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Funnel Fridays: Russell Brunson & Jim Edwards Want to Launch Your Next Funnel

Russell & Jim Write, Build, and Launch Your Next Funnel in Under 30 Minutes!

Funnel Fridays: Russell Brunson & Jim Edwards Want to Launch Your Next Funnel

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What is Funnel Fridays? The ClickFunnels team have so much going on… There’s several products, shows, podcasts, Funnel Scripts, Funnel U, etc…

If you’re not a hardcore #FunnelHacker, it can be difficult to differentiate between their different projects!

So what is Funnel Fridays?

Every Friday, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards get together to write the sales copy, build and launch a complete sales funnel… they do this in under 30 minutes… and they do it LIVE.

ClickFunnels members can request help with their sales funnel, and get featured on the show. Each week, they choose one lucky winner.

Funnel Fridays with Russell Brunson & Jim Edwards

Together Russell and Jim attempt to launch entire funnels. They use Funnel Scripts software to help write the sales copy, and of course ClickFunnels software to build the funnel…

Funnel Fridays is broadcast via Live Hang Out – so viewers can engage and chat while they work on their funnel…

Russell Brunson and Jim EdwardsSome weeks the two funnel builders knock it out the park – and other weeks, they don’t finish within the given 30 minutes.

Regardless, it’s educational and also fun to watch two top marketing minds collaborate on a project together.

By signing up fro Funnel Fridays, you’ll get access to past episodes, get notification of future episodes – and possibly have your funnel featured in a coming episode of the show.

In addition to the live funnel build, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards share each funnel at the end of the show. You get the download link to add their new funnel to your ClickFunnels account.

Below are a few of the recent episodes of Funnel Fridays…

How to Create an Info-Product Sales Funnel

In this episode, our dynamic duo are working on a sales funnel that sells drone courses. Will the funnel be ready to launch in 30 minutes? If you’re selling info-products, this is an episode you don’t want to miss…

Episode # 58 | Shred the Weight Off Your Sales Funnel!

In this episode, Russell and Jim use ClickFunnels and Funnel Scripts to revamp and simplify a weight loss sales funnel. If you’re selling weight loss products or coaching, you’ll want to check out this episode…

Funnel Friday’s Episode #57 | Optimizing a Sales Funnel For a Sculptor

Our Funnel Hacking friends, Russell Brunson & Jim Edwards spend thirty minutes optimizing a sales funnel for Pennsylvania Sculptor Jim West.

Episode #56 |How A Sales Funnel Works For A Local Business…

Can ClickFunnels work for a small local ‘brick and mortar’ business? Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards help a Tampa Florida entrepreneur optimize her sales funnel…

#55 A High Ticket Sales Funnel Fit For a King…

In this episode, Russell and Jim are creating an irresistible offer and restructuring a high ticket sales funnel…

Funnel Fridays Episode #54 Membership Marketing Funnel Makeover

This real estate membership site offers top-tier level training – but just isn’t getting the sign-ups they need.  Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards get busy to make the changes needed to boost conversions.

Funnel Fridays Episode #53 The MLM Free Plus Shipping 2-Step Sales Funnel

Jennifer is an independent distributor for a network marketing company… As is often the case with MLMs, her company has restrictions on how distributors can market and sell their products online.  Russell and Jim create a 2-step funnel for her business.

Funnel Fridays #52 – The Coconut Oil Upsell and One-Time Offer…

For whatever reason, this successful front-end sales offer isn’t converting well on the upsell and one-time offer… Russell and Jim attempt to fix the OTO back-end offer of this sales funnel in under 30 minutes.

Episode #51 The ONE Thing Every Female Entrepreneur Must Master…

This psychologist helps female entrepreneurs balance work, life, and self-esteem… Can Jim and Russell fix the funnel in under 30 minutes?

Episode #50 How to Make $100 a Day with ClickFunnels…

This is actually one of my favorite episodes of Funnel Fridays – because it’s a question that gets asked often.

How can I make $100 online even if I have little to no money? In this episode, Jim and Russell show you EXACTLY what they would do if they had to start from scratch and create a funnel that brought in $100 a DAY.

These are strategies that you can implement today – and launch it in less than 30 days…

For all of the past episodes of Funnel Fridays, subscribe below:

Funnel Fridays with Russell Brunson & Jim Edwards

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