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Top Network Marketing Companies

Best Direct Sales Companies for 2020

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The Direct Sales Industry hit a record $189.6 Billion in global retail sales in 2017. That same year, top network marketing companies paid over $76 Billion to their sales force of independent distributors…

The numbers are trending upward as direct sales and multi-level marketing grow in mainstream acceptance.

There are an estimated 18.6 million network marketers in the United States alone. Here is a list of what we believe to be some of the Top Network Marketing Companies in the industry.

Top Network Marketing Companies


For more than twenty years, Advocare has offered general nutrition, weight-loss, energy, and sports performance products of the highest quality.

Their products are developed through comprehensive research and backed by a Scientific & Medical Advisory Board. AdvoCare now offers more than 70 exclusive products and an affiliate program that empowers individuals to build a profitable side (or full-time) income. AdvoCare was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Plano, Texas.

Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy provides electricity and natural gas services in deregulated markets across the United States, primarily marketed through a direct sales channel of more than 250,000 Independent Consultants.


Often making the list of “top network marketing companies,” Amway is an $8.6 Billion global brand. Since 1959, the company has been selling health, wellness, skincare, cosmetics, and other product lines through their multi-level marketing sales force of Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

Arbonne International

Established in 1980, Arbonne creates personal care and wellness products that are crafted with the highest grade botanical ingredients and innovative scientific discovery. Arbonne is healthy living inside and out. Their products are available through an extensive network of more than 260,000 Independent Consultants in seven countries.


For more than 130 years, Avon has proudly stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and, above all, for women. Avon products include well-recognized and beloved brands such as ANEW, Avon Color, Avon Care and Skin-So-Soft. The MLM giant is one of the most widely recognized brands in the world today and often near the top of the list when ranking the top network marketing companies.


The best selling fitness programs P90x, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, 21 Day Fix (and others), are all sold through Team Beachbody’s independent Coaches. The company is pioneering a business model that combines television and radio advertising to generate customers and leads with the human support from the independent sales reps, referred to as Beachbody Coaches.

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Belcorp USA

Belcorp USA is Ventura International, Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Belcorp International, Ltd., a private, multi-brand, international corporation with more than 44 years of experience in developing and selling products in skin care, fragrance, makeup, body care and hair care through a network of 850,000 Independent Distributors across the Americas.

With over US$1.3 Billion in sales, Belcorp International, Ltd. has operations in 15 countries through direct channels, including the US. Established in 2005, Belcorp USA sells products in the United States under the L’Bel brand, which are available both online and through a large network of Independent Beauty Advisors nationwide. Belcorp USA’s headquarters are located in Miami.


In 2013, Gregg Renfrew launched the BeautyCounter skin care and cosmetics brand with a mission to remove toxic chemicals from use in the cosmetics industry. The company and their army of independent sales reps are known for their advocacy and lobbying efforts on this mission for safety in these products. BeautyCounter goes beyond what is legally required of them in the United States with a “Never List” of more than 1,500 harmful chemicals they will never use in any of their products. Roughly 1,400 of the chemicals on this “never list” are widely used by companies in the U.S., but are already restricted or banned from cosmetics in the European Union.


Founded in 1949, Cutco is known for having some of the world’s finest cutlery. It’s a direct sales company that sells knives mostly through the means of independent sales representatives. Cutco is also the parent company of a few other related companies, including Vector Marketing, but the primary brand name is Cutco. 


doTERRA is a health and wellness company specializing in therapeutic essential oils and related wellness products. It empowers advocates with the independence and freedom to run their own business promoting and selling doTERRA products.  Earning a reputation for distilling the highest quality essential oils, doTERRA combines standard-setting quality control with an attractive compensation plan, making it an industry leader in health and wellness.

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Herbalife is a $4.48 billion global MLM corporation with a sales force of 3.2 million independent sales reps operating in 90 countries. Herbalife is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HLF. Their health and wellness product lines include weight loss and protein shakes, protein bars, energy drinks, nutritional vitamins and supplements. This giant of the MLM world is usually listed in the top tier of “top network marketing companies.”


