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Funnel Builder Secrets Review: Pros? Cons? Price?

Is Russell's New Offer Worth Your Time & Money?

Funnel Builder Secrets Review: Pros? Cons? Price?

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Funnel Builder Secrets Review: October 2019 Update:

Russell Brunson and the team at ClickFunnels are back with Funnel Builder Secrets – another ClickFunnels “offer you can’t refuse.”

In this Funnel Builder Secrets Review, we’ll dive into exactly what’s included in Funnel Builder Secrets and look into the pros and cons of purchasing ClickFunnels through this bundle vs other available options…

The company successfully promoted their “Funnel Hacks” package for a while. This new ‘Funnel Builder Secrets’ offer was first pitched during Russell Brunson’s 2018 presentation at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference. It is the presentation and offer that infamously sold $3 Million from the stage in ninety minutes…

10X Keynote

Russell Brunson delivering his keynote presentation at 10X Growth Con

Likely due to the success at 10X Con, ClickFunnels has now taken the 10X offer and packaged it as their main product bundle moving forward.

What Is Funnel Builder Secrets?

After opting in on the Funnel Builder Secrets website, you’re taken to the ‘Secret Funnel Strategy’ page with a video replay of Russell Brunson’s entire 10X presentation.

If you have NOT witnessed this, it’s a brilliant example of how to present and sell to an audience. 

>>Click Here For the Funnel Builder Secrets 10X Replay<<

As is typical for Russell Brunson, he brings the audience into his world of marketing and sales funnels, delivers a ton of free value – and demonstrates how his system of building sales funnels is THE path for anyone trying to 10X their business…

Some of my biggest take-aways revealed in the 10X Con Presentation:

  • How to spy on your competition, model, and implement what’s working for them
  • How to ethically steal your competitors’ customers
  • How to create a funnel that sells for your business 24/7/365
  • How Russell built Tony Robbin’s best selling book funnel

Will a Sales Funnel Work For Your Business?

Russell flies through examples of different niches and industries, showing how sales funnels are the best option for anyone marketing or selling online today.

He gives examples of supplement product funnels, coaching funnels, car dealer funnels, even a BigFoot hunter’s funnel! and more…

If you’re familiar with our network marketing team, Russell even uses our upline leader Steve Larsen’s MLM funnel as an example of how to successfully build an MLM business using sales funnels…

MLM Funnel

Funnel Builder Secrets Review: What’s Included in the Package?

The main Funnel Builder Secrets (FBS) package is designed to include everything someone may need to hit the ground running with ClickFunnels.

IMPORTANT: Russell’s webinar and offer needs to be updated due to September 2019 changes in the ClickFunnels membership plans.

The company has introduced new features that were not yet launched at the time of the 10X Presentation…

At the time of this Funnel Builder Secrets review, the PRICING (below) is still honored to lock in a year of ClickFunnels at a discount… BUT the details of what’s included in the new plan have changed.

The FBS Package

Full access to ClickFunnels “Unlimited” Platinum account:

ClickFunnels members at the $97/month plan are limited to 20 funnels in their account – and web traffic is capped at 60,000 monthly visitors.

When you get started with the Funnel Builder Secrets (FBS) package, you get full access to the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan ($297/month). You get unlimited monthly visitors, and unlimited funnels in your account for 6-12 months (depending on which package you choose)…

You also have full access to Follow-Up Funnels (formerly known as Actionetics) and the BackPack affiliate software…

Important Note: Whenever your FBS package expires, members can repurchase it, to lock in the discount and push the monthly payment out for another 6-12 months (more on pricing below)…

Full Access to FunnelFlix

FunnelFlix is the Netflix for marketers and entrepreneurs. The ClickFunnels team has added a library of video content and training in your back office. They’ve even acquired and licensed content from other big names such as Tony Robbins and Agora Financial.


Below are just some of the courses you’ll get access to with this FunnelFlix account.

The Funnel Hacks MasterClass (worth $1,997)

Funnel Hacks 6 Week Class

The Funnel Hacks MasterClass is a six week class that teaches EVERYTHING you need to funnel hack your competition. What’s working for them? How much money are they making?

The course will show how to reverse engineer profitable sales funnels for your own business.

The Funnel Builder Secrets Training Course (worth $997)

The FBS Training by Russell Brunson included in funnel builder secrets review

This course reveals all of the technical information – all of the training you’ll need in order to build out successful sales funnels.

Understand the different types of funnels and the strategy behind them.

