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Mary Kay – The Cosmetics Powerhouse with 3.5 Million Global Distributors

Mary Kay – The Cosmetics Powerhouse with 3.5 Million Global Distributors

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Mary Kay is a long-standing and well known company that lets you craft your own work schedule and be a part of a brand that has become a household name. They have a wide range of products and new ones are always in development.


Becoming a consultant for Mary Kay is not complicated and many people have been making a living selling their products for over half a century. With 3.5 million consultants globally, it is not difficult to get in touch with a distributor to learn more about the company or their products…

What Mary Kay Sells

Mary Kay is typically known for their line of quality makeup, producing everything from eye-liner to nail polish. However; there are many more products offered in addition to these beauty enhancers.


Included in their brand are goods for attentive skincare, sensitive lotions and sunscreens, and lines of aromatic female fragrances. Most of these products can be viewed through an independent consultant’s website or sampled in-person at any Mary Kay event or party.


Mary Kay is constantly evolving and creating new products to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their customers. Over the years the need for male oriented merchandise has become a necessity as well. Today, Mary Kay carries products such as shaving creams, face washes, and even colognes.


With their wide range of beauty care offered, women and men can find effective and reasonably priced options specific to their particular needs.

History of Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash Company Founder

Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay opened for business in 1963 thanks to founder Mary Kay Ash. They are privately owned and have had tremendous success as a multi-level marketing company. They offer the option of direct sales to customers along with the opportunity to provide quality products, discounts and sales tools for others who would like to join the brand as consultants themselves.


Their line of cosmetics began at their headquarters in Addison, Texas and the company still calls this suburb of Dallas their home. Mary Kay Ash’s son, Richard Rogers, still holds a seat as chairman of the company.


When the company began the goal was to give women the opportunity and freedom of making their own money through the Mary Kay sales platform. This business model allows women to teach other women not just how to purchase the products but how to apply them successfully.

How Mary Kay Consultants Make Money

Mary Kay products can be purchased at a discount from the brand when you become a Beauty Consultant. If sold at their MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), you can easily make a profit with retail sales to customers…


Bonuses are offered besides this direct sales commission to those who can bring more consultants into the fold, or for the highest sellers. Mary Kay is well known for their Pink Cadillacs which is the top reward leased to the consultants with over $100,000 in sales for a year.


Mary Kay is a viable choice, and perhaps the most commonly known, when looking to become a part of a direct sales team. A company that has stood the test of time must be doing something right with their proven track record and large variety of products that will never go out of style.

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