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Network Marketing Leads: The Secret to MLM Success

Our Duplicatable Strategy For Generating Quality MLM Leads Online

Network Marketing Leads: The Secret to MLM Success

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Network Marketing LEADS! If you’re a network marketer, you know that leads are the lifeblood of any home business.

The fearless “old school” network marketer will prospect anyone and everyone they come in contact with in hopes of finding potential new team members.

One (of many) problems with this approach is that MLMers can come off as desperate… or even aggressive.

Plus, pitching everyone – whether or not they’ve shown any interest in your business opportunity – will result in a lot of rejection…

The funny thing is that EVERYONE wants more money. Everyone is open to a second (or primary) stream of income.

It took me a while to realize this… but often times, when people say no to your MLM, they’re saying no to HOW you’re building your business.

They see you aggressively pushing – and they know right away that chasing down their friends and family isn’t something they want to do…

I could write a 2,000 word article on this.

In short, blindly soliciting (spamming) friends and family with your biz opp can leave THEM annoyed and leave YOU frustrated.

There’s even a whole subreddit with people making fun of network marketers – and much of the ridicule is deserved, due to these tired “old school” spammy recruiting strategies.

anti mlm

There’s a better way! I promise you!

Everyone with a heartbeat is NOT a potential business partner.

Your grandfather doesn’t want to sell your organic make-up… Plus, the guy can barely check email. And that’s ok!

The truth is that if YOU don’t have a real system for generating QUALIFIED network marketing leads, you do not have a passive income business…

YOU will burn out and likely quit…

AND if you sponsor other people into your team, you owe it to them to have a system for them to plug into.

Otherwise you’re going to experience a high churn rate as your downline drops out faster than you’re bringing new recruits in… It’s not sustainable.

MLM Lead Gen: there’s a better way!

I should call this article “How to generate network marketing leads and keep your dignity.”

We generate (on average) one to two new applications to join our downline every day….

Some days two or more people apply, some days zero…

But, the people applying for the most part, already get what we’re doing…

Or they WANT to get it so bad.

So what’s the big secret?

I know you’re skeptical…

I don't believe you! ~Ron Burgundy

I’ve outlined the dream MLM scenario, claiming to have cracked the code to true passive income with network marketing…

The truth is that I struggled for years with MLM.

I had sworn it off and decided I would ONLY return to network marketing if I could solve the #1 problem…

I’d only do this if we had a duplicatable strategy for generating MLM leads.

In this article, I’ll reveal our core system that has network marketers APPLYING to join our downline.

YOU can take this information and duplicate it in YOUR own multi-level marketing business.

MLM Lead Gen Secret #1: Publish Content.

If you’re like us and don’t want to do “friends and family,” you’ll have to publish content online. Period.

Of course, not all content is created equal.

You need to publish content that provides real VALUE to your target audience…

What is your target market’s biggest pain point? What is their biggest challenge in MLM?

If you can hone in on your market’s biggest pain points and provide a solution to these challenges – you’ll have no shortage of network marketers jumping at the chance to be on your team.

Your content needs to be good enough that it builds your influence and positions you as an authority in the space. Who is your ideal business partner? How can you attract the heavy hitters? Why would somebody want to join YOU and YOUR team?

There are 18 Million MLMers in the U.S. alone – all fighting for attention…

18 Million people… All offering pretty much the exact same products & opportunity.

What differentiates you from MILLIONS?

These are questions you need to consider.

We’ll dive into this more in another article, but f you haven’t read it yet, get a copy of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets

The truth is, that if you put in the work to create content that actually helps people with their toughest questions, you’re ahead of 97% of MLMers…

The Obstacle is the Way

As the quote goes, “do today what others won’t to have tomorrow what others don’t.”

It’s the HARD work that nobody wants to do that moves the needle. Your old school MLM upline tells you to just keep talking to people.

They do this because it’s a generic strategy that can be applied to everyone… It’s a spray and pray strategy that if you vomit our opportunity onto everyone you know, maybe 2 or 3 will join. Rinse and repeat and maybe you can build some sort of a downline.

It may seem like the advice to “talk to people” is easier than asking you to “become a publisher.”

But it’s really not.

What’s hard is trying to chase down friends and family that aren’t interested in joining a business where they have to chase down friends and family!

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What’s funny is the top earners in your company are not doing “friends and family.” They’re publishing content online and leveraging the internet to generate targeted leads…

18 million newbies and belly-to-belly MLMers are fighting on the ground for scraps.

Your MLM is a BUSINESS. Treat it like one.

Don’t fight for scraps. Look at what the top earners are doing to build their MLM and model after them…

Tim Ferriss Four Hour Work Week“It’s lonely at the top. Ninety-nine percent of people in the world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for the mediocre. The level of competition is thus fiercest for ‘realistic’ goals, paradoxically making them the most time and energy-consuming.” ~ Tim Ferriss The 4-Hour WorkWeek

If you can carve out a couple days a week to publish content and build your online brand – you’re ahead of the 18 million people shilling lotions and potions on their facebook pages…

Plus once you publish an article or video online – it can generate network marketing leads for years to come. It might seem like a lot of work, but do the work once, and profit from it repeatedly as people continue to view your content.

