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Funnel Scripts Review

Can Jim Edwards' Software Replace Your Copywriter?

Funnel Scripts Review

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It's hard to write sales copy that doesn't feel "salesy." Whether you're an affiliate marketer, coach, author, real estate agent, or selling your own widget on amazon, you'll need to learn how to write sales copy.

This sales copy, done right is how you convert website visitors into clients or paying customers. If your sales funnel is not converting, there's a good chance that your sales copy is the problem. 

The big challenge here is that copywriting is not easy.  It's an art. Professional copywriters spend years mastering the craft and demand large paychecks for their work.

This is all great for the professional copywriters out there, but where does that leave the small business owner or DIY entrepreneur? Can you get amazing copy for your projects without spending years studying books and courses? or without spending thousands of dollars getting professional copy written?

Enter Funnel Scripts.

Best selling author and copywriting expert Jim Edwards has teamed up with Russell Brunson and launched the Funnel Scripts software. The team behind this copywriting software claim that with their tool, everybody has a 'push-button' solution for creating sales copy that converts.  

Can you really "fire your copywriter" with Funnel Scripts?  Or is it all hype? In this FunnelScripts review, we'll go over everything that's included in the copywriting software, the pricing, pros and cons, and more.  Let's dig in...

coywriting software webinar

Screen shot from Russell & Jim's free webinar

Funnel Scripts Vs Hiring a Copywriter

What happens when you hire a copywriter for your project? Let's say that you need a script written for a webinar. The typical workflow is that the copywriter will send out a google form with a list of questions to fill out. This list of questions will give the writer all of the information needed for them to flesh out an entire webinar script.

As copywriters, they (should) understand the proven formulas that work with selling via online webinar. They essentially plug-and-play your information into their webinar script formula and craft a specialized script for your specific company, product, and offer...

Your copywriter may offer a few rounds of edits depending on the terms of your agreement, but for the most part - you're paying for this script they hand off as a draft. 

Depending on WHO you're hiring, and their level of fame in the copywriting world, this can get expensive! To put this in perspective, expert copywriter and industry veteran Joe Vitale's website shows a fee of $25,000 for writing one sales letter. 

joe vitale price for writing copy

Screen shot from Joe Vitale's website

While it appears that Joe Vitale is not currently taking on new clients, you can imagine most people are not able to dish out $25,000 for one sales letter! Can you find a copywriter for less on sites like Upwork? Sure, but this is to show that good copy from a trusted copywriter won't come cheap.

Important to note: After your copywriter delivers a script, you're mostly on your own... Unless you're paying this copywriter ongoing fees, it will be up to you to go in and tweak, test, and edit this script over time to improve your conversions. 

The process of writing copy with Funnel Scripts is very similar to actually working with a copywriter...

You'll log into Funnel Scripts and much like with the highly paid copywriter, you'll fill out a questionaire.  Funnel Scripts is a web-based software. Choose the type of script you need inside of your dashboard and fill out the Mad Libs style list of questions. This may take some time to initially fill out - questions about you, your product or service, your client, their needs, etc... 

But once you do, the software will take your data and deliver a script that you can plug into your sales funnel and use for your webinar.

You can then take this script, make minor edits, tweak, and test variations of it. Much as you would also do on your own after paying a copywriter.

If this plug-and-play software solution sounds too good to be true, Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson actually log in and build a script inside of Funnel Scripts in this free webclass.

If you have not watched the updated Funnel Scripts webinar, they take you into the software and build Video Sales Letters (VSLs), email scripts, webinar scripts, and more in the presentation. The best way to get a feel for the software is to see it in action. You can find the Funnel Scripts webinar replay here.

Once your initial data is entered into Funnel Scripts, you can spit out scripts for almost every aspect of the promotion of your product:

  • Build headlines
  • VSLs
  • Facebook ads
  • Emails
  • etc...

You can even specify the 'temperature' of your audience you're targeting. Is this a COLD audience? The sales copy for a cold audience will be much different than copy designed for a warm or hot audience that's already familiar with your products or service.  You can really dial it all in to fit your specific needs.

funnel scripts dashboard

Screen Shot taken from the Funnel Scripts Webinar

Funnel Scripts Review: What's Included?

One benefit of using Funnel Scripts is that Jim Edwards is constantly adding more content into the software. If you know any current users, they can tell you that new scripts are being added into the dashboard over time.

This below is not a full list of all scripts you'll find inside of the software, but more an example of what you can do with Funnel Scripts.

