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Funnel University Review

What's Included in the Funnel U Training Program?

Funnel University Review

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Funnel University Review

Despite e-commerce and digital marketing turning themselves into a mainstream standard for businesses all around the globe throughout the last decade, other than some selective higher educational institutions offering generalized courses, there are few places aspiring digital marketers and e-commerce aficionados can turn to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for successfully surviving and thriving in the digital commercial landscape.

One such online training program is Funnel University, which specializes in digital marketing training techniques using funnel processes.

A Brief Overview

The brainchild of USA Today’s Best Selling Author Russell Brunson, Funnel University is the result of a decade’s worth of Brunson’s experience in building various businesses all over the USA. A talented and versatile entrepreneur himself, owning multiple businesses that include coaching businesses, software companies, and more, Russell has helped countless businesses sustain the 5 year mark that is the promised land for all kinds of start-ups regardless of their industry.

Since 2015, Russell has been sharing his hard-earned experience and knowledge with the world through his bestseller book DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Business Online. His online marketing strategies and growth hacks have helped tons of business owners successfully realize their dreams.

Expanding his theories based on the success stories that resulted from DotCom Secrets, Russell has founded Funnel University. Revamping the age old tried and tested sales funnel techniques for the modern day digital marketing scene, the courses offered by Funnel University are specifically geared towards entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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So, What am I Getting Exactly?

In today’s economy, a monthly investment of $197 is nothing to sneeze at. As someone who has seen the struggles of beginner entrepreneurs, Brunson understands that clearly, which is why Funnel University gives full access to all available course materials to its students, which is a huge savings considering that a third of all the courses offered in Funnel University would cost 20 times more than the monthly enrollment fee had they been individually priced and sold.

These courses include all kind of training materials…

  • Video courses
  • PDFs
  • Audio books
  • Interviews
  • Webinars on weekly basis
  • And much more

For enhancing the training experience of the students, Funnel University provides two learning items for free as long as you pay the shipping charges: the Funnel Stacking Book and The Funnel University Digital Pass Card.

Funnel University Package

The Funnel Stacking Book (Valued at $297)

Covering all the basics of funnel marketing and its conversion and adaptation to a digital marketing context, this book makes for an excellent read. Some of the topics worth mentioning include:

  • The ABC’s of funnel marketing that even a layman can grasp and understand quickly.
  • The concept and psychology used in building a free shipping tripwire funnel and how to use it properly.
  • How to build sales funnels quickly and effectively online.
  • How to increase engagement and conversion by minimizing advertisement costs.
  • How to make money through webinars and how to successfully set them up to attract an audience.
  • How to acquire valid and profitable leads vital for a business by minimizing high lead generation and acquisition costs.

A lot of the training materials available within Funnel University draw on this book as a reference source and glossary, making it sort of like the go-to textbook for students enrolled in Funnel University.

The Funnel University Black Card

This exclusive USB card allows the students of Funnel University to gain access to all manner of videos and training materials from any device with a USB port. The most popular course topics on the Funnel U Black Card include the following:

  • High conversion sales page templates for websites.
  • Techniques to increase the number of customer conversions on your current website.
  • Basic and advanced techniques and concepts of digital marketing.
  • How to successfully use and utilize the ‘exit pop’ strategy to increase the chance of sales before customers leave a website.
  • How to analyze and research competitor funnels and find their weaknesses.
  • How to utilize ‘funnel hacks’.

Once you’ve purchased membership for Funnel University, you’ll also gain some member exclusive perks that include the following:

Funnel University Newsletter

This newsletter contains weekly updates from the founder of Funnel University, Russell Brunson himself. Each week Brunson provides fresh video materials on digital marketing hacks via email that are also directly uploaded to the student’s ClickFunnels account if they have one.

Exclusive Software Suite

The membership enrollment in Funnel University also gives student access to DotCom Secrets Lab Software Suite. By using this, students can set up instant surveys, use webinar chat boxes, and even implement interactive animated GIFs and images on their emails or personal blogs. This exclusive software suite is aimed at taking your funnels to the next level by giving you the ultimate tools for keeping your leads engaged.

Key Takeaways

After carefully weighing user opinions as well as our personal experience, we concluded that the 3 major takeaways from the course materials offered on Funnel University are as follows:

It Serves as a ClickFunnels Master Class. Think of Funnel U as a master class for ClickFunnels users who want to ensure their success. With regular newsletters discussing Brunson’s most successful funnels, digital marketers who are lifelong learners will always find value in the monthly subscription.

Funnel U Offers a Depth of Knowledge. Because members gain immediate access to all past training and course materials, the sheer amount of knowledge that Brunson is sharing is unheard of. Even if you just sign up for a month or two, you’ll get way more than your money’s worth.

It’s a No Risk Investment in Your Success. With a 14-day free trial and being backed by one of the most trusted names in internet marketing tools and training, Funnel U is a no risk investment. If you don’t like what it has to offer (but we’re pretty sure you will), you can cancel at any time without a hassle.

Funnel U Free 108 Split Test Winners

The Pricing

For a monthly membership fee of $197, prospective students gain unlimited access to all available digital marketing courses on Funnel University. According to the current website information on Funnel University, they are offering a limited time Chartered Subscription for $67 a month. Before purchasing a membership subscription, users are offered a 2 week free trial to make up their minds.

Funnel University Review – The Final Verdict

It’s important to enter any investment in training with both an open mind and a healthy dose of skepticism. Especially in the field of internet marketing, there are a LOT of people selling pipe dreams.

At the same time, YouTube, blogs, forums, and elsewhere are full of high value, free training. So if you are going to be paying for training, you better be getting something worthwhile. So does Funnel University offer this? Is it worth the price tag?

In our opinion, yes, Funnel U is an investment that you won’t regret.

While you can subscribe to free newsletters, watch YouTube videos, and scour forums all day long, none of those are going to give you direct access to the inner workings of a mind as successful as Russell Brunson’s.

Especially for those who are new to the concept of funnelology and digital marketing, Funnel U provides a curated wealth of actionable knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.

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