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Funnel Formula Review

2 Comma Club in 43 Days? Blake Nubar Reveals His "Formula" to Success

Funnel Formula Review

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If you're a ClickFunnels member, you’ve probably at heard of Blake Nubar. Often referred to as one of the top funnel consultants, Blake Nubar has positioned himself as the go-to funnel expert, responsible for the success of sales funnels across several different industries.

Blake has most recently launched the Social Media Lead Machine (SMLM), and partner program. His "LIVE" event from Las Vegas was streamed inside of his facebook group and sold hundreds of new partners in just the first few hours of the launch.

Before the SMLM partner program, he also launched the “Funnel Formula” webclass and program…

In this Funnel Formula review, we’ll take a look inside the 2 Comma Club member’s Funnel Formula masterclass and reveal what to expect from his done-with-you Funnel Formula program.

But First… Who is Blake Nubar?

Just a few years ago, Blake Nubar was far from the 2 Comma Club success story he is today.

In fact, the 2016 Blake Nubar would think you’re crazy if you told him he’d soon pull in $23,000+ DAYS from one of his sales funnels…

Blake Nubar 2 Comma Club

Blake Nubar

In 2016, Blake hit rock bottom. He was $30,000 in debt. He reached a point where he was selling furniture and clothes on ebay just to make ends meet. He was working a dead-end job and struggling in his different entrepreneurial pursuits.

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In 2017, he cofounded a digital marketing agency and began marketing and building funnels for small businesses and entrepreneurs…  After repeatedly FAILING to create a profitable sales funnel, Blake had an epiphany. He stopped trying to be creative with his sales funnels, and started to analyze what actually WORKED…

He developed a fool-proof formula.

This system worked across different industries – and started producing huge results for his clients.

Fast forward today, Blake Nubar is one of the most sought after funnel consultants. He is the top seller in the ClickFunnels marketplace (he’s sold more funnels than Russell Brunson), he’s behind multiple 2 comma club winning launches, and even holds the world record for fastest funnel to hit $1,000,000 in sales (he hit 2 Comma Club in 43 days)…

In the last two years, he’s produced more than $10,000,000 in sales through his funnels.

Blake Nubar Russell Brunson

This is what the Funnel Formula masterclass is about…

Blake pretty much hands you the exact strategy that took him from struggling entrepreneur to the 2 Comma Club… and not just once. It’s the formula that has allowed him to repeat the process over and over again.

We all hear that we should “funnel hack” the competition, but how? what are the steps? what tools does he use? What’s the strategy? How does he find his competitors’ top traffic sources, etc… This is what you’ll get from Blake in his Funnel Formula webinar.

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The Funnel Formula Masterclass

What is interesting about the Funnel Formula webinar is that Blake gives actual case studies that take you behind the scenes of his successes.

He shows exactly how he’s “funnel hacked” different industries and reverse engineered the ‘alpha’ sales funnels.

funnel hacking consultant funnel

He shows how to remove the guesswork from the equation, model the top performing companies, find their top traffic sources, and even outsell them.

He takes you inside his (record breaking) 2CC earning funnel for Brian Page’s BNB Formula. The BNB Formula averaged $23,000 a day in sales…

He reveals HOW to hack your competitors' traffic sources using tools like SEMrush.

The class is a behind-the-scenes look at his strategy and funnel for Rocket Powered Sound and a company called Swiftknot – a temporary boat docking device that went from zero sales to doing $3,000+ in sales daily…

Blake Nubar knows how to create marketing messages and online funnels that SELL… He’s repeated this in multiple industries, and he lays out his entire 5 step process in this webclass.

By the end of Blake’s training, you should have an actionable plan to start an income producing online business… If you already have a business, you will have the blueprint to implement Blake’s strategies for your own company…

Funnel Formula Review: Inside the Program

What is the Funnel Formula? If you were to hire Blake as a consultant to research your industry, hack your biggest competitor, design and optimize your sales funnel, come up with a marketing strategy,  and launch your business… it would cost (on the low end) $25,000…

3d image of course

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His team spent about a year and literally funnel hacked the internet. Using Blake’s 5 step system, they did all of the heavy lifting, found all of the highest converting businesses across fifteen different industries, designed the funnels, and developed the marketing strategy.

You can take his system outlined in detail in the Funnel Formula webinar and do it all yourself… or you can just find the funnel for your specific industry in Funnel Formula and have it up and running in no time.

Funnel Formula is a turn-key solution that provides the funnel, sales copy, email sequences, over-the-shoulder training, the traffic sources, and ads strategy for your industry.

Who did Blake Nubar ” funnel hack?” To name a few:

MLM Network Marketing funnel hacked

What industries are covered in the Program?

  • Info Products / Online Courses
  • Fitness Trainer / Gym
  • Freelancer
  • Health / Weight Loss Supplement
  • MLM / Network Marketing
  • Digital Agency
  • Coach / Consultant
  • Real Estate
  • Author / Book
  • E-Commerce / Physical Product
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • No Business Yet / The Start-Up

Each one of these “industries” is its own course and funnel. You get access the A-Z Video Training, the funnel strategy, the pre-built funnel to upload into your ClickFunnels account, the done-for-you sales copy, the emails, the traffic hacks, and the facebook strategies for your industry…

15 industries

Screenshot from the Funnel Formula webinar

The heavy lifting is all done-for-you. You can take the pre-built solution for your industry and just plug in your product/service. The over-the-shoulder training gives you everything you need to get moving quickly.

Funnel Formula Review: Inside the Training Modules…

Blake’s training is broken down into Phases… 

  • Phase 1 – The Foundation: This is your funnel roadmap. How does the funnel work? Phase one is an overview of how everything works together…
  • Phase 2 – Customization: In phase two, you’ll take the turnkey funnel and make it your own.
  • Phase 3 – Email Marketing: Take the pre-written emails for your niche, fill in the blanks, and personalize them for your specific business…
  • Phase 4 – Traffic: Drive targeted traffic to your new funnel
  • Phase 5 – Split Testing: Now that you’re up and running, learn how to optimize your funnel for best results…

The Funnel Formula also includes bonuses such as Blake’s Facebook swipe files, his premium graphics vault, and his “conversion crash course.”

The program is thorough – but does NOT bog you down with unnecessary information – it’s simple in that it’s just what you need to get running and profitable.

Funnel Formula Review

Blake Nubar and his team have taken their done-for-you funnel design, optimization, and marketing services (that normally cost thousands of dollars), and packaged them into one reasonably priced solution.

At $997, it’s an excellent done-with-you system… Not everyone has the resources to hire Blake Nubar as a consultant, but anyone can plug into the Funnel Formula…

>>Click Here for the Funnel Formula MasterClass

Just watch the video training and launch your funnel. If you can drag and drop inside of ClickFunnels, you can hit the ground running with Blake Nubar’s Funnel Formula program…

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