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Network Marketing Secrets Review

Best-Selling Author Russell Brunson Takes on MLM

Network Marketing Secrets Review

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If you're a digital marketer, you likely already own one or more of Russell Brunson's books. The best selling author of DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and now Traffic Secrets has also written the highly anticipated MLM guide - Network Marketing Secrets.

This book is written primarily for the traditional network marketer that might not know how to effectively use the internet… and specifically use online sales funnels to build their MLM business.

Network Marketing Secrets book

Russell’s idea with this book is to take the three most effective traditional MLM strategies – and recreate them on the internet via sales funnels.

This Network Marketing Secrets review will dive into the three “lost funnels,” and look at a few of the “secrets” revealed in the book. 

We’ll also link to the three lost MLM funnels so that you can upload them into your account and begin using them today.  But first…

What Does the CEO of ClickFunnels Know About MLM?

Russell Brunson’s new book has been the topic of discussion in a few of the ClickFunnels related facebook groups I’m active in… and I realized from reading these facebook comments that many are unaware of Russell’s long history with network marketing…

Russell Brunson has been been the top distributor in several multi-level marketing organizations over the years.  At one point he was the top distributor of two different companies… at the same time!

He’s won a Ferrari with one MLM, and helped generate more than $1.5 Million in leads for another company… around 200,000 of those leads were for his own personal downline.

Russell Brunson's MLM Ferrari

He’s even been asked to step DOWN as a distributor from network marketing companies due to imploding downlines.

Wha? Literally people already in his MLM company were leaving their upline sponsors to join under him…  This (as you can imagine) would cause serious problem for an MLM company…

While his main focus today is running ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson is also working with Steve Larsen and actively building an MLM team right NOW.

Steve Larsen joined Russell Brunson in the summer of 2018 with a plan to rock the MLM industry.

If you’d like to learn more about how and why they joined forces on this new venture (and more on how Russell has imploded downlines!) – check out the video below (scroll @ …25 minutes in)

And yes, I’m also in Russell and Steve’s downline team… If you’d like to learn more about how to join our downline, click here.

Network Marketing Secrets… The MLM Traps!

Before diving into the three “lost funnels” and how they work, Russell takes us through some of the biggest challenges in MLM…

While MLM is an effective business model that has produced billions (maybe more) in product sales over the decades, there are certain pitfalls.

There are a set of phases the fledgling MLMer goes through… Russell explains that you don’t have to get stuck in these traps, but can actually bypass them – and build your MLM on a different foundation.

What are some of these challenges?

  • Shaking down your friends and family over and over… and when they say no… continuing to do so!
  • Sending traffic to corporate replicated websites that are not easy to navigate and confusing to make purchases on…
  • Trying to build a business using the same products, same scripts, same websites, same everything as all 100,000 other people in your MLM…

There’s a better way, and it’s revealed in Network Marketing Secrets.

You can do this without chasing friends and family every day, without SPAMMING social media, without using the same cookie-cutter sales pages…

Plus you can set it up in a way that is duplicatable and actually creates residual income…

So what are Russell’s three “lost funnels?”

Again – to the traditional MLMer… Russell Brunson is letting you know that you do not have to deviate from the “plan.” He’s taken the same proven concepts that have worked in network marketing for decades and applied them to the digital age…

The online funnels mimic the effectiveness of person-to-person selling, through automated systems where leads come to US… we can sell to them… and more importantly, we can DUPLICATE.

Let’s look at what Russell Brunson calls the three lost funnels.

Bridge Funnel - Lost Funnel #1

Lost Funnel #1The Bridge Funnel (aka the three-way call):

When you first join an MLM, you don’t know the products, the comp plan, how to sell, etc…

The bridge funnel is the equivalent to the old school three-way call.

You simply bring a prospect to your upline leader, they tell their story, explain the offer, and do all of the selling for you…

After going through a few three way calls, you can then plug in your own story or script and share your experience with your prospects…

These three-way calls are an excellent way to duplicate your team. New people can plug in, have a team leader handle the heavy lifting of sales/recruiting, and learn the ropes as they build their downline…

MLM Bridge

If you’re already a ClickFunnels member, the funnel will upload directly into your account. If not, you can start a 14-day free trial via this link.

Note: The Network Marketing Secrets book really goes into the nuts and bolts of these funnels – if you’re going to USE the lost funnels for your own MLM business, it’s best to also get a copy of the book…

MLM Home party

Lost Funnel #2 The Home Party:

Home parties work because people can see the products and opportunity in a non-pressurized sales setting. Plus when people at the party buy products, it creates fear of missing out (fomo) and encourages others to buy…

This strategy also duplicates, because guests learn they can earn free products for hosting a party… or earn even more benefits by joining the MLM themselves.

>>Click Here to Get Your Copy of Network Marketing Secrets Now<<

Network Marketing Secrets not only reveals how he recreates the home party online, but shows HOW to set everything up, and digs into the mechanics of why they’re so effective.

Russell used the home party funnel to generate over 1.5 million leads in a new company in just six weeks… and grew his own personal leg to the third largest in the company at that time.

Russell’s book shows how the online version of the home party can actually keep the sales coming in long after the party’s over.

Lost Funnel #2 Home Party

Lost Funnel #3The Hotel Meeting:

The hotel meeting is effective in the real world because it introduces prospects to the products, business, and actual top earner in the company.  Plus it gives new distributors a duplicatable system to build their downline…

Just bring your prospects to the next meeting – and the top earner will do the selling.

Network Marketing Secrets reveals the ins and outs of each of the funnels, but also shows how to craft your hook, your story, and your message…

Who’s your ideal customer or avatar?  In MLM, there are two “Dream Clients.” Russell explains how to create your funnels in order to attract them.

MLM Hotel Meeting Funnel in ClickFunnels
MLM Hotel Meeting

The Viral Loop

Section two of the book explains the Viral Loop…   The viral loop is a selling sequence that must occur in your funnels in order to effectively sell your products or opportunity.

In my opinion, this section of the book is required for anyone selling online.  Whether you have your own products or service or you’re in MLM or affiliate marketing.  The four key components to the MLM viral loop are:

  • Epiphany Bridge – how to sell without selling
  • Demo – there’s nothing like a live product demo
  • Call-to-Action – close the sale
  • Duplication – there’s no MLM empire without duplication
Viral Loop - Network Marketing Secrets

The book shows you how to craft an epiphany bridge script.  If you’ve read Expert Secrets, some of this may sound familiar.

Russell deconstructs Billy Mays – the pitchman was one of the great infomercial kings of our time.  Russell studied Billy Mays, watched his commercials over and over, and picked up his formula for selling products…

And of course, your business is not going to make any money if you can’t close the sale… and get your team to duplicate.

Digging into the three funnels

Network Marketing Secrets is a guide…  Russell Brunson literally walks you through each funnel and tells you exactly what is needed in order to succeed with each funnel.

He includes step-by-step instructions to get your funnels up and running quickly… along with including ten different traffic sources for you to plug into in order to drive VISITORS to your new funnels…

Direct Sales MLM Funnels

Network Marketing Secrets is an excellent book. At the time of this writing, the book is available for free (just cover shipping)… but there is also the option of purchasing multiple copies.

This is an excellent option for me because I am in Russell Brunson’s downline and can use this book to help promote my team.

By purchasing multiple copies, I can use the book for give aways or contests.  I can add a copy of this book as lead gen, or a bonus for joining our team, etc…

There are different ways that I can incorporate this book with onboarding new members to our downline…

If you’re at all interested in sales funnels or building your MLM online – this book is for you.

Click here to get your free copy of Network Marketing Secrets…


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