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One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Ultimate Review of the 30-Day Marketing Training Program

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

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The ClickFunnels “One Funnel Away” Challenge is back.

First launched in late 2018, the 30 day challenge got such a positive response, they decided to bring it back on a regular basis with a fresh group of challengers every six to eight weeks… But before we get into this One Funnel Away Challenge review…

What is the “One Funnel Away” Challenge?

Russell Brunson’s “challenge” is a unique experiment…

He approached his 2 Comma Club winners (those who have generated more than one million dollars through their ClickFunnels account) and asked them one question…

What would you do if you lost EVERYTHING and had to start over?

What if you woke up one morning with no list, no following, no income, no company, no reputation – and had to start your business from scratch…

With nothing but an internet connection and a ClickFunnels account, you can only make ONE funnel to bring back your millions…

What would you do from Day 1 to Day 30 to launch your profitable business?!

Thirty of his 2 Comma Club winners responded with their own one-month game plan.

ClickFunnels compiled the thirty plans into the “30 Days” book.

The 550 page hardcover book contains thirty chapters. Thirty action plans that walk you from day one to day thirty of each person’s strategy…

I joined the first “One Funnel Away” Challenge just for the book.

Initially sold via, the website gave us access to the 30 Days virtual summit – live presentations from all 30 entrepreneurs.

Trey Lewellen One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Screen shot from Trey Lewellen’s 30 Day Summit Presentation

If you’re part of the ClickFunnels community, you’ll see some familiar faces in the book and 30 Day Summit videos.

The members area also provided PDF downloads of each 2 Comma Club member’s 30 day plans, interviews, access to the community, training, and more…

Russell and the ClickFunnels team have now tweaked their offer, added more content, more value, and relaunched this offer via the OneFunnelAway website…

I was part of the first group of challengers.

We were sort of the beta testers of this program. Russell saw what worked well, what didn’t, where people stumbled, etc… and improved the challenge.

The 30 Days book is now delivered along with the entire “One Funnel Away” challenge kit (more on that below)…

But the core of the “One Funnel Away” Challenge is not the book (or additional bonuses they send you).

ClickFunnels 30 Day "OFA" Challenge Review

I realized AFTER I bought the book that the REAL value is found in the 30 Day OFA Challenge training.

This course will help you understand the principles of marketing online (or offline) and push you out of your comfort zone to take action.

Before I start this One Funnel Away Challenge review and break down details of the 30 days training…

One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Is It For ME?

The challenge is for you if:

  • you’re just getting started. You want to start a business, but have no direction or idea where to even begin?
  • you have a business. You’ve had a little bit of success, but you’re having trouble breaking through to the next level.
  • you understand that your business needs a sales funnel, but don’t know how to build one?
  • you’ve launched funnels before – but they’re not converting as well as you’d like…

join the one funnel away challenge

What is Included in the 30 Day Challenge Program?

The “One Funnel Away” Challenge is not just another program that you’ll buy and never use. It’s designed to create massive ACTION on your part.

The goal is for you to have a profitable business by the end of your 30 days…

Your three coaches on this challenge are Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Steve Larsen.

Julie Stoian, Steve Larsen, Russell Brunson Challenge Coaches

Each coach plays a specific role in your challenge.

Russell Brunson: Russell is your strategist. Each day of the challenge, Russell will send you a video with your daily mission.

The goal of each mission is to teach the STRATEGY behind your funnel. Over thirty days, you will learn the core fundamentals of marketing.

Russell Brunson teaches…

  • The base core principles of direct response marketing…
  • The correct way to build an offer (the opposite of how most people THINK it should be done).
  • Offer sequencing, offer hacking, the power of e-covers, stories, publishing, squeeze pages, sales pages, order forms, One-Time-Offer pages (OTOs)…
  • How to fill your funnel, how to create your “Dream 100,” organic traffic, paid traffic, and more…

Every day a new mission is unlocked – and you have 24 hours to complete. The missions are dripped out over time to avoid overwhelm.

The ClickFunnels team has trained thousands of marketers and understand how to deliver this in small chunks at a time.

