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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website (17 Experts Share their Secrets)

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website (17 Experts Share their Secrets)

How to drive traffic to your website? Whether you're a digital entrepreneur or a brick and mortar small business owners, you know the importance of consistently bringing visitors to your website.

How do you get your content in front of your ideal audience?

I reached out to bloggers, SEOs, and other digital marketing experts to learn the top strategies they're currently using in 2020 to increase their web traffic.

I'm excited that such a solid group of digital marketers were willing to contribute. These are actual strategies and "traffic secrets" that are working right now...

E-mail Marketing

By 2024, it's estimated that 4.48 billion people (half of the world population) will be using email. This statistic alone is more than enough to include email marketing in your traffic strategy...

Build an Email List

"One of my best strategies for driving traffic to my blog posts is through my email list.

It's a great way to reach out to my audience, who I already know is interested in my content and familiar with my brand. And as long as you are emailing to a warm list, you should see very good results with this traffic strategy.

You can use email broadcasts when promoting newly published blog content, or you can link out to your specific blog posts in your autoresponder sequences as well.

For best results, make sure to have an interesting hook and story in your email to get people to click on the link. I also like to keep these types of emails fairly short so they don't distract from your goal of getting the click."


Not using facebook? As of March 2020, the social network boasts 1.73 Billion daily active users (DAU). Facebook's DAU is growing at a rate of about 11% year-after-year.

Marilee Waters Traffic TIps

Marilee Waters

Facebook Groups

"Besides focusing on keyword research, one of the best things to do to get traffic to your website is to get the word out about it.

What better way to do that than on social media?

Facebook groups are a great place to start. Many Facebook groups will have a promo thread or a promo day where you can post a promo of your choice.

Why not use that to invite people to visit your website or specifically, to read an article on your website? 

Sometimes website visitors are few simply because people don't know you even have a website.

Get the word out and you'll get more eyes on your site, guaranteed."

Jacob Caris Super Affiliate

Jacob Caris

Facebook Hybrid Traffic

"At the time of writing this I'm a MASSIVE fan of FB hybrid traffic. This leverages FB Ads & a FB Profile / Group to generate leads in ManyChat & then you deploy one to one sales strategies to build rapport & sell.

In a world where everyone is automating, a long for written ad, video ad, FB Lives, story or value based post, or a lead magnet can qualify prospects from your audience initially & then a personalised conversation about their struggles, their goals & commitment levels is a powerful strategy to sell stuff - especially higher ticket.

Integrated with this I like to deploy a 'lead multiplier' strategy where you will turn one 'lead' into a set of eyeballs across many platforms. A manychat lead can quickly turn into an email lead, a FB group member, a FB friend & a YT subscriber on auto-pilot with the right system set up. The value of that lead is now WAY higher & you can serve multiple impressions & make multiple offers every day.

Facebook Retargeting

"One of our current top strategies is driving repeat warm traffic using Facebook retargeting. This is incredibly easy to set up and cheap too.

It's a great way to put our site in front of people who have already visited and drive conversions of warm traffic that are already familiar with the brand. The great thing about retargeting is that it's remarkably easy to set up vs. other types of paid advertising and can be done fairly quickly without the need to hire an ad specialist.

This means that we can further monetize people that have found our informational content organically and display ads to our higher ticket 

pages. It's a great stream of revenue for us and one which yields an amazing ROI. If you're not using retargetting already, I strongly suggest you look into setting it up!"

Google Ads

For commercial queries, paid clicks outnumber organic clicks by 2-to-1... Don't sleep on the Google Ads platform...

Google Ads Campaign

"If your primary focus is generating traffic via SEO, while you are waiting on rankings, launch a Google Ads search campaign to a "Money Page," that has the potential of generating revenue.

This campaign should be setup to target the primary keywords that you are trying to rank for organically. 

Not only is this a good way of getting immediate traffic to your pages, but it also helps you test how well the page converts once you are ranking for your targeted keywords.

