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LegalShield – Providing Affordable Access to Legal Services Since 1972

LegalShield – Providing Affordable Access to Legal Services Since 1972

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For over 45 years LegalShield has been revolutionizing the legal field by changing the fundamentals of its business model. Instead of charging clients for individual cases and contracts, LegalShield provides a monthly membership that covers their legal needs.

This gives individual and business clients the security of having a full range of legal services at their disposal without the insecurity of being unable to afford legal representation.

What LegalShield Sells

LegalShield sells a comprehensive suite of legal services through a recurring monthly membership system. Whether you are looking for legal services in civil law such as landlord and tenant, estate planning and real estate, or for a criminal defense attorney, LegalShield promises you first-rate legal access without the prohibitive costs.

Your LegalShield law firm can assist clients in a wide range of challenges: Everything from traffic tickets, IRS audits, wills, contracts, bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, and much more…

This company offers a variety of monthly plans for different clients. Individuals and families can choose between plans that include advice, consultation and representation, document preparation and family law.

Small business and human resources firms can likewise choose between plans that suit their unique legal needs. Clients also have the benefit of customizing their plans to reflect their required legal services.

Legal Access At a Low Monthly Rate

The process is simple: you first become a member of LegalShield by choosing a monthly plan that includes your preferred range of legal services. These plans are competitively priced and easy to understand. You can then rest assured that any legal services you or your business might need in the future will be covered by LegalShield at a highly competitive rate.

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If you have an issue or any type of legal question, you simply call your law firm and an attorney will call you back within 8 business hours. LegalShield is also available in emergency situations 24/7…

The LegalShield app, allows clients access to their law firm, ability to ask legal questions, access forms, upload speeding tickets for review, and even have your will prepared.

Best of all, should you find yourself in a situation in which a legal case has to go to court, you will receive a 25% discount off your lawyer’s hourly rates. The company makes access to legal assistance easy and affordable.

History of the Company

LegalShield Founder Harland StonecipherLegalShield was founded almost 45 years ago by Harland Stonecipher. Finding himself financially unprepared to sustain the legal costs of an accident for which he was not at fault, Harland saw a business opportunity that would ensure others have affordable access to a wide variety of high quality legal services.

He therefore soon after founded Pre-Paid Legal Services, which in September 2011 changed its name to LegalShield. Since 1972 LegalShield has grown rapidly to include 1.7 million members over 50 states and 4 provinces with 24/7 access to emergency legal counsel.

LegalShield has consistently expanded its suite of legal services to provide coverage to a wide variety of clients, both individuals and businesses. Today it boasts one of the most trusted brands for quality legal services.

How Independent Associates Make Money

LegalShield is a multi-level marketing company with a highly competitive compensation plan. In the following video,  Millionaire Club Members Darnel Self and Brian Carruthers explain in detail how associates are paid, and the steps one would take in order to advance with the company…

Individuals can market and sell LegalShield’s services. LegalShield Associates have the freedom to choose their preferred sales model so they can define their ideal business opportunities…

For example, some Associates focus on selling the plan directly to individuals. Some target small businesses or HR offices to have LegalShield added as an employer benefit… There are several different “niches” available to Associates looking to build a home business promoting the company.

Compensation is provided as a commission on sales of plans.  Commissions vary depending on your rank within the company… But for example, the average commission for selling one plan each month is $230; $920 for selling one plan a week; and $6,906 for selling one plan a day. These commissions increase substantially as you build a team of Associates that are actively promoting and selling these legal access plans…


LegalShield is a trusted brand for legal services designed to ensure that clients legal needs are met at affordable rates. For any individual or business who needs legal services, simple or complex, LegalShield’s expert lawyers are available for your consultation.

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