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Funnel Graffiti Review 2019

Helping Funnel Hackers Responsibly Build Funnels

Funnel Graffiti Review 2019

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When I was first introduced to ClickFunnels, I remember seeing an ad online for Funnel Graffiti… and I didn’t get it.

I thought it was a bit gimmicky – I was not sold that this was something that I needed or would have use for in my business…

BUT now that I have been actually building funnels with the software for some time – I revisited Funnel Graffiti and I get it. Here’s why…

What is Funnel Graffiti?

These are reusable stickers that you can use to map out all of your sales funnels.

The video below is of course exaggerated for entertainment value, but when you’re in the process of masterminding your sales funnel, you’ll find yourself doodling all over napkins, notepads… whatever is convenient.

I often found myself with a notepad, trying to draw out funnels for myself and others…

These stickers work great on a variety of surfaces. I mainly use Funnel Graffiti on a whiteboard.

This may not relate to your business specifically, but the Funnel Graffiti stickers are really helpful if you ever want to take on clients.

To sit down with a client and whiteboard your funnel with these stickers just looks a lot more professional than scribbling it all out with a pen…

Funnel Graffiti stickers

And of course if you’re discussing a funnel and want a visual representation of any changes, you just move the stickers around – vs – starting a new page, or erasing and redrawing your concept…

Funnel Graffiti Price – How Much Does It Cost?

At this time, Funnel Graffiti is FREE plus Shipping.  The shipping cost to you is $5.95… If you’re a funnel builder – or have a funnel hacker in your life – it’s a no-brainer purchase at under six dollars…

>>Click Here to Buy Funnel Graffiti<<

The stickers are in the same font and style that you find all over Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels’ marketing material.  From their webinar slides, to the images in DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets… So it’s cool to lay out your sales funnels with the same look and style.

Funnel Graffiti Review

At the end of the day, it’s just a fun product that can help you in your business.  If you’re just starting out with ClickFunnels – it may not interest you. If you’re indoctrinated into the ClickFunnels CULT-ure… you’ll probably think it’s cool.

In the below video, Russell Brunson walks you through the entire process of building the Funnel Graffiti sales funnel. Whether you’re interested in this $6 purchase or not, the sales funnel for Funnel Graffiti is an excellent example of the “Free Plus Shipping” model.

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