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Secret MLM Hacks Review 2021

Can You Build an MLM Empire WITHOUT Selling to Your Friends & Family?

Secret MLM Hacks Review 2021

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Secret MLM Hacks is a digital marketing course designed to teach network marketers how to build their traditionally ‘face-to-face’ business in the digital world. Steve Larsen (the creator of the course), takes shots at the direct sales industry, claiming that old-school network marketing is DEAD and does NOT work in 2021…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Secret MLM Hacks course is officially closed and no longer available for purchase. If you'd like to learn how to use funnels to generate leads and sales with MLM, you can check out these recommended alternatives:

I've included the old review of the course here for anyone that still wants to read it, but understand the information is outdated as the program is no longer available...

Any links to the program below have been redirected to recommended alternative courses and training:

If traditional MLM can be described as “How to Lose Friends and Alienate Acquaintances,” Steve promises to take you behind the curtain, and reveal how the top MLMers really make their money (but never actually share), and how you can implement these same tactics to truly build a passive income online as a network marketer…

What is the “old way” of doing things that Steve criticizes in his webinar? He tears apart many of the old tactics – for starters:

Making a list of friends… and bugging them to death – is not a strategy to build a real business.

Traditional MLMers are using the same recruiting techniques that haven’t changed since the 1970s – Steve’s goal with this course is to change the MLM industry by incorporating the best of sales psychology, funnels, and digital marketing tactics available today in 2021…

Who is Steve Larsen? Who is he to take on the MLM industry?

In 2017, the Direct Sales industry was responsible for more than $34 Billion in retail sales (in the United States alone)…

The industry is not struggling. So who is Steve Larsen, and what makes him the “expert” to attack how these network marketing companies push products and grow their business?

Steve Larsen launched into the internet marketing world as Russell Brunson’s top sales funnel builder at ClickFunnels.

While at ClickFunnels, Steve has built more than 500 sales funnels for Russell and his team… Steve Larsen has played an integral role at ClickFunnels, and their rise from zero to a $100 million company in just a few years.

Steve has also created content for the ClickFunnels “Affiliate Boot Camp” as well as their 2 Comma Club high ticket coaching program. Steve has also served as a 2 Comma Club coach as well as the coach for their “One Funnel Away” Challenge…

While working for ClickFunnels, Steve also began building his MLM business on the side…

Today, he is averaging 1-3 new prospects APPLYING to join his downline each day.

Steve holds nothing back in Secret MLM Hacks – breaking down EVERYTHING he is doing to build his downline, including how he builds automated recruiting, onboarding, and training systems for his team.

In addition to his MLM business, he’s the host of popular podcasts (Sales Funnel Radio, Secret MLM Hacks Radio, and One Funnel Away Stories), and also the creator of the annual OfferMind event, his OfferLab program, he's earned a 2 Comma Club award,  and he's a super-affiliate / Dream Car winner.

Russell Brunson even used Steve Larsen’s MLM business as a quick case study during his presentation at Grant Cardone’s 10X Conference. This is the now famous 90 minute presentation where Russell Brunson closed $3 Million in sales from the stage… Scroll to 35:20 in the video below to hear Steve's shout out.

$3 Million in a 90 minute presentation? Yes, these guys know how to market and sell.

Important to note about Secret MLM Hacks:

  • Steve Larsen QUIT his dream job working at ClickFunnels with Russell Brunson to venture on his own with a mission to build this MLM empire.

He left his lucrative job with a pregnant wife and two young kids at home- so believe that he has put his ALL into this course.

  • Steve Larsen does NOT even mention his MLM company or personal downline anywhere in the program. This course is NOT a recruiting tool for his personal team – it is a company neutral course designed for YOU to implement in YOUR business and also plug your team into.

His goal for this course is to change the entire network marketing industry.

  • SIX network marketing company owners  have reached out to Steve wanting this system exclusively for their organization… Steve has been offered ownership stake in companies to make this course exclusive…

He has turned them all down to make this course open to all network marketers.

Full Disclosure: I am not only a member of the Secret MLM Hacks program, but I'm also in Steve Larsen and Russell Brunson's personal downline organization. The purpose of this article is to review the Secret MLM Hacks program. If you'd like to learn more about joining Steve and Russell's downline team , click HERE.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you – if you are currently in an MLM and are actively building a downline.

If you are (or want to be) a network marketing professional, this is the information that should be studied and recommended to your entire team.

Secret MLM Hacks (SMH) takes everything that Steve Larsen learned from the top marketers during his time at ClickFunels. He’s taken everything that is currently working in digital marketing, and packaged it for the network marketing industry.

