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Isagenix: The Health & Wellness MLM Powerhouse

Global Leaders in Health, Wellness, Beauty, & Performance Products

Isagenix: The Health & Wellness MLM Powerhouse

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Interested in health and wellness products? Then chances are high that you’ve heard the name “Isagenix” already. The privately owned multi-level marketing firm holds a global presence with several lines of acclaimed health and wellness products.

Isagenix International offers individual items and collections of related goods available for sale through their independent sales force of Associates. Recent reports indicate the company enjoys annual revenues of around $958 million.

Isagenix Product Lines

The firm specializes in several specific areas. It has based its merchandise around these niche markets. Customers choose products designed to assist with weight loss, performance, vitality and well being, personal care and beauty. The company has recently also expanded into the market of essential oils.

The company’s management introduced a number of innovative proprietary products gradually over the course of the firm’s history. All of its lines therefore expand and evolve. Currently the enterprise markets too many unique selections to detail all of its brands adequately within a single brief article.

Isagenix Best Selling Brands and Products

The following information highlights key points about some of the company’s different product lines. Associates and customers can purchase consumer goods supplied by the firm from any (or all) of the broad categories within its inventory.

The company focuses their offerings based upon three key criteria: health, safety, and transformative value.

Customers opt to purchase products as a one-time transaction, or as a recurring “autoship” selection. In some cases, they choose to buy entire collections, such as the Athlete’s Pak or the Rejuvinity Skincare System. The firm designed individual selections within each product line to function in harmony with one another.

Premium Vitamins, Supplements And More

The Vitality & Well Being category includes a large number of proprietary formulations designed to appeal to targeted markets groups. For example, the company promotes several brands of vitamins: Essentials for Men, Essentials for Women, and IsaKids® Essentials.

Its Essentials for Men supply 120 tablets for a total retail price of $36.00. The product incorporates vitamins, anti-oxidants, and minerals in the formulation, together with Omega 3 fatty acids. This popular blend seeks to supply a comprehensive daily supplement tailored for men.

Since the daily vitamin requirements of men, women and children differ, the company’s products serve distinct categories of consumers. Over the past decade, product designers have also added an array of specialized formulations to the Vitality and Well Being Line. From their Total Health & Longevity System to a Joint and Pain Relief System, it has developed a number of different highly customized series of complementary products to help meet the wellness needs of different individuals.

Isagenix Weight Loss Programs, Shakes, Protein Bars, & More

Similarly, the firm achieved great success promoting a line of weight loss supplements and consumable products. Its IsaLean® Pro Shake assists dieters seeking to reduce their caloric intake without sacrificing flavor or protein. The firm offers several food selections developed to work within a systematic weight loss program framework.

Recently, the company introduced a new product, a Vanilla Cranberry Almond IsaLean Bar. It packs a whopping 18 grams of protein into a single bar (serving as a full meal). Customers order packages of 10 bars for a retail price of $39.93.

People pursuing weight modification programs enjoy a variety of choices through the Isagenix products. For instance, customers can mix and match different flavors of consumable shakes and menu bars to achieve specific daily goals. This flexibility has likely contributed to the commercial success of their Weight Loss product lines.

The Isagenix Cleanse for Life® system is one of their best sellers. The cleansing system provides vitamins and minerals that nourish the body as it detoxes. A “cleanse” can be done daily as part of a balanced diet, or for a longer two to three day intermittent fasting “deep cleanse.” More information about the cleansing system can be found on their website.

Newest Product Category: Isagenix Adds Essential Oils

The firm created its own brand of Cool Mist Diffuser to promote the use of its large selection of Essential Oils as an extension of their products that promote holistic well-being. The diffuser, a very attractive permanent decor item, illuminates with a range of eight different color settings. It permits customers to choose between three dial settings to determine the time period for a desired mist diffusion (two hours, six hours, or 12 hours).

Customers fill the infuser with tap water, then add eight to ten drops of their preferred Essential Oil to define the scent within a room. The company has developed an impressive variety of oils for use with this product. Some examples include Lemon, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lavender.

Simply cleaning the interior of the infuser with a cotton ball will enable the customer to reuse the unit to diffuse a different Essential Oil. The customization evident in this system holds wide appeal. The diffuser itself markets for a retail price of $59.99.

Products Calculated to Generate Repeat Orders

Network marketing companies (and distributors) are often drawn towards consumable products. These items tend to generate repeat orders, an important element in developing a loyal customer base and consistent income. Isagenix boasts high retention rates with their Associates and customers.  In this respect, the company has an extremely successful track record.

In 2014, the firm launched an IsaBody Challenge campaign. It invited customers to submit photos showing the changes they experienced in their physical appearance after using its products over the course of four months. The campaign generated well over 340,000 entries.

Corporate History And Business Innovations

The network marketing company traces its origins to 2002. In that year, a businessman named John W. Anderson joined forces with two experienced network marketers, Jim and Cathy Coover. All three possessed extensive prior experience in sales fields.

The trio resolved to task their new enterprise with the ambitious goal of becoming the best provider of health and wellness products within the direct sales industry. They drew upon their collective sales and marketing expertise to outline a business plan. John Anderson would later withdraw from the active management of the business, while his two partners eventually assumed more prominent  roles.