Julie Stoian:  Julie is “the transformer.” As you develop your vision, Julie will help convert that “vision” into actual reality.

She will hold your hand and help execute your ideas into a sales funnel using ClickFunnels. By the end of your thirty days, you will have a customized sales funnel for your specific business.

Steve Larsen: Steve is your accountability coach and will hold daily LIVE calls with everyone on the challenge.

Need help completing your daily mission? Have questions? Steve is your support and accountability coach providing motivation and a kick in the pants for every day of the mission.

knowledge accountability executionIf you’re stuck – ask Steve. He is there to ensure you complete your daily task on time.

You’ll take the knowledge from Russell, the how-to from Julie, and the daily support from Steve.

With the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, you will learn the foundation of a solid marketing plan.

You’ll learn how to break false beliefs, create an offer, build a funnel, and get traffic.

The 30 Day Challenge is like a game.

Except at the end of this ‘game,’ you should have a profitable funnel for your business- and you get to keep all the money…

30 Day Challenge ClickFunnels CTA

What Else is Included in the ClickFunnels 30 Day Challenge?

In this One Funnel Away Challenge review, we’ll look at everything included in the program…

Along with the 550 page 30 Days book, the 30 days summit videos – you’ll access training in the OFA Challenge members area.

One Funnel Away Challenge review members area

The Members Area

Here you can communicate with Community members, access your daily challenges and course work, view the 30 day summit videos, interviews, download PDF documents, and more…

OFA members

Another look inside the OFA members area

You will also be given access to the “One Funnel Away” private facebook group where Steve Larsen will go LIVE with his daily coaching calls…

The “One Funnel Away” Challenge Kit

As soon as you join the challenge, ClickFunnels will mail you the 550 page 30 Days book discussed above.

ClickFunnels will ALSO send the OFA Workbook to use along with the 30 day course. The workbook is your companion to the daily video training.

The workbook provides a checklist of daily tasks, areas for note taking, brainstorming ideas, links to resources, and more… It’s an organized guide for every mission on your Challenge journey.

Russell Brunson's OFA Bundle

ClickFunnels will also send an MP3 loaded with all of Russell Brunson’s daily trainings and Steve Larsen’s coaching calls from the first Challenge.

You can listen to the recordings while running errands, at the gym, traveling, etc…

One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Price  Value

join the one funnel away challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Three Important notes:

  • The company is giving 100% commissions from all Challenge sales to their affiliates. The cost of the One Funnel Away Challenge is just $100 (plus shipping/handling)…

Most of their sales are coming in through affiliates and the company is keeping zero profits from these sales.

  • You can now purchase the DIGITAL ONLY version of the program. The digital version of the program cost is the same ($100) – but because nothing will be mailed to you after purchase, you’ll save $20 on shipping and handling…
  • If you miss the deadline to join the challenge, you will have to wait for the next opening. There should be a countdown on the OFA Challenge website.

If you’ve missed the deadline, it may be another six to eight weeks before the next challenge begins…

What’s in it for ClickFunnels?

The company wants everyone using their software to get the proper training.

ClickFunnels knows that if you start your free trial with the software and start making money with ClickFunnels within your first 30 days, you will stick with them long term.

It’s in their interest for you to learn how to market, to understand how funnels work, learn how to create an offer, how to build a funnel, etc…

The last thing they want is for someone to start a free trial, have zero guidance, get frustrated, make zero money, and cancel their account.

Make sense?

OFA Challenge Review: Summary

Offers are greater than products. Offers are more than bundles. They work together to satisfy your customer’s internal and external objections…

Russell Brunson knows how to create an offer – the OFA Challenge has everything you need to hit the ground running and build a business asset that can start working for you within a month…

The “One Funnel Away” Challenge will show you how to hook your audience in, deliver a story, and present an irresistible offer – just as Russell has done over again with his company.

>>Click Here to Join the next One Funnel Away Challenge.

The thirty day course will show you how to provide more value to your customers. At the end of thirty days, you will have packaged your entire concept and vision into a “live” sales funnel that’s bringing in profit.

Remember, you’re only one funnel away…

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