Note: It also said that Google provides additional SEO boost for websites that do paid ads as well. This has not been proven though."


Not using Instagram? The social platform has more than 1 Billion active monthly users. More than 500 million of these users are on the platform DAILY...

 Josue Peña


Partner with Influencers & More...

"There is no one size fits all solution, a multi-step process always helps. In case one strategy doesn't perform as well for a specific person there are more steps along the way to keep getting you results. Our focus is on Instagram marketing so all our strategies maximize the efficiency of the platform and it's tools.

People are more likely to click links and buy products or services if they are recommended by someone they trust. By partnering with influencers of all sizes and niches we can get that recommendation, that's the first step we use, but we don't stop there.

While influencer campaigns are effective, there is still a need driving the traffic behind it. Whatever that need is we use content to satisfy it, information, entertainment, even aesthetics are all valid content strategies.

Once we do have traffic and we have content to keep them happy we use Stories and DMs to actually engage with the audience and build a relationship. Going from an audience to a community may seem small but it's the most important step of all, when people feel they belong in that community and are supported by it you know you are doing the right thing.

The final step of the way is our IG Story Webinar. By using stories we can pre frame the website we want our community to visit. Using tools like polls and targeted questions we can shift the conversation to a specific topic.

It's our very own funnel with actual human interaction, answering questions and solving problems and driving your community to the place they want to be. Your website will receive high quality traffic and your community will keep coming back, this is the gift that keeps on giving both for your audience and your revenue!"


Should you publish on Medium is approaching 100 million active monthly users, has a Domain Authority of 95, and boasts an Alexa ranking of 88... That means it's the 88th most popular website in the world.

Republish Content to Reach New Audiences has a massive audience that can expand the reach of your content. Fortunately, they make it easy to repurpose your previously published blog content on their platform.

After posting a new article on your website, simply visit Medium. Instead of going in to "write a story," click to "import story." Enter the URL of your latest blog post, and Medium handles everything.

They'll copy and paste your article into their CMS. They'll take your images, subheadings, and have the article ready to publish in just a few minutes.

You can always go in and tweak minor details before publishing.

Worried about duplicate content? Don't be...

Medium adds cannonical tags to your post which ensures that you won't be penalized for republishing there.

The goal here is to not only get your content in front of a wider audience, but to bring these readers back to your website. So make sure your article includes internal links to other content on your site. 

In addition to your internal links, Medium will also automatically add a note stating "this article first appeared at" at the bottom of each repurposed article.

Traffic Secrets Book


Pinterest's active user base in 2019 grew to 335 million active users last year. This makes Pinterest the the third largest social network in the U.S. and a traffic source not to be ignored...

Sam Rexford Marketing Consultant

Sam Rexford

Pinterest Paid Ads

"Right now my top strategy for driving traffic to my blog and offers is paid Pinterest ads. Pinterest is an incredible traffic source for bloggers and relatively low-cost alternative to PPC channels like Facebook and Google ads.

Pinterest is a unique social media website built around images, but with a twist. The site is really a search engine like Google or Bing, and because of that it offers a unique opportunity to show ads based on highly targeted search traffic.

Similar to YouTube, you can get in front of audiences that are searching for specific terms and show them your blog posts, lead magnets, and offers, but unlike YouTube, Google, and Facebook, it's still relatively early days for their ad program, and not yet saturated by big brands with big budgets.

The best part about Pinterest for bloggers is the audience itself:

Pinterest attracts unique interest-based groups that are highly relevant for most blogging niches.

DIY, recipes, blogging, make money online, nutrition, weight loss...

These all have rich communities that have formed around these interests, and they're all sharing and consuming content at a massive rate, leaving open a ton of opportunity for driving traffic."

Mike Garvey Jr.

Mike Garvey Jr.