Some of the training modules include:

  • Funnel Overview
  • Creating Your Offer
  • Pick Your Funnel Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Power Editor Basics
  • Funnel Design
  • and more…

Traffic Secrets (worth $1,997)

Traffic Secrets Membership fbs review

In the Funnel Builder Secrets 10X Presentation, Russell talks about John Reese and his best selling “Traffic Secrets” course. Reese famously made $1 Million in a day selling Traffic Secrets…

Russell Brunson bought the company from John Reese so that he could offer it in this Funnel Builder Secrets offer!

Traffic Secrets is an in-depth course that outlines strategies for 125 different traffic sources for your business…

funnel hacks package fbs

Virtual Hackathons & Members Forum

We’ve covered this in detail in our ClickFunnels Platinum Plan review, but when you buy the FBS package, you get full access to the company’s daily virtual hackathons.

ClickFunnels will have consultants in virtual rooms focusing on ONE funnel type. You can literally join a hackathon, and someone will walk you through every step to get your funnel LIVE. Just find the hackathon for the funnel type you need to work on – and get it done.

Twelve Months Access to Funnel Scripts ($497)

12 months funnel scripts included in funnel hacks

In addition to the FunnelFlix, Virtual hackathons, and the members forum, you’ll also get access to Funnel Scripts. Funnel Scripts is a software program that will literally write all of your sales copy for you. We’ve reviewed the Funnel Scripts program in detail here.

Whether headlines, ads, webinar slides, sales copy, etc… With Funnel Builder Secrets, you have access to Funnel Scripts for a year…

You’ll also get full access to the new members forum for additional support from your piers and other funnel hackers.

As a bonus, the Secret Funnel Builders package also includes ClickStart Coaching.

To ensure you’re not alone on this journey, ClickFunnels will connect you with a ClickStart Coach that will get on the phone with you and walk you through the set up of your funnel.

How Much Does Funnel Builder Secrets Cost?

There are three pricing options to get started with Funnel Builder Secrets… This is an old image below (the FBS packages need to be updated with the new launch of the upgraded Platinum Plan and the removal of the Etison Suite) but the pricing tiers below are intact for now.

The two most popular options are the $1,997 and the $2,997 packages…

Funnel Builder Secrets Price Comparison

Funnel Builder secrets review of the funnel hacks discount

The biggest difference between the $1,997 and the $2,997 packages are the additional six months of ClickFunnels Platinum account included in $2,997 price.

The $5,997 package is of course also available for anyone that is looking for the additional ClickStart Coaching.

Let’s compare the cost of ClickFunnels over twelve months…

A Funnel Builder Secrets Review would be incomplete without an overview of the pricing options.

One year of the Platinum Plan billed at $297/month = $3564/year…

One year of the Platinum plan via the FBS offer = $2997/year…

If your business is reliant on ClickFunnels, it’s a no-brainer to purchase this Funnel Builder Secrets offer.

Paying for the year upfront will save you $567 annually. Everything else the company includes in this package is just an added free bonus…

You’re basically getting two months of ClickFunnels free by paying $2,997 up front vs $3,564 over twelve payments.

In true Russell Brunson fashion, as they update this core FBS package, they’ll stack on additional bonuses for purchasing the discount package… making it even more of a deal.

Funnel Builder Secrets Review: Is the Software Worth It?

I’m a strong believer in the value of using the ClickFunnels platform. I use ClickFunnels in my business and recommend it to others…

What Happens After the 6 or 12 month of ClickFunnels expires?

After your 6 or 12 month FBS package expires, your ClickFunnels account will simply revert to monthly billing.

By default, your monthly billing will renew with the full Platinum Plan, but you of course also have the option to downgrade your ClickFunnels account to the $97/month plan at anytime.

You can also repurchase the Funnel Builder Secrets package and lock in another year with ClickFunnels…

After the included 12 months access to Funnel Scripts expires, you can either renew the FBS package, or purchase lifetime access to Funnel Scripts for $797.

funnel hacks package fbs

Funnel Builder Secrets Review

If you’ve watched the 10X replay and still aren’t sure if ClickFunnels is for you, your best bet may be to start with a ClickFunnels free 14 day trial…

If after your 14 day trial, you love ClickFunnels and know you’re in it long-term – then lock in twelve months with the Funnel Builder Secrets discount.

In my Funnel Builder Secrets review, I believe the value stack of everything that is included in this package is worth the cost. There’s a reason ClickFunnels has surpassed all of the other funnel software and positioned itself as the leader in their field. You’ll have to decide if it makes sense for your business.

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