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Kaelin Poulin WebClass Review: A Look Inside the #LadyBoss Empire

Kaelin Poulin WebClass Review: A Look Inside the #LadyBoss Empire

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Everyone loves a good rags-to-riches success story. While sometimes a cliche in the online marketing space, Brandon and Kaelin Poulin have an inspirational story that fits the narrative well.

Just a few years ago, the couple was struggling to pay their rent and buy groceries…  Today, the couple together run a successful ecommerce empire that is projected to cross over $30 million in sales for 2018.

Who Is Kaelin Tuell Poulin?

Kaelin Tuell Poulin is a celebrity trainer, best selling weight-loss author, IFBB Fitnesss Pro world record holder, and the face behind the LadyBoss global weight loss system and support community for women. The LadyBoss movement has helped more than 1.3 MILLION women in their weight loss journey.

Three years ago, the couple was struggling in an MLM and unable to make ends meet.

With their back against the wall – both “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” the couple had a real talk about what they wanted to do with their lives.

They reverse engineered their ideal lifestyle and business – because the current life was not working…

Their journey is explained in more detail on the webinar – but eventually – they went all in and sank the last of their emergency savings into launching their business.

>>Click Here to Watch Kaelin Poulin’s WebClass<<

They hit the ground running and started building their LadyBoss company online using ClickFunnels

This Was the Beginning of their “Overnight Success” Story

The couple launched four different sales funnels in 2017 – EACH funnel brought in more than a million dollars in total sales.

Their first million dollars was through promoting a “trial offer.”

Their second million was made with an “unlimited access” sales funnel…

Kaelin Poulin and her husband brought in ANOTHER million selling t-shirts, water bottles, and other swag through their LadyBoss online store…

They made ANOTHER million through their “Ladyboss Labs” product line of supplements…

The Poulin’s LadyBoss brand crossed over 8-figures in sales for 2018, and the couple has received ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club awards for each of these FOUR funnels that crossed the million dollar mark.

This WebClass is giving you the roadmap revealing what they did – so that YOU can do it too. This is the exact process that Kaelin and Brandon followed that lead to their “overnight” success.

Kaelin Poulin Brandon Poulin ClickFunnels

Kaelin Poulin’s webinar goes behind the scenes of how they where able to successfully do this through using sales funnels… and how they were able to do this with ZERO tech experience and NO product or service…

Kaelin Poulin Webinar

Kaelin covers a lot of ground on this webclass

She starts off with explaining the difference between a Website and a SALES FUNNEL… A website is basically like having a brochure of your business. People browse a website and LEAVE.

A sales funnel is designed to walk the visitor through a specific buying process. The only way to make money online is through sales funnels.

Website Vs Sales Funnel

Screenshot from Kaelin’s “LadyBoss Movement” Webclass

Three years ago, Kaelin Poulin didn’t even know what an online sales funnel was.

If you’re on this website, you’re likely familiar with MLM / Network marketing.  To explain sales funnels and put it all in perspective, this is how “traditional MLMers” run their business… versus how it is done using online sales funnels – this is also how our Freedomrep team builds our MLM

The “Old School” Network Marketer:

  1. Finds leads and prospects via friends/family members/strangers in the streets, etc…
  2. Attempts to collect their contact info – phone number or email address…
  3. The MLMer then tries to call the prospect and hopefully get them to a business presentation or meeting…
  4. Hopefully they get prospect to the meeting and the presentation goes well…
  5. Then after meeting, MLMer would have to close the prospect one-on-one, convince them to join…
  6. If they don’t join, the MLMer then follows up regularly via calls/text (annoying) to attempt to close them…

BTW – No upline motivation or MLM compensation plan could pay me enough to go build a business the “old way!”  🙂

The “New Way” of building an MLM – Using Online Sales Funnels:

  1. Bring people to your sales funnel through different traffic sources (Google, Youtube, Social Media, etc.)
  2. Your funnel offers something of value in exchange for an email address (ebook, video series, etc)
  3. Your funnel turns prospects into leads – collects email addresses and follows up, nurturing the relationship via email (automated)
  4. Presentations are all done online, often recorded once and available to “sell” for you
  5. Your funnel turns prospects into customers for you, and ascends your customers into clients (automated)

Online Sales Funnel

A Sales Funnel is like having your best sales person working 24/7. Learning how to implement SALES FUNNELS into their business was a huge game changer for Kaelin and her husband.