Pinterest Reshares & Re-Pins

"One method that has consistently worked for me in generating organic traffic is utilizing Pinterest.

After every new blog article, I go to Pinterest and...

1. Search different keyword variations of my blog topic to see which pins show up consistently.

2. Analyze the pins: I look at the Design and Descriptions.

3. I then head over to Canva and design a similar pin while trying to use colors that stand out.

4. Upload the design to my Pinterest board and add a similar description.

But the secret sauce comes in with using a software called Tailwind Tribes. After I've added that new pin to my account, I then use Tailwind to get other people to reshare and re-pin my new pins.

Typically after a few days I'll start to notice in my Google Analytics that visitors are making their way to my specific posts by the way of Pinterest."

Press Releases

Large businesses are driving traffic with press releases. There's no reason that you can't do the same. There are multiple companies out there that provide excellent press release services you can use to boost your company's traffic...

Amine Rahal Iron Monk

Amine Rahal

Press Releases

"For both my sites and my client sites, I like to do press releases when there is something worth reporting to the press, such as adding a new promotion, product, service or blog post with unique insights.

Now, press releases can be discouraging because despite all the work, you can end up with no pickups at all. 

But if you stay persistent and do at least 1 PR per month, you're bound to have a few pickups from major publications over time and those are worth their weight in gold for your SEO. The more coverage you get the easier it will be to get covered because you'll be a recognized brand name."

Publish on Amazon

Authoring a book is an excellent way to not only build authority in your niche, but also drive traffic to your website.  

Nowadays, Amazon has made it simple to self-publish both ebooks and physical books. Simply upload the text and cover art for your book into KDP and your work is available for purchase on - the world's largest bookstore. 

Amazon even provides distribution into stores like Barnes & Noble as well as expanded international distribution.

The Entrepreneur's Playbook

Multi-Author book example: "The Entrepreneur's Playbook

Note: Another bonus is that Amazon is the world's largest search engine of buyers, so make sure your Amazon listing is optimized.

Clint Whitney

Clint Whitney

Multi-Author Book Publishing

"Despite the advances in technology, writing, editing, and publishing a book is a huge task!

Co-authoring a book with multiple contributors allows for a much smaller commitment in the writing process, while still reaping the benefits of authoring a published book.

Additionally, the combined marketing efforts of all co-authors can improve the likelihood of getting in front of new visitors that may not otherwise find you."


Did you know that 35% of Americans use Quora? It's an excellent platform to help your audience and also direct them to more of your content.

Khris Steven Digital Marketer

Khris Steven

Answer Questions on Quora

"One awesome tip I usually use in driving traffic to my blog was Quora. Although it's been a while since used this platform but it still gets me referring traffic on weekly and monthly basis.

Quora is the most popular Q&A site (with over 300 million active monthly users) where anyone can ask questions or answer them.

I use Quora by finding the right questions in my industry - using the search options to find the related questions or find questions by entering the categories.

Then the next step is providing thorough answers to the questions, adding nice images to capture users attention, weave in personal stories, then place links directing to posts or pages relevant to the answer.

Most of the time I shoot for questions with existing answers having thousands of views. Then try as much as possible to answer those better.

I've had couples of my answers hit the first spot doing this. It's a value-driven platform, so Quora promotes you when you're more detailed.

Personally, I make sure I place my blog links with CTA (Call To Actions) in hyperlink like - "Click here to read the full post on how to do it", "Check out the complete guide", "This training will help you get started" etc.

No matter the placement of links, I make sure I have one at the end of every question answered - as a reminder that there's a further help.

Even though not all your answer views would lead to clicks and traffic to your blog - Quora still helps in building your brand over time, plus serves a platform to get awesome content ideas for your blog which can be repurposed on later back on Quora."

Buildapreneur's Spencer Mecham

Spencer Mecham

Authority Hacking Quora & Youtube

"My favorite traffic strategy of this year has been what I call "authority hacking."