There are a lot of publishing options available online. What platforms should you publish on?


SMH RadioSteve Larsen is on our MLM team.  Steve gets more applications for our team than anybody else… His big secret?

He created the Secret MLM Hacks podcast

This podcast helps position him as an authority in the MLM industry.

His hook is resonating with people. He understands his audience’s biggest PAIN point…

Many people LOVE the idea of MLM, but don’t want to prospect their friends and family…

His podcast reveals a better way.

Each episode is entertaining and full of actionable content…

Interested in starting your podcast? You can get started without breaking the bank. You’ll need:

  • a quality microphone: You can go with a USB Mic that connects directly into your computer, or go for an XLR microphone with a mixer…
  • a pop filter: When speaking directly into the mic, you may sometimes “pop your Ps.” Don’t know what that means? Just know this $10-15 purchase will greatly improve sound quality!
  • a Skype account: Doing interviews? Skype not only works well, it’s free…
  • Recording/Editing software: GarageBand for example, is free for Mac users. There are other options out there also such as Adobe Audition for PC…

Pat Flynn has put together an excellent step-by-step tutorial for starting your podcast.

Podcasts are more popular than ever.  If you have a message to share with people, this can be an excellent platform for growing your tribe…

You’re not a network marketing expert… yet?

It doesn’t matter.  Go upline and connect with the top earners on your team. Ask to interview them. I’ve written more about this strategy here…

You should be able to find people on your team that are willing to do an interview.

MLMers are always interested in hearing stories and strategies from top earners. You don’t have to be the top earner yourself to create good content that people want.

Podcasting works.

Secret MLM Hacks Radio played a big role in my decision to join the MLM Mavericks team.

Thanks to this podcast, I’ve joined Russell Brunson and Steve Larsen on this shared mission to Make MLM Great Again. Check out his podcast.

Just come back and join via this website for added bonuses! 🙂

WordPress Blog

WordPress is my platform of choice.

Google loves wordpress. There’s a stat floating around that 30% of all websites are built on wordpress. I believe it. The platform is search engine friendly and easy to use.

I like it because I’m an introvert, and prefer publishing articles more than using my voice or video (although I am starting to consider hosting a podcast)…

How do you get started with wordpress?

Visit a domain registrar like, find a domain name for your network marketing business…

You know you want to buy! 🙂

You’ll also need to host your domain. You can get a shared hosting plan on BlueHost for as little as $3.95/month… Point your domain name to your hosting provider (BlueHost), and you’re ready to roll.

bluehost hosting provider

Sound complicated? It’s not.

If you have any issues, both bluehost and have live chat support and can walk you through the “tech” side…

Your wordpress based site is an excellent platform to create content online and get found by your perfect prospects…

Every day, new people are stumbling onto our blog and learning about what we’re doing.

Many are just reading articles or scrolling content and quickly clicking the “back” button on their browser… never to be seen again.

But some people like what we’re doing and decide to give us a closer look…

Enough people are interested in our message, that this site is a major piece of our lead generation system…

MLM Video Training

Start a Youtube Channel

Youtube is one of the most powerful platforms available… and allows you to upload content at no cost.

Start a channel documenting your journey from beginner to top earner.

Youtube is excellent platform for generating MLM Leads. If you look at all of the top earners in your MLM… chances are they have an active youtube channel.

While they’re out telling you to pitch your coworkers and make lists of friends… the top earners are NOT.

They’re on youtube publishing content.

Social Media

Everything you publish should be shared on social media… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium…

All can be used to effectively spread your message.

Be Everywhere

You may start off with a blog… or by launching your podcast…  But the best online marketers are EVERYWHERE.  That may sound overwhelming…

After you create a piece of content, it can be repurposed for multiple platforms.  After you post your video on youtube, you can take the audio and use it for your podcast…

You can also transcribe the content from your video into an article on your blog.

Our MLM team member Coulton Woods for example, hosts his “Learning From the Experts” podcast.

He primarily posts this on podcasting platforms such as itunes, but he ALSO publishes each episode on youtube…

Everyone has their preferred channel for consuming content. By posting your content for different audiences – you can cast a wider net and build your following faster.

If you’re having difficulty coming up with content ideas, visit You can analyze what content is performing best for any topic.

BuzzSumo Content Ideas

MLM Lead Gen: Drive Traffic to Your Sales Funnel…

I just went on about the wonders of these online publishing platforms…

BUT getting your content in front of an audience means nothing if you’re not driving visitors to your sales funnel…

Online Sales Funnel

The main purpose of publishing content is to drive your target audience into your funnel.