>>Click Here to Register for Kaelin Poulin’s Webinar<<

What’s Covered in Kaelin Poulin’s LadyBoss Movement Webinar?

Secret #1
You don’t need a Product… YET.
She also explains the secret “Almost Backwards Process” Kaelin and Brandon used to launch their first funnel. This paid their bills and groceries before they even started creating their first product.

Secret #2
How the Poulin’s built their successful online business from their kitchen table using only a laptop and an iphone… How they were able to build an ecommerce giant with minimal “tech” abilities…

Secret #3
How they siphoned millions of people from surfing the internet to entering their sales funnels, and turned them into customers instantly, without them ever hearing of Kaelin Poulin or the LadyBoss brand.

What I Like About the LadyBoss Movement Webinar

Kaelin Poulin actually logs into her account and walks you through one of her 7-figure sales funnels.  She goes inside of ClickFunnels and even does a quick demo of the ClickFunnels software.

drag and drop editor

Screenshot from Kaelin’s “LadyBoss Movement” Webclass

She does this to demonstrate the functionality of the software. It’s all drag and drop – easy to edit pages. You can quickly make changes, add headlines, images, credit card forms.

You do not have to be a “techie” to use the software. Kaelin and Brandon are NOT techie people – they shot AND EDITED all of their early videos – on their cell phone.

Kaelin and Brandon are not techies

Kaelin Poulin goes over the same process they’ve used to build each of their successful funnels. The same process was used for their coaching application funnel, their online course funnel, apparel funnel, best-selling book funnel, supplement funnel, etc. She learned what to do by modeling others that were already successful. You can do this and you do NOT have to reinvent the wheel.

funnel hack competition

Screenshot from Kaelin’s “LadyBoss Movement” Webclass

She goes into their process for learning and building their company.  She also gives you some of the free tools, websites and other online resources that she uses to create content and research her competition. You want to find out what is profitable and already working in your niche. She shows you how to do this!

Online Resources

Screenshot from Kaelin’s “LadyBoss Movement” Webclass

>>Click Here to Register for Kaelin Poulin’s Webinar<<

What I do NOT like about Kaelin Poulin’s webinar…

There is a lot covered in Kaelin Poulin’s LadyBoss Movement Webclass. My suggestion is to take notes because she gives a ton of value – but runs through the information quickly. This is fine, except you cannot scroll through the webclass replay video.

You can pause, but cannot rewind the video and go back if you miss something.

In order to take full advantage of this, you may want to pause the video often so that you can write information down. There is also a link available on the side of the replay video that allows you to read the webinar transcript.

I saved the weblink in an email. I also copy/pasted the transcript and emailed it to myself. IF for whatever reason the web link expires, I still have this information in an email…

Kaelin Poulin’s LadyBoss Webclass Review

In the end there is also a deep discounted offer to start using ClickFunnels. If you’re considering (or already using) a sales funnel software, Kaelin’s offer is worth looking into.

It’s the same “Funnel Builder Secrets” package offered at the end of Russell Brunson’s 10X keynote. We’ve reviewed this Funnel Builder Secrets offer in more detail here.

To put this discounted package into perspective… One year of the ClickFunnels Etison Suite costs $297/month (or $3,564/year)…

Instead, you’re paying $2,997/year (saving $567). This breaks down to the equivalent of paying $249.75/month.

BUT you’re getting the ClickFunnels Enterprise account (unlimited traffic/funnels, plus two marketing courses (Funnel Builder Secrets & Funnel Hacks), AND a lifetime membership to Traffic Secrets, and 12 months access to Funnel Scripts software (normally sold at $497).

ClickFunnels FBS - Funnel Builder Secrets Package

Russell Brunson knows a thing or two about making “irrisistible offers!” 🙂

If you’re serious about using the ClickFunnels platform for your business, it’s a no-brainer. Your monthly cost is lower – AND everything else in this bundle is basically a free bonus…

Whether you’re interested in the ClickFunnels offer or not, the webclass is worth your time.

Kaelin and Brandon Poulin have build a highly successful 8-figure global business and community. I would not pass up on the opportunity to register for this free webclass – as Kaelin Poulin reveals the inner workings of their global empire.

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