This is where you use authority websites to rank your content in Google. You can spend years building a blog, which I actually do that as well. You can also get a site like Quora or YouTube and make something high quality there and rank in Google in just a few days.

The beauty about ranking and Google is traffic comes in for months or years after you take the spot. You can now focus on backend stuff or getting more traffic and the original source continues on autopilot."


93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. If you're not optimizing your content for search engines like Google and Bing, you're fighting an uphill battle...

Michael Pedrotti Traffic tips

Michael Pedrotti

Write Engaging Content

"One of the traffic methods that I have had major success with is SEO. Not only is this a great way to generate traffic, but it is one of the only ways you can get residual visitors to your content over time.

However, most people miss out on one major factor when it comes to writing content for SEO and that is connecting with your audience.

Most people seem to think you can get a low-quality writer and then people will be interested in your website.

That's simply not the case anymore.

There are 1.7 billion websites in the world in 2020. You need to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

One of the strategies I have used in my writing is starting to connect to my audience with stories. A good way to do this is to load up a google doc and use its voice to text system, then simply talk as if you're talking to one person.

This gives you content personality and the soul that it is missing. Using this exact strategy not only will increase conversions, but it will make your brand and content more shareable. More people will be talking about what you have to offer."

Moshe Dahari SEO

Moshe Dahari

Keyword Research & Site Structure

"Most internet marketers don’t spend enough time in the early phases of planning and building out their websites. My goal is to have a rock-solid foundation that will stand the test of time, and it all starts with a well-organized website hierarchy.

Before I ever post any content, I spend a lot of time doing keyword research on a specific niche and organizing my site in categories and sub categories. I use Google Sheets to create tabs for each category and start grouping related keywords together.

When it’s time to write content, I take each group of keywords and look to include them in my article strategically. This way I can rank for many long tail keywords and get the best bang for the buck on your content.

You want to think and be two steps ahead, but sometimes you’ll just get it wrong. It’s impossible to see what you're missing, until you start getting things in motion.

That’s OK. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Those mistakes are going to teach you the lessons you wouldn't otherwise have learned. Have an attitude of wanting to make mistakes to learn and grow from.

There is no magic formula for success. The key is to be consistent and keep pushing no matter what obstacles come your way. If you do that, you'll eventually reap your rewards.

It's there right in front you. Are you going to take it?

Good luck on your quest for financial freedom!"

Boost SEO with Internal Linking

"One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

However, if you've got a new site it can be nearly impossible to get backlinks naturally from visitors to increase your site's ranking in the search engines. Not to mention the fact that you'll be getting likely less than 100 visitors to your site for several months. 

So, what's the solution to boost website traffic for a new site?

The key is using the power of internal linking throughout your site to pass "link juice" to different pages. These internal links can be created by you on your site simply by linking from one post to another.

I personally use a WordPress plugin called Link Whisper to easily add new internal links across my entire site and make sure there aren't any orphan posts (posts with zero internal links pointing to them).

Lastly, an easy way to add internal links and also get higher click-through rates on them is to add a bulleted list at the end of each post with internal links to other pages. In turn, this helps to lower the bounce rate and provides an overall better user experience."


With 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok is the ninth largest social network site... Ahead of twitter, snapchat, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms. TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes a day on the app. 

"Discovery-Based" Algorithm

"A traffic strategy that's been KILLING it for me lately is posting on TikTok.

TikTok is a newer social platform that's a cross between YouTube and Instagram. Users post short videos (60 seconds or less) and those videos go to what's called the "For You" page. 

The FYP is where users scroll through videos Instagram style, but a lot of the time they are videos from people they don't know. It's like Instagram in that you have "followers" and the posts, descriptions, and interface are simple. It's like Youtube in that posts live on for months at a time. They have a very long "shelf life." They've even begun to start ranking in Google for things.