The same strategies that work for other businesses bringing in six and seven figures – will also work for MLM… and barely anyone is (currently) implementing these tactics…

The system provides a PLAN with actionable steps for every area of business that may be a challenge to network marketers.

MLM Stats

Screen shot from Steve's Webclass: Don't Be an Average MLMer! 

This course / webinar is for you – if you like the idea of having an MLM business… BUT you don’t want to be “that guy.”

THIS is the category I was in…

Quick story that I think many former MLMers (Steve tells a similar story in his webinar) can relate to:

YEARS ago before I knew ANYTHING about marketing, I was recruited into one of the bigger MLM companies.

I saw the compensation plan and was immediately hooked.

I saw the vision… Fresh out of college, I saw network marketing as THE best alternative to a soul crushing 9-5 JOB…

I made my list of prospects (as I was told to do), I went out and attempted to recruit every single one of my friends and family members… And every one of them (except for ONE friend!) said NO.

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I was shocked – why would anyone choose the soulless 40-hour work week over an option that allowed you to create your own schedule, work your own hours, and build a lasting passive residual income?

The worst part – not only were the people in my life NOT interested, I think some of them started avoiding me and stopped taking my calls.

I basically joined the N.F.L… (No Friends Left) and promised myself that I would never get involved with an MLM again.

I did however, continue to study entrepreneurship, marketing and sales. Much of my online success came years later with affiliate marketing- selling products and services online – fast forward to 2013, and I joined another MLM – but only under the condition that I would NOT even attempt recruiting friends and family…

This time around, I was able to recruit 50+ people within a few months…

I hit the highest ranking in the company – without making a list of friends, without home parties, hotel meetings, or 3-way calls.

Like Steve Larsen, I was able to do this online – WITHOUT my friends and family even knowing I’m in MLM…  If you like the idea of MLM, but don’t want to be “that guy” hounding your warm list to build your business – this course is for you.

This course / webinar is for you – if you’re an online business owner or any way involved with marketing or sales on the internet.

Steve Larsen has taken everything he has learned from his time at ClickFunnels and dumped it into this course. It is packaged for network marketers, but the information will apply to anyone that is interested in marketing or online sales. It’s high value content.

Although packaged specifically for network marketers, this  is really a digital marketing course that can be applied across many industries. If you want to learn how to generate leads or sell products on the internet using sales funnels, it’s all here.

This course / webinar is for you if you’re a ClickFunnels user, a self-styled #FunnelHacker, and enjoy “hacking” successful sales funnels.

If you nerd out on sales funnels (like I do), the Secret MLM Hacks webclass is an excellent example of the "perfect webinar." Who better to funnel hack than one of the world’s top funnel consultants?

HackMLM landing page

What “Secrets” Does Steve Reveal in the “Secret MLM Hacks” Free Webclass?

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can stream the webclass replay. Here is a walk-through of what was taught in the online class.

In his presentation, Steve analyzes what is NOT working with old-school MLM, what’s really going on behind the scenes, and how you can use this information to your benefit…

The webclass picks apart some common false beliefs that network marketers often share. The webinar mainly focuses on these three “secrets.”

Secret #1 

“The Hidden Revenue Model Only The Top MLMers Use To Get Paid (REGARDLESS If You Buy From Them…)” Starts At [0:24:29]

What are the top recruiters actually DOING? Steve studied the top recruiters for six months… What he learned boosted his income to $59,000 his first year…

Secret #2

“The 1 Ugly Truth About Duplication That No Upline Or Leader Is Willing To Share…” Starts At [0:37:12]

It’s NOT a numbers game, or about sifting through relationships… Duplication (in my opinion) is the biggest challenge in MLM – and this portion of the webinar was most eye-opening…

Secret #3

“How I Positioned My Home Business For Maximum Product And Recruiting Sales…” Starts At [0:55:20]

How do you stick out from the crowd? If you’re using the same script, same duplicated websites, selling the same products, etc… Take notes here!

What’s Next?

“The 3 Step System I Used To Auto-Recruit My Downline Of BIG Producers… (Without Friends Or Family Even Knowing I’m In MLM)” Starts At [1:07:56]

If you have not watched the webinar yet – grab a pad and pen. The webinar is free and Steve gives a ton of value.

After providing a ton of value in the webclass – to prove that he knows what he’s talking about…  Steve does have a course to sell.

You can implement some of the strategies in the webclass immediately. The course is for people that want to go deep and really take their business to the next level…

What is Included in the “Secret MLM Hacks” Course?

