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Steve Larsen’s MLM Recruiting Funnel Review

Inside Look at a 6 Figure Network Marketing Funnel

Steve Larsen’s MLM Recruiting Funnel Review

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In early 2019, Steve Larsen launched his updated MLM Recruiting Funnel for his MLM Mavericks downline.

While the “old school” MLMers are chasing down their friends and family with 3-way calls and “opportunity” meetings, Steve has built an online machine that auto-recruits 1-3 new team members into his downline DAILY… mostly on auto-pilot.

This is for you if you DO NOT want to:

  • corner your uncle at the next BBQ to gush over your new life changing wrinkle cream
  • constantly answer “is this some sort of a pyramid?” and other tired questions…
  • or SPAM affiliate links for scented candles (or whatever you’re selling) all over your facebook page with minimal success…

But instead want to leverage technology with digital marketing tools like ClickFunnels to attract ideal prospects and build your MLM online.

Steve Larsen’s MLM Recruiting Funnel Review

The goal of this review is to “funnel hack” Steve’s new recruiting system and show how and why it works…

So that you can take these same strategies and implement them inside your own network marketing business.

If interested, we will also reveal how to get this entire ‘done for you’ system – free.

We’ll give you access to the “share link” so that you can one-click upload this entire funnel and follow-up autoresponder sequence into your own ClickFunnels account.


Let’s get into the review…

Here’s your classic Network Marketing “Bridge” funnel…

Network Marketing Bridge Funnel

In short, it’s a lead capture page that directs to a “bridge” page before sending visitors over to your affiliate or corporate site.

Bridge Funnels work well – and you will probably want to incorporate Bridge Funnels in your list building game plan.

MLMers also often use the “Lead Magnet” Funnel and the “Home Meeting” Funnel…

But Steve’s Recruiting Funnel is a little more… involved.

Steve Larsen's MLM Recruiting Funnel Review

Steve's 13 Page Auto-Recruiting Funnel with 10 Page Email Follow-Up Funnel

MLM Recruiting on Auto-Pilot

I know Steve’s recruiting funnel works because I entered the top of this funnel and came out at the other end as a member of his downline.

I went through this funnel and email sequence – and actively reached out to join the MLM Mavericks team.

Admittedly, I’m already a part of the ClickFunnels CULT-ure… so I didn’t need much arm-twisting to get on board! 😁

I actually signed up without even looking at the company compensation plan.

Instead of “chasing down” prospects – this system has prospects APPLYING to join…

And Steve’s put in the hard work – giving us the built out funnel along with email sequence and 5 day “course” that provides a ton of value to everyone that opts in.

It’s really a ‘business in a box’ as you can just upload the funnel and email sequence and focus on driving traffic to your offer.

I have uploaded Steve Larsen’s MLM recruiting funnel into my ClickFunnels account. You can opt-in here to go through the funnel yourself and follow along as we “hack” this network marketing recruting system.

By opting in, you can walk through the funnel and also receive all of the emails in the follow-up sequence for yourself as they drip out over the next several days…

If you’re not interested in joining our downline, you can of course, model this funnel and emails as a template for yourself.

Click to View the New MLM Recruiting Funnel >>

The MLM Recruiting Funnel:

This funnel itself is basically an application to join our team that consists of four total pages.

The Opt-In Page

The first page of the funnel of course is the opt-in page. Below the headline, there’s a youtube video edited together with several testimonials for Steve Larsen.

Steve Larsen Pruvit

Different people answer ‘what it’s like to work with Steve Larsen.’

Among the testimonials is Don Hobbs, the influencer, motivational coach, and former President of Jim Rohn Productions.

We also hear from a former “corporate MLM employee,” as well as regular people that have either hired Steve, worked with him, or plugged into this MLM system already – and are succeeding…

Below the testimonial video, we see the “irresistible offer” to join Steve’s downline team…

offer stack

Outside of the old tired MLM strategies, the average MLMer doesn’t have much to offer new recruits.

In MLM, people need systems to:

  • generate leads
  • convert leads into new recruits
  • onboard – train, motivate, & support new recruits

Steve, the master at offer creation – is giving his team everything they need to move forward in their MLM.

Pre-built funnels, systems, membership site training – etc… this could be packaged and sold as an offer.

This is all free to everyone that qualifies to join our team.

Following the offer stack – valued at over $4,000, we are also blitzed with social proof, through more video testimonials along with a long thread of facebook comments.

This is optional, but we’ve also followed Steve’s suggestion and installed software on our recruiting funnel.

Proof collects the first name and location of every prospect that opts in to ‘join my downline.‘ This information scrolls along the bottom left corner of our landing page.

Use Proof - social proof

Visitors can see that others are applying to join the team – it’s online social proof for other visitors to also ‘join my downline.’

This is VERY easy to install and integrate with ClickFunnels.

At the time of writing this article – I’m testing a free 14 day trial of Proof – but will likely stick with it long term.

I’ve set it up so that Proof pops up along the bottom corner of every page in the funnel – including the five MLM Primer training modules.

The Application and Broadcast Replay

With this Funnel, prospects apply BEFORE even seeing what MLM company we’re in.

The application page is created using a Wufoo form -and integrated into the ClickFunnels page… This gives us information needed to sift through and review applicants.

Only on the Broadcast page – AFTER application is filled, does a prospect learn what MLM company we’re with…

MLM auto-recruiting share funnel

There is a video of Steve letting you know more about our team, the leaders, and HOW prospects can take the next step to join us.

The MLM Primer Training Course

The majority of pages in this MLM recruiting funnel are only seen via the follow-up email sequence.

Everyone that opts-in at JoinMyDownline will receive Steve’s 5 “MLM Primer” videos that trickles out free training over several days…

Video 1 of 5 - MLM Recruiting Funnel

The training is actually small samples of content taken from his Secret MLM Hacks course.

The five video modules provide a ton of value – that is unlike the stuff you’ll find from other MLMers…

So if your visitors manage to watch the first module – they’ll likely pay attention and look out for future emails.

The content is not SALES material, but actionable strategies that can be used whether your prospects join your downline or not.

>>Click Here For the New MLM Recruiting Funnel<<

MLM Recruiting Funnel – How to Get Started

If happy with your current network marketing company, you can take this sales funnel and model what we’re doing. Funnel hack each step – then recreate it using the ClickFunnels software…

If you aren’t already using ClickFunnels, you can start a 14-day free trial here.

Use Steve’s follow-up email sequence as a framework for your own email autoresponder.

You may want to record your own training videos – or interview an upline leader in your organization in order to create the free training.

If you just want to plug into a successful MLM recruiting funnel and use this training for yourself– you can apply to join our team.

New members get access to everything on the JoinMyDownline sales page, as well as additional bonuses for joining through FreedomRep.

MLM Sales funnels are an excellent tool for generating leads, nurturing prospects, and building a successful network marketing team.

A profitable funnel is also a valuable asset to pass on to other members of your downline team.

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