TikTok has a much younger audience (and more likely to be "virgin" to your offer) and the algorithm is geared towards discovery. The discovery-based algorithm means that there is little advantage to having thousands of followers and literally anyone can get 1 Million views on any video at any time.

To drive traffic, I set up my bio to explain who I am and what I'm offering. I also place a link in the bio much like Instagram that leads to my main offer funnel. Every time I post a video, I use a call to action to check out more in my profile. This drives hundreds of profile views a day and about 100 clicks a day for FREE. You can also link up IG and YT as well. I've picked up 50 YT subscribers with 0 active videos so far.

I'm averaging 10k views a day (posting 3x a day) with an account that's a month old with almost 5k followers. I hashtag my videos so that the algorithm places it in front of the right people and once I post it, I'm done. Posts take about 5-10 minutes to put together at most. I found having a series style approach and having digital giveaways will encourage people to follow you because if they don't, there's a good chance they'll never see you again because of the way the algorithm is structured."


Twiiter has more than 152 million Daily Active Users. 80% of twitter users are "affluent millennials."If your audience is on twitter (it likely is), you should be engaging with them and sharing content.

How to increase your website traffic #expertroundup:

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Not using youtube to drive traffic? Over two Billion logged-in users are on youtube each month. This translates into more than one billion hours of video views each day. Creating content on youtube (the second largest search engine) is an excellent way to drive visitors...

Jon Davis

Jon Davis

Youtube Publishing Hacks

"For an introvert, the thought of creating videos of myself was terrifying. Even worse was the prospect of publishing them on YouTube - MILLIONS of people would see and laugh at me.

Or so I assumed.

Luckily, when you first get started on YouTube no one knows (or cares) you are there!

Like any platform, you have to build traffic with consistent and meaningful content.

As you add videos and grow your library then so does your subscriber count and watch time.

Gradually more eyes on your videos and a chance to divert some of that traffic to your website too with a clear CTA (Call To Action) in the right place.

Where can you do this?

There are various components to the YouTube channel whitespace:

1. Description box
2. Channel art
3. Verbal & visual mentions in the videos
4. About page
5. Links

Whilst it’s a balancing act of keeping engaged viewers within YouTube (to appease them) there are also times you can link out and increase traffic to your site.

As a bonus, this also gives you some much loved video content that you can embed into your blog posts - and increase the time spent on page.

Eventually, through enough practice, you may even grow to enjoy being on video :)"

Dylan Gordon

Dylan Gordon

Repurpose Blog Content

"Website traffic is vital to the success of your online business. Without it, you have no traffic which leads to no sales...

There are tons of different ways to drive visitors to your website, but the best way in my experiences is optimizing for search engines!

This is what I do every day, and it's really nice to get organic sales from the work I did in the past.

One little trick I've come across to get a massive boost in traffic is reformatting blog posts into videos for YouTube.

Since Google owns YouTube, it makes a lot of sense that these go hand in hand. Whether you add a YouTube video to your blog posts or link from a YouTube video to your website, it helps you rank on both platforms much better!

The more content you put out in organic search, the more traffic you'll get to your website. There's no need to overcomplicate it or reinvent the wheel!"

Driving Traffic to Your Site is Hard Work...

Getting targeted traffic to your website is for many, one of the most challenging pieces to the internet marketing puzzle. After reading this post, I hope that you've picked up one or two strategies to implement in your business.

John Romaine SEO

John Romaine

There are No Short Cuts

Unless you're using paid traffic, there is no "secret" one click strategy for driving traffic. Everyone wants quick wins, bright shiny objects, hacks or short cuts. But the truth is - it takes, patience, time, consistency, discipline, hard work and effort. In addition, providing massive value and knowing exactly who you're talking to.

This article of course doesn't list every traffic strategy out there.  Feel free to experiment with any of the ideas suggested above...

What are some additional (free or paid) strategies that you're using to increase web traffic?  Leave them in the comments below. The more out-of-the box, the better!


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