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Nu Skin Review: A Look at the Company, Products, and Opportunity

Inside the Global Direct Sales Company

Nu Skin Review: A Look at the Company, Products, and Opportunity

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The direct sales industry is thriving. It seems that new companies with six and seven figure earners are launching every day. Despite the constant hype, very few of these companies thrive for decades and rise to global prominance as Nu Skin has.  

In this Nu Skin review, we'll reveal everything you need to know about the company. We'll look at the company's corporate team, their line of products, and their MLM opportunity.

Company Founders

Nu Skin was founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson, and Steve Lund. The goal? To build a company that had a combination of  both innovative care products and a lucrative MLM business opportunity.

The mission was to appeal to consumers, as well as entrepreneurs and top sales professionals.

The first product they launched was so popular that it went out of stock within a matter of hours. Consumers soon came to the company with their own small containers and jars to get their hands on more of their product.

Today, Nu Skin is distinguished from other companies with its ideal products, corporate team, and business opportunity in skin care, nutrition, and direct sales.

Nu Skin has grown into an over one billion dollar global enterprise.

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The Nu Skin Way

Nu Skin's postiioned itself from competitors with their natural approach to anti-aging products and nutritional supplements.

With a focus on developing high-end products, Nu Skin believes their products are more effective than those of their competitors.  Most skin care companies use artificial and potentially harmful formulas, that can irritate skin , clog pores, or worse.     

Nu Skin was the first company to introduce peptides around 2001. Pro-collagen peptides aid in sending age-reversing signals back to the collagen-producing cells. As a result, the skin appears younger.

In 2003, Nu Skin was the first company to offer their consumers a means to measure or determine the effectiveness of their supplements. They measure the effectiveness of these supplements through a device called the “Bio-photonic Scanner”.

They also offered their consumers a multi-vitamin and micronutrient anti-aging product, which was called a “LifePak”. Because of the Bio-photonic Scanner as well as the LifePak, many consider Nu Skin as ingenious in developing this technology.

Nu Skin review - An inside look at the #MLM company, products, and business opportunity

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The company has a wide range of products. One of Nu Skin’s best sellers is the Epoch Tea Tree. It is an essential oil that has a refreshing, earthy fragrance and many uses. It soothes and strengthens the senses.

Nu Skin also has products that diminish the presence of wrinkles and lines, refine the skin, and give you a younger look. From a skin mist to a face wash, these various products are the Nu Skin 180.

The company also has body care products such as Liquid Body Bar, Body Cleansing Gel, Epoch Polishing Bar, and Epoch Baobab Body Butter. The Epoch Baobab Body Butter is designed to hydrate your skin with shea butter and from the fruit of the African baobab tree. This product enhances the resilience of the skin to have softer skin.     

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Culture – Social Responsibility

Since the formation of Nu Skin Enterprises, their mission has been to assist people through creating quality products, building a strong sense of culture, and rewarding business opportunities.  

Nourish the Children

Poor nutrition in children results in 3.1 million deaths each year. Nu Skin considers helping children one of their responsibilities and they do so through a program called N.T.C., or Nourish the Children.

The program brings nutritious food to malnourished children, and has given these meals to children in China, Mexico, Columbia, Malawi, Honduras, and Haiti.

These meals, called VitaMeal, were developed by nutritional scientists. Nu Skin’s sales leaders, employees, and customers can buy and also donate VitaMeals to a third-party nonprofit organization to support those suffering from malnutrition and famine. In 2002, more than 600 million meals were donated to children who were malnourished throughout the world.

Nourish the Children has four steps:

  1. They produce VitaMeals in contracted facilities like in China, Malawi, and the United States.
  2. Consumers and sales leaders then purchase these VitaMeals.
  3. Individuals willingly donate VitaMeals which are facilitated through Nu Skin to third-party charitable organizations.
  4. These same charitable organizations transport and distribute these meals to malnourished and impoverished children on a global scale.

Force for Good Foundation

Nu Skin has also started the Force for Good Foundation. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, consisting mainly of farmers who earn a wage of less than one dollar per day.

In 2006, Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation initiated a plan with non-profit organizations and civic groups to build villages and classrooms. This program is bringing agricultural education to the people.

As villages develop these agricultural skills, they educate others, including children, to be more self-sufficient. As this program flourishes, they're bringing hope to end wide-scale hunger in Malawi.

Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation also teamed up with CharityVision International Foundation to support vision care and glasses for destitute children who attend school in South and Central America.

These two organizations are dedicated to helping children who need vision care. Nearly 70 percent of these children have had to drop out of school due to vision-related issues.

The Network Marketing Opportunity

Nu Skin has a proven track record to help Distributors make money. Though there is no guarantee of financial success, if a Distributor puts in the time, effort, and commitment in implementing the business model, he or she can have some success.

There are several ways to earn money as a Distributor for this MLM. First, through retail markups, and second, through commissions and other performance bonuses.

Distributors earn commissions and retail bonuses by the purchase of products by their customers and the sale of products by Distributors in his or her network.

To show the power of this business model, in 2017, the company paid approximately $113,540,355 in commissions to Distributors in the United States.

If the product line is something you'd like to promote, you may want to consider adding Nu Skin as a primary business or side-income. Becoming a Distributor may be a viable way to grow a business and create the life you want.


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