5 Week Secret MLM Hacks Masterclass

You need guidance – what to do first, with step by step instructions, to avoid overwhelm. The masterclass includes five modules…

Mod 1 – How To Get Paid To Prospect
Mod 2 – How To Auto-Close
Mod 3 – How To Manage A Happy Downline
Mod 4 – How To Get Known For Your Product
Mod 5 – How To Automate Product Sales
> and far more unspoken bonuses…
($1997 Value)

Secret MLM Hacks Workbook

The course includes an 80 page workbook designed to help you double your MLM recruiting…

• Quickest Paths To Success
• How To Design Your Marketing
• Outpacing Your Upline
• Step By Step Checklist Instructions
> physical book will be shipped to you…
($697 Value)

You can download, print it, and fill out the content as you go through the program.

double your downline

Pre-built recruiting and sales funnel templates

Steve spent years as the Executive Funnel Builder for ClickFunnels… Companies pay a lot of money for him to create their sales funnels.

You do not have to become a master jedi ninja funnel builder… Steve includes several free funnels (these are not your average funnels) that you can easily plug into your MLM business and start using today…

• Auto Recruiting Funnel Template
• Multiple Product Sales Funnel Templates
• Publishing Funnel Template
• Downline Members Area Template
> to name a few 🙂
($4497 Value)

Steve Larsen's pre-built MLM sales funnels

Important Note: You do NOT need a ClickFunnels account to implement the strategies taught in this course – but you DO need ClickFunnels if you want to use these pre-built funnels/templates.

ClickFunnels is not free, but you can ‘test-drive’ it free with a two-week trial HERE.

MLM Masters Pack

Steve has recorded a 5 part video series – that he has used to generate leads and recruit for his MLM business… He’s giving this to you to use as you please. You are able to ceate your own sales funnels with his content…

• Downloadable, Ready, Paid-Prospecting Asset
• Educate Prospects BEFORE You Talk With Them
• Gets People ASKING To Join You
($1995 Value)

MLM Maverick Maker

Secrets to becoming unique in a “red ocean.” The product is NOT what sells. It’s NOT your sales skills. Network marketing company owners create a generic message for everyone in their sales force. Get OFF the generic script and actually address the REAL CONCERNS of recruits. This shows HOW to recruit and duplicate.

MLM as it’s currently “taught,” is misnamed. Traditional MLM is really multi-level SALES (MLS). It’s face to face, or “belly to belly” sales. Marketing is what gets prospects TO YOUR face. Steve’s system teaches what works in MARKETING.

• How To Out-Sell Your Upline
• How To Out-Deliver Your Upline
• MLM Marketing Formula (on or offline)
> one of the most important things in the course
($1697 Value)


Steve has hired one of the top facebook ads experts to run all of his facebook marketing. In this portion of the course – Steve asks his top facebook experts to teach you facebook ads. She holds nothing back in her training…

• The Ads That Work, And Ones That Never Will
• How To Choose Your MLM Targeting
• The Only Way To Launch You Ad
> had to beg his FB ads expert to teach you this – Important: ZuckerCider MAY only be included with the course for a limited time…

Hidden Downline Masterclass

In December 2020, he taught the "Hidden Downline" masterclass. The recordings of this training are now added to the members area. When you're in the course, look under Bonuses for access. Stream or download all six training sessions.

Larsen's bonus content

Screen shot of the Secret MLM Hacks members area

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, Steve had temporarily CLOSED the Secret MLM Hacks program. Demand was so high - it just didn't make sense to keep it closed...

If you buy Steve's program - you'll get full access to the members area and all bonuses - including access to the team facebook group... 

If you have any issues or questions, let me know. I'll reach out directly and help get you access.

buy secret mlm hacks

Important to Note:

You do NOT have to be amazing with tech in order to implement what Stephen Larsen teaches in this course…

Again – You do NOT need to be a ClickFunnels member in order to implement what you learn here. If you're thinking about using ClickFunnels, you can start a two week free trial here. As soon as you get inside the course, you can start uploading Steve's funnels and testing them out for your business.

Steve reveals in the course how his first MLM “funnel” was all done using youtube alone (and even gives you the youtube videos to download and use as your own videos or funnels)…

So there's really no excuse to hit the ground running and start building a sustainable passive income business.


If you’re brand new to internet marketing or a seasoned pro with years of knowledge and experience under your belt, you will find value in the content.

Secret MLM Hacks is really Steve Larsen’s introduction to the marketing world as his own brand – stepping away from life as a ClickFunnels employee…

He is on a mission to change the MLM industry and he really dumps all of his insider knowledge into this course. This is not a “me too” system that you’ve seen before or can find from another digital marketing guru…

If you’re at all serious about growing your home business and creating a serious income as a network marketing professional, this MLM course is for you.

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Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC. View full Disclosure here.

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