Steady Growth

Their privately owned company, based in Gilbert, Arizona, witnessed a steady increase in growth between 2002 and 2018. Jim Coover served as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm during a pivotal growth period, and under his leadership the company expanded into several new markets. (It currently conducts business around the world, supplying health, wellness, and beauty products in places as far flung as the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the UK.)

The international scope of the firm’s sales and distribution efforts reflects its successful penetration of numerous national markets. During the past five years, firm revenues have steadily increased. Additionally, the number of full-time employees working for the company has also gradually risen.

At one point in 2017, the enterprise maintained an employee roster of 929 people. It fielded a far larger body of direct sales associates (a figure estimated to exceed 384,000 at that time). Its efforts resulted in the distribution of its product lines to a total of 15 countries.

Quality Control Measures

Isagenix Company LogoOne factor in the company’s success relates to the development of a skilled team of quality control experts and advisors. In accordance with John W. Anderson’s vision, the firm initially created a division responsible for Quality, Regulatory, Technology, and Science issues (the QRST Department).

The founders invested time and money developing an experienced team of researchers and scientists to help evaluate and create the proprietary wellness, beauty, and performance supplements offered through the firm’s various product lines.

This key company division draws upon the skills of dieticians, nutritionists, chemists, and other specialists. Its emphasis upon robust quality control likely contributed to the success of the firm’s marketing efforts during the past decade and a half. Products marketed by the company must meet standards promulgated by a variety of national regulatory agencies, so quality control assumes a particularly high priority.

Technology Innovations

One other very important development in the company’s history relates to a marketing innovation. The firm assists its sales force by providing a customized app. Business Associates can direct their prospects to links enabling them to download this customized sales tool over the Internet.

The app created by the firm allows sponsors to recommend specific products for prospects to assist them in exploring different product lines. This technological innovation also offers assistance for customers hoping to undertake a weight loss program. In fact, it supplies coaching and motivational features, too.

The app synchronizes readily with FitBit products (a popular wearable tech brand widely used by people seeking to maintain fitness). Through the app, customers can order products, plan and track meals, and even earn badges. Users tailor the app to include their own personalized information and autoship preferences.

A Binary Compensation Plan

The company, like other network marketing firms, relies extensively upon Business Associates. These individuals serve as a full-time independent sales force. The firm’s founding team based the compensation plan for these independent business owners around a duplication strategy.

The Power of Duplication

Many multi-level sales organizations revolve around the principle of easy duplicability. Sponsors endeavor to boost their sales by recruiting and training other associates to undertake direct selling. Instead of investing in expensive advertising campaigns to introduce new products, companies within the network marketing industry rely largely on the power of word-of-mouth to promote their lines.

The company founded by John W. Anderson and the Coovers reflects this highly efficient sales model. However, it differs from many competing firms by utilizing a binary sales structure. Every new Business Associate fills one of two “legs” within the sponsor’s marketing team. The below video explains the company’s “You Share, They Share, Repeat” sales and simple duplication strategy that has effectively helped Isagenix in their world wide growth…

Balanced Binary Growth

New direct marketing Business Associates build their own sales organizations by sharing the business opportunity with other people. Prospects they successfully recruit will fill either an expanding right or left leg in their personal organizational chart. While any Business Associate may recruit more than two new associates, of course, they may only develop two legs; they must place additional new recruits within either of these trees.

The sale of any product generates a specified number of points for a Business Associate. In order to obtain compensation for their sales efforts, Business Associates must acquire at least 33% of their points from each leg. The leg with the lowest number of points determines the level of the Associate’s compensation.

Multiple Ways to Earn with Isagenix

It’s important to note there are multiple ways in which Isagenix pays their Associates:

  • Team Bonuses
  • Retail Sales
  • Executive Matching Team Bonuses
  • Product Introduction Bonuses
  • Leadership Pools
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Pay

An in depth look into the details of the Isagenix compensation plan is beyond the scope of this article. More details on the lucrative compensation plan can be found in the videos on this page, or through contacting an Isagenix Associate directly.

Driving Sales Through “Paks” and Marketing Systems

One potentially important aspect of the company’s business plan relates to the sale of products in product “paks” or ensembles. While customers and Business Associates may select items individually, many prefer to purchase entire product lines. The purchase of a pak permits the buyer to try a greater number of products at one time (typically at a volume price discount).

Thus, the company website offers all its products for sale with either option. Purchasing a pak typically carries a higher point value than buying a solo product. Business Associates can choose to order a number of different paks to gain familiarity with the components of different product lines.

An Industry Powerhouse

Recently the direct sales and network marketing industry as a whole has received intense scrutiny from regulators. The size and rapid growth of the firm founded by John W. Anderson and the Coovers suggests it will remain a significant supplier of wellness and beauty products into the foreseeable future. It has achieved some impressive successes within its designated niche.

The Direct Selling Association recognized the company as one of the top 20 leading firms in its industry for 2018; very few network marketing firms ever achieve this honor. That year, the company also marked the passage of its 15th anniversary. Its cumulative marketing figures since 2002 rose to well over $5 billion.

Isagenix has expanded rapidly in size and influence since its inception. This accomplishment has resulted in widespread name recognition for its products lines. It appears poised to enjoy a bright future during coming years.

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