course, but not ready to get started yet, the super-affiliate is also currently offering a 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge for just $7...  The 3 Day Challenge is designed to get people to take action and start making affiliate commissions fast. 

If you're new to all this and not ready for the full $1497 program, the 3-Day Challenge is worth a closer look.

3 Day Challenge

Buying the Course? Additional Bonuses

In addition to the 12 Modules and the bonus training listed above, I'm also throwing in a few bonuses if you purchase  the Freedom Breakthrough course via this link...

Freedom Breakthrough Bonus #1

One Hour Discovery Call: We'll schedule a one-on-one phone or Zoom call to help put together your affiliate marketing game plan. Questions? Need help mapping out the best niche or path for your business? We can discuss it all. I normally charge $297 for a one-hour consultation. This is free to you with Jonathan Montoya's course.

Freedom Breakthrough Bonus #2

30 Days Mentoring / Accountability Partner: After our Zoom consultation, we'll keep in touch.  You're more likely to take action when you have an accountability partner. I'll be there to answer questions, help you implement, and ensure you get your affiliate marketing game plan off the ground. Simply reach out after buying the course and we'll get started!

Freedom Breakthrough Bonus #3 

One Year Access to the "Software in a Box":  Get started with five Google Chrome extensions that are made for (and by) affiliates. This software package includes GroupConvert, WatcherSpy, FriendConnector Unlimited, CommentFunnels Unlimited, and (coming soon) FP Affiliate Extractor.

This is all free just for getting started with Jonathan Montoya's Freedom Breakthrough.  Get full access to Freedom Breakthrough today...

After buying the course, please reach out to my team here and we'll make sure to set up your bonuses.


Jonathan Montoya has literally gone from ZERO to six-figures with affiliate marketing in under a year.  He's compiled EVERYTHING he's doing in one affiliate marketing course. It's designed with the newbie in mind  and he gives you everything you need to get started.

Your three options to learn from Jonathan Montoya are to:

I like his teaching style in that he has a lot of energy. His content is engaging and easy to follow. Because of this, I think it's a great webinar and program that will help a lot of people. 

If you've already watched the webinar or taken the course, leave your review in the comments below. I'm interested in hearing what other people are thinking about the program!

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