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Funnel Scripts Review

Can Jim Edwards' Software Replace Your Copywriter?

Funnel Scripts Review

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Funnel Scripts Review Updated June 2019…

ClickFunnels just relaunched the all new Funnel Scripts… Funnel Scripts USED to cost $497/year…

The NEW Funnel Scripts includes ‘unlimited’ account, unlimited scripts, unlimited updates No future payments… Just a one-time payment of $797.  *Link Below*


Starting sales on the web for a product or service is tricky. A customer’s attention can drop at any moment.

Anyone stumbling on your website, looking at your facebook ad, or reading the subject line of your latest email is a potential consumer. The question is how do you get their attention, enwrap them in to your brand and convert their views to cold hard sales?

Converting website visitors into paying customers is one of the most daunting aspect of advertising… 

Poor sales copy can result in a lot of wasted dollars and disappointed marketers if it isn’t done right.

But crafting sales pages that customers can relate to can cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars if you are going to hire a professional copywriter.

Finding a GOOD copywriter is NOT cheap…

Other DIY entrepreneurs go a different route – relying on the knowledge in books, courses, or the web to help them to create their own scripts.

Learning the art of copywriting can take months (or longer) to master…

Even when the final project is launched it may not be effective since copywriting is outside of their expertise.

Many “home made” sale scripts are shortly tossed after their creation.

2019 Funnel Scripts Update

>>Click Here to Watch Russell Brunson’s Funnel Scripts Webinar<<

Click Here for the Order Page to buy Funnel Scripts Now<<


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned copywriter, Funnel Scripts can help you grow and develop your sales and ad scripts.

Funnel Scripts is an all-in-one copywriting tool that takes the pressure out of increasing conversions, and our Funnel Scripts review will give you the lowdown on this one of a kind product.

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts BannerThe time (not to mention money) that is put into creating perfect sales copy can be reclaimed when you trust in a partner as proficient as Funnel Scripts.

Funnel Scripts is an online software program that uses fillable options to create customized copy for anything from sales pages to emails.

This product cuts out the need for a middleman in your funnel and directly delivers the scripts instantly.


This is not a joke, these scripts can be made in mere minutes. Some minor editing may need to be done afterwards, but Funnel Scripts takes the hard work out of figuring out what type of content needs to go where in order to best convert visitors.

Why Use Funnel Scripts?

Captivating sales copy is a must-have for any online business. With using more efficient landing pages, your conversion rate can grow.

If better copy can boost conversions by even half a percent, that is ROI that adds up over time.

Engage customers for longer with the software; the more time spent viewing your script and learning of your particular benefits, the more the customer considers you relatable and is thus more likely to come to your company for services or products.

Something to catch a potential buyer’s eye will generate more interest and knowledge of your business. A memorable script will remind the customer of you when they are in need.

Funnel Scripts can target customers based on their wants and needs – it does not force you to be buried by demographics you may not have in-depth knowledge of.

>>Click Here to Watch the Funnel Scripts Webinar<<

Jim Edwards' Funnel Scripts Software

Best Features of Funnel Scripts

This is a really cool piece of web-based software, and coming from the team that created ClickFunnels, you can trust it to pack a good deal of punch.

If you want to see the copywriting software in action – you can watch the webinar – or also check out Funnel Fridays. 

Every episode of Funnel Fridays is thirty minutes long . You can watch Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards build a funnel from scratch.

Russell handles most of the funnel build via ClickFunnels – and Jim uses Funnel Scripts to write the script.

The best way to describe the software is to see it in action. Who better to learn the art than from watching the two “experts” get to work.

Here are some of the best features of Funnel Scripts to give you an idea why it’s worth your time.

Very Little Set-Up Time

Making your own sales pages can be done in a few clicks with Funnel Scripts.

You just select the type of script you need, and it will prompt you with a Mad Libs style form to add in elements like “2 – 3 word Keyword Topic” and “2 – 3 word Negative Event / Circumstance / Outcome”.

From there, the software uses the information that you’ve already given it about demographics, audience, and purpose to auto-populate your sales copy.


Daunting is an understatement when referring to the completion of copy pages. Will it produce any results, or even one successful sale? With Funnel Scripts, that worry is out the window.

It is a product created by marketers for marketers, so you can rest assured they have the knowledge to produce a captivating script with minimal effort from you.

Script Variation

Show the individuality of your product or service with a variety of scripts. Topics that can be optimized are details such as the target niche and customer.

It is all about the customer when creating sales scripts. Ask yourself (because the software certainly will) what are your customer’s needs, what problem may they face, how does your product solve their pain points.

The list of scripts included in Funnel Scripts is mighty. Whatever specific idea you have in mind can come to life through their extensively thought out list of options.

Don’t have an idea yet? Browse through the templates and something is sure to spark you imagination.

funnel scripts 2019 update

Always Updating

Technology is advancing every day and the internet is a direct result and demonstrator of this.

With this progression, copywriting best practices are evolving every day and so is the software by adding new and interesting options from their development team and customer feedback.

Beginner Friendly

No expertise in copywriting or marketing is needed to complete a piece of sales copy with Funnel Scripts.

Funnel Scripts isn’t made for expert programmers, it is made with the average business owner in mind. Training videos are simple and always available, and the web-based interface is 100% user friendly.


If you have ever invested in copywriting before, you know how pricey it can be from a freelance writer or a copywriting agency.

Cut out the middleman and get it done yourself in no time.

Funnel Scripts is currently offered at $797 unlimited access. The software until now was offered at $497 a YEAR. 

Click Here to Buy Funnel Scripts Now<<


This is now unlimited for life… an affordable option that is a mere fraction of what other providers charge.


>>Click Here to Watch the Webinar Now<<

Additional Support

Once you become a part of the Funnel Script’s community you will receive not only the copywriting software, but a backlog of training videos.

Each month there is a new training webinar presented live, so the support for this software never grow stale.

Customer Feedback

You get to help Funnel Scripts grow by suggesting supplemental features and tweaks in the formatting to help make the program even smoother and easier with each update.

The user-focused nature of software development shows that Funnel Scripts was designed to be a lasting tool, not a quick money maker to be abandoned down the road.

Funnel Scripts Options

The number of scripts included in the program is expansive. In total there are thirty-nine scripts offered, and new ones are being developed and released monthly. The list includes:

  • Sales Letter Scripts (Long form and short form)
  • Ad Copies
  • Subject Lines/ Email Scripts
  • Survey Scripts
  • Amazon/E-commerce Scripts
  • Facebook Ad Copies
  • Webinar Slides
  • And Much More!

>>Click Here to Watch the Funnel Scripts Webinar<<

Click Here for the Order Page – buy Funnel Scripts Now<<

Conclusion on Funnel Scripts

Look for options besides spending countless hours learning how to do your own copywriting work, or draining your funds hiring someone else to make compelling sales scripts for your company.

With all of the features included, you can get the job done yourself just the way you want it—quickly, simply, and most importantly, in a cost effective way.

The copywriting software is accessible for all beginners and will make creating an effective copy more timely and hassle-free.

It is a necessity for marketers and can help launch a business with ease of use and high converting sale scripts.

Keeping up with the times is hard, but with this copywriting software you’ll have the time, resources, and capital to step into the forefront.

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