  • Killer Headline Scripts
  • Hook Story Offer Scripts
  • Dirty Little Secrets Script
  • Email Subject Lines Scripts 
  • Million Dollar Content Headline Scripts
  • Million Dollar Sales Headline Scripts
  • Profitable Title Scripts
  • Short Headline Scripts
  • Timeless Classic Headline Scripts

Jim Edwards went inside of both the DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets books and reverse-engineered all of Russell's funnels. He's added scripts for these funnels inside of the members area.  For example:

  • Call-to-Action script
  • Lead capture script
  • Live Event invitation script
  • Magic bullet script
  • Order bump script
  • Origin Story Script
  • OTO Done For You Script
  • OTO Next Thing Script
  • PPT Opt-in video script
  • Sales opener questions script
  • Special Offer Scripts
  • Webinar Opt-in Scripts
  • Who, What, Why, How Scripts
  • 5 Curiosity Hooks Script
  • Ask Campaign Script
  • Epiphany Bridge Script
  • Short Epiphany Bridge Script
  • Opportunity Switch Headline Title Script
  • 5 Minute Perfect Webinar
  • The Big Domino
  • Who, What Statement Script
dotcom secrets list of funnels

 You'll also find: Offer Stack Script, the Opt-in Hook Story Script, Question Hooks Script, Case Study Script, Million Dollar Testimonial Script, Brunson Bullet Scripts, FBM Bullet Script, several headline scripts, and more... He's added Advertising Scripts such as:

  • Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts 
  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Copy Scripts 
  • PPC Ad Scripts 
  • Stealth Close Script

Content Creation Scripts:

  • About Me Page Script
  • Decision Tree Script
  • Free Report Script

Need Seinfeld email topic ideas? These scripts are all inside of Funnel Scripts. Other email marketing scripts include:

  • Auto Email Follow-Up Scripts
  • Fast Teaser and Tweet Scripts
  • Free Info Request Email Sequence
  • Live Event Invitation Scripts
  • Onboarding Email Sequence
  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts
  • Webinar Follow-Up Scripts
some of the sales copy scripts

Screen shot taken from Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards' software demo

Funnel Scripts Bonuses

The CEO of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson has made over $10 Million with webinars. They've also included the Perfect Webinar Wizard inside of the members area. This shows everything - the scripts, promotional emails, ads... it's all available for you to consume at your own pace.

It's all beginner friendly. They've also added the "Star, Story, Solution" Wizard, the Easy Survey Wizard, Easy VSL Wizard, MasterClass Wizard, Podcasting/Facebook Live Wizard, and "Niche & Offer Detective" Wizard to help new members get started...

Copywriting Secrets MasterClass

Jim Edwards is adding his Copywriting Secrets course as a bonus for all members. This includes: 

  • Module 1: Copywriting Basic Training
  • Module 2: Your Personal Customer Avatar (FRED)
  • Module 3: Proven Copy Tactics
  • Module 4: Structure Amazing Offers
  • Module 5: Make Them Thirsty, Then Sell 'em a Drink
  • Module 6: Mother of All Copywriting Q & As.

Live Monthly Group Coaching with Jim Edwards

This is a serious software with a real community around it. All users also get access to Jim Edwards himself. He does this via monthly training webinars. Do you have specific questions about optimizing your sales copy? Ask Jim Edwards directly with the group coaching calls.

Funnel Scripts Pricing

If you've been an online marketer for long, you likely know this software used to be sold using a recurring payment model. I believe the price was $495 annually to continue using the software. This made sense for many as the team has consistently been adding new scripts, Jim Edwards continues the monthly coaching calls. 

Recently Russell and Jim announced a shift from annual recurring payments to instead charging one payment for lifetime access.  They're giving unlimited access to Funnel Scripts for one payment of $795.

As a user, you can pay for the software today and continue to participate in the monthly coaching for years - at no additional cost ever...

Pros and Cons of the software?

Funnel Scripts Pros: There is so much content included with this offer. For under one thousand dollars, you can literally get every script you'll ever need written - and quickly.  These are all tested, high converting scripts that you can start using today. The software is user-friendly and there's unlimited access to Jim Edwards via the monthly coaching. If you're serious about your online business and understand the power of good sales copy, it's sort of a no-brainer.

Important to note: Many "professional" copywriters charge a lot of money for their services and actually use Funnel Scripts themselves! They send you their own list of questions - plug your answers into the software and basically charge more than the cost of the software itself to send you the resulting script!  

Funnel Script Cons: After you enter all of your data answering the list of script questions, you still need to tweak the scripts slightly. This is a framework for your funnel, but just to be clear - you'll go in and make minor edits to ensure your scripts are grammatically correct and that it reads well.

Funnel Scripts: Is It Worth It?

If you're marketing products or services online, you should understand the importance of good sales copy. You can either pay an expensive copywriter to produce your content, or you can learn the ropes yourself...  If you're paying someone else, their dirty little secret may be that they're also using the software!  Unsure if the copywriting software is for you? Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards give a walk-thru of the software in the link below:

And if you opt to learn copywriting for yourself, the software (and monthly coaching) is a priceless tool as you improve and get better. Either way, if you're operating a real business, I think it makes sense to dish out the $795 for Funnel Scripts.

What are your thoughts? Share them below!

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC. View full Disclosure here.

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