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How to Download Vimeo Videos (the Easy Way)

How to Download Vimeo Videos (the Easy Way)
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If you're a digital marketer or ever bought an online course, you know that oftentimes course content is hosted through sites like Vimeo or Wistia...  If you're like me, you've looked into trying to figure out how to download these Vimeo videos to your computer.

A quick Google search reveals various tutorials and software options promising to help you with these video downloads. Having searched for a solution myself, I can tell you that often these video download websites and software options just don't work.

In this article, I'm going to show you a Google Chrome extension that makes downloading videos quick and easy. This extension is not just for Vimeo, but can be used to download Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy videos.

Let's dive in.

Why Download Vimeo Videos to Your Computer? 

For me personally, I've spent a lot of money over the years on marketing courses and training programs. After buying a course, I expect "lifetime access" to the content, but sometimes course creators take their members area down after a couple of years... or after they're no longer actively supporting the content. If I go back to login - these sites are down and content no longer available.

This has happened to me on a couple occasions with programs that have cost $297+ for access.

By downloading and saving Vimeo videos on my hard drive, I know I'll still have them for years to come. This also allows me to access course videos having to log into their sites and find the videos, etc... I just have them organized and saved in my own offline video training library.

When traveling, I also don't always have the best internet connection. If I want to catch up on training or view other video content, I'm reliant on the wifi options that (if available) are usually are slow, public, and not cheap.

Whatever the case, sometimes you want to be able to save content locally on your computer so that you can access it when needed without relying on wifi or outside factor out of your control.

works across multiple platforms

Download Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, or other Videos (the Free Way)

As mentioned above, a Google search will reveal tutorials or video walk-throughs that show how to download secure videos from different platforms.  Here's the thing - sites like Vimeo, Facebook, or Wistia don't want you to be able to download their videos.

They work hard to make this difficult for you. 

This is why course creators turn to platforms like Wistia and Vimeo to host their content. So understand the manual process of ripping content from these platforms should not be easy.

The free options usually involve viewing the source code of the page, finding the video URL inside of the code, replacing a piece of code, and creating an MP4 file that you can download. 

The process for each platform will vary. For example, I found this Quora response revealing how to download a Wistia video. The process will be similar for Vimeo and other platforms, though may vary slightly.

how to download wistia videos

Important note: If you're searching for a free tutorial, you also need to make sure you're viewing updated instructions as the process can change with updates and changes within each platform. 

Video Renegade: How to Download Videos (the Easy Way)

Enter Video Renegade. This is an extension that you can download on Google Chrome browser. After you install this on your computer, every Vimeo, Wistia, or Facebook video is a quick download. 

All online videos will now have a little "Download" button directly on either the upper right or left corner of the player... 

download video to your pc or mac

Simply click on the download button, choose the video quality for your file, and it will save the video to your computer. You can then create a name for the file, and add it to your offline video library. That's all there is to it.

green download button

In the video below, JR McKee gives a quick demo of the Chrome extension at work. In a few minutes, he saves both a Vimeo and facebook video to his computer... 

Video Renegade is much more convenient than any free option I've found, but this is not a free Chrome extension. Video Renegade is a paid tool with pricing options as low as $27. If you only have one video that you need downloaded, it might be worth the small headache of sifting through code and manually downloading your video...

If you have more than one video to download, or you know you'll come across other situations where the downloader would come in handy, it's very much worth getting lifetime access.

Click here to visit the Video Renegade Downloader website >>

Video Renegade Pricing

Video Renegade Constantly Updated

When I first started using the chrome extension, this only worked with Vimeo, Wistia, and Facebook videos. Over the last year, they've added Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and continue to update the extension adding video platforms and ensuring it works with changes in each platform.

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Video Renegade even has an active Facebook group where users can submit questions and stay up-to-date with new available features. 

facebook community for Video Renegade Downloader users

Video Renegade Downloader Review

There are various reasons why you may need to download a Youtube, Wistia, or Vimeo video. If you're like me and want to build your offline video library (of courses you've paid for), it's the best option.

The video downloader is fast, easy to use, and does exactly what you need it to do. I've wasted too much time fumbling with "free" options. I believe this Video Renegade Downloader to be the best tool available.

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