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Mannatech – Innovating the Health & Wellness Industry

The leader in Glyconutrient technology, revolutionizing nutrition, immune health, fat loss, skin care and more.

Mannatech – Innovating the Health & Wellness Industry

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Mannatech is a multinational network marketing company that offers entrepreneurs a low-cost business opportunity to sell their personal care products and their line of dietary supplements.

The company specializes in developing some of the highest quality and innovative health and wellness products on the market.

The company prides themselves in using the highest standards in the manufacturing of their all natural products.

Mannatech is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol MTEX. With a growing network of consultants in 26 markets across various corners of the world, Mannatech is quickly becoming a network marketing brand with global name recognition.

The company has a sales force of 219,000 independent distributors world wide. In 2017, they reported revenue of $176.7 million, and the company ranked at #81 in the Direct Selling News Global 100 List of top direct sales companies.

What Mannatech Sells

MannatechMannatech produces health and wellness supplements and personal care products. Their different product lines vary from energy drinks, weight loss shakes, to even skin care and essential oils.

Many of their nutritional supplements offered are gluten-free and vegan and are promoted as beneficial to living a healthy lifestyle.

There is even a 180 day satisfaction guarantee offered on all of their products to ensure zero risk to consumers that want to explore their product line and purchase through a consultant’s website.

Mannatech’s best selling line is their Ambotrose glyconutritional dietary supplements. Ambrotose is shown to support the immune system as well as support healthy organ activity which can aid in digestive and cognitive functions.

Mannatech has invested more than $50 million into research and validation in developing their products.  The company holds over 100 patents that have been issued, granted and validated in major global markets.

This is what they believe separates their line of products from the majority of other companies in their category. As most health and wellness companies carry “me too” products, Mannatech’s products are unique, proprietary, and can only be purchased through their consultants…

History of Mannatech

Mannatech was founded in 1993 and is based in Texas. It first began as a pharmaceutical company and with the help of nutritionists and scientific research they were able to develop their first supplements.

The company promotes themselves as a ‘nutraceutical front runner.’ This term refers to natural foods that can alter certain functions of your body in a satisfactory way. Shortly after the start of the company they were granted the Biochemistry Discovery of the Year Award in 1996.

Mannatech has also founded a program to enable their goals of supplementing the diet of sick children who may be suffering from deficiencies in nutrition. These products can help strengthen their fragile immune systems.

Their goal as a company is to help in the fight against global malnutrition. This is a movement called Mission 5 Million (M5M) in which the company strives to deliver suitable nutrition to 5 million children.

How Mannatech Consultants Make Money

When you become a consultant for the company your rewards are not limited to the compensation plan, which is based mainly on commission. There are additional incentives such as trips to interesting locations as well as a company “loyalty program.”

In early July of 2018, Mannatech launched its new Compensation Plan. The changes were designed to incentivize the activities that build long-lasting, strong businesses.

There are six ways to earn with the company.

Watch this video for all the details on the new network marketing compensation plan…


Aligning yourself with a company like Mannatech gives you the opportunity to sell the products and receive your own wellness supplements discounted or even free.

Joining Mannatech as an associate can provide a solid second (or primary) income along with benefiting both yours and your customers’ health. It’s a company with a noble goal and the ambition to achieve it.

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