Visitors will enter the top of your funnel, and (if set up right) some will come out the other end as passionate new team members…

We use ClickFunnels for our sales funnels. Having trouble understanding what ClickFunnels does that your wordpress website does NOT do?

This video is excellent! ClickFunnels Vs Your Website:

At the end of your articles or youtube video, let your listener know where to go for more information. You should send them to a funnel…

This is a “call-to-action” (CTA). You’re directing them to the next step to move forward with you…

For example: “If you liked this episode and want to learn more about MLM lead generation, head over to and get our free report.”

If you interview the top distributor in your upline, end the video with something like “If you want to learn more recruiting secrets, watch our 5 video series at”

Then have visitors opt-in to your funnel in order to get the report or 5 videos…

Create free, easy to consume front-end products…

These are lead magnets. Low commitment offers that get visitors to join your email list…

Find out what network marketers WANT and create those offers.

If you don’t have something in place to capture your visitors email address, you’re going to lose out on connecting with potential rockstar distributors.

If you want to try out our funnel software, start a 14-Day ClickFunnels Free Trial here

Need help getting started with the software? Contact me on facebook and I’ll send you some free training.

IF you’re serious about building your network marketing empire , you may also consider the Secret MLM Hacks webinar training…

This blog has two primary objectives.

  1. To teach MLMers how to market online: With an industry stuck in 1996, we’re introducing proven digital marketing strategies.
  2. To drive traffic to JoinMyDownline: The main CTA on this site is for people to apply to join our team.

MLM Lead Gen & the Power of Funnels

When this site was first launched, we weren’t using ClickFunnels yet…

We were waiting on Steve Larsen to finish designing our Recruiting funnel…

In the mean-time, our “Join Downline” page linked directly to our MLM’s corporate website.

The site was live for two months without directing anyone to a funnel.  During this time, a whopping ZERO people joined the team!

Nobody reached out… (who’s going to visit a contact page?)

Zero Network Marketing Leads.

FreedomRep was already generating affiliate sales from other articles / products.

I figured that a few MLM sales would trickle in as we waited for our funnels to be built.

People were finding my site. They were interested enough to read about our team and our downline… but nobody was getting on board…

As soon as I replaced the link directing visitors to our company site with our recruiting funnel – everything changed. Prospects started applying to join us.

join my downline pruvit

This is our team recruiting funnel.. It’s currently focused primarily around our upline leader Steve Larsen.

Steve has a huge following.

Plus he’s one of the most respected funnel builders. People stumbling on our blog are often ClickFunnels users that want to get their hands on Steve’s funnels…

Our funnel displays Steve Larsen’s irresistible offer for joining our MLM team:

  • Steve’s Auto-Lead & Recruiting Funnels
  • Steve’s Product Sales Funnels
  • 30 Days to $1K Blueprint
  • Easy Traffic Trainer
  • Private Team Facebook Group
  • Team Membership Training Site Access

We then stack our additional BONUSES available only through FreedomRep.

For example, as a bonus we will send traffic from this blog to YOUR funnels.

Haven’t started publishing yet?

Don’t have a blog or youtube channel set up yet?

Join our team, upload Steve’s funnel into your account, and let us link to YOUR FUNNEL like this on our website…

We get traffic to our website… and YOU get network marketing leads. 💥BOOM!

EVERYONE that joins an MLM needs leads – we’re removing this challenge from your business…

Our total offer is valued at just under $7,000 – and we’re giving all of this free (if you’re accepted) to our downline.

There is zero mention of our MLM company.

People are applying on our site because of Steve’s offer and our bonuses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building online or offline… In network marketing, people join people.

Email Follow-Up

Our team follow-up email series “nurtures” all leads over several days…

After applying to join, we send all applicants a five “MLM Primer” video series created by Steve Larsen…

Network Marketing Leads

Some people are not watching the videos… but some people are. And they’re calling us to get started with our team Now.

The old way = Chasing uninterested friends. 

The new way = Turning my phone off at night!

I’ve done MLM before and it wasn’t like this…

This is the power of creating quality content, attracting the ideal partners, turning visitors into leads, and nurturing these leads via email.

The best part is that once set up – the email marketing is automated.

Network Marketing Leads: Summary

MLM is a multi-billion dollar industry. Companies are thriving… but the industry is also broken.

Despite advances in technology, the face-to-face systems of recruiting haven’t changed in decades.

The “old school” way of pitching family members has soured many people that otherwise would be open to the MLM offer.

There’s a better way.

  1. Publish content that attracts your ideal business partners
  2. Get their email address – and get them in your funnel
  3. Follow up via email – stay connected and be available if they have questions…

Life is easier when you have people looking for YOU versus chasing them down.

Multi-level marketing can provide a side (or primary) income for those willing to do the work.

The world is yours.

P.S. If you want to get away from your warm market and learn how to generate leads online instead…  apply to join our downline here

P.P.S. If you’re already happily in an MLM, but want a free funnel to help generate network marketing leads online, go here…

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