Founded in 2002, Isagenix is a global health and wellness company providing systems and products for weight-loss, energy, performance, and healthy aging. In 2017, Isagenix reported a revenue of $958 Million in products sold through their MLM sales force.

Jeunesse Global

Launched in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse is a leader in the health and wellness space. Jeunesse operates in more than 100 countries and boasts an independent sales force of 643,000+ distributors.

Juice Plus

Founded in 1970 by the company’s current Chairman Jay Martin, Juice Plus is a U.S. based multi-level marketing company that specializes in health and wellness products. Juice Plus has operations in more than 20 countries with a global sales force of more than 120,000 distributors.


LegalShield is a leader in affordable access to pre-paid legal protection. The 45-year-old company has more than 1,751,000 members throughout the U.S. and Canada that are covered by its legal and identity theft plans.


In business since 1993, Mannatech is a multi-level marketing company that promotes personal care products and dietary supplements.  Mannatech operates in 26 markets with a global sales force of 219,000+ distributors, and a reported $176.7 million for 2017.

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Mary Kay

Often ranked among the top network marketing companies, Mary Kay is a multibillion-dollar MLM offering the latest in cutting-edge skin care, bold color cosmetics and fragrances. The company opened for business in 1963 thanks to founder Mary Kay Ash. They are privately owned and have had tremendous success as a global network marketing company.

Monat Global

Founded in 2014, Monat Global is a U.S. based network marketing company specializing exclusively in hair care products.  In 2017, Monat ranked 52 in Direct Selling News “Top 100” list with a revenue of $314 million from their sales force of 120,000 independent distributors.

Neora (Formerly Nerium International)

Headquartered in Addison Texas, Neora (Nerium International) is a network marketing company that specializes in skincare products. Nerium was founded in 2011 by industry veteran Jeff Olson.  In 2016, Nerium Intl ranked #886 on the INC 5000 list.

Nu Skin

Since 1984, Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. develops and distributes a comprehensive line of high quality beauty and wellness solutions. The company builds upon its scientific expertise in both skin care and nutrition to continually develop innovative product brands.

Poofy Organics

Launched in New Jersey in 2006, Poofy Organics is the only USDA Organic Certified direct sales company. Their CEO Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson started looking for alternatives to the chemical laden personal care products on the market… and realized available options were limited. The Proofy Organics line of products are green and safe for children, pets, and the environment.


A U.S. based MLM company, Primerica, Inc. sells insurance and financial services through a sales force of 124,000+ independent representatives. Primerica is a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PRI.

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Rodan & Fields

A leading skincare brand, Rodan & Fields’ clinically proven regimens are based on Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields’ knowledge and experience from their own medical practices. This multi-level marketing company has an independent sales force of more than 130,000 people. Rodan & Fields ranked #16 in DSN’s Global 100 list for 2018, with reported $1.5 billion in revenue for 2017.


With more than 131,000 sales reps, Scentsy is a leading international fragrance and home décor company. Founded in 2004, Scentsy ranked #44 on DSN’s Global 100 list of top Direct Sales Companies for 2018.

Scout and Cellar

Mass-produced wine is made with synthetic pesticides, chemical additives, sugar and more. Scout and Cellar founder and CEO Sarah Shadonix saw what was a mostly unregulated wine market and knew there was a better way. She trademarked the term "Clean-crafted" wine and launched her wine company. Three years later, the MLM has sold more than 3 million bottles of wine across the U.S.

Seacret Direct

A top network marketing company, Seacret Direct is an international skincare brand. Seacret boasts a unique combination of Dead Sea Minerals and the latest scientific technologies in the skincare world.


A nutritionist and chiropractor named Forrest C Shaklee founded the Shaklee Corporation with his two sons in 1956 to manufacture nutritional supplements.  Their product offerings soon expanded into organic and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Fast forward today, the Shaklee Corporation has multiple lines of products, but still prides itself as a green, socially responsible company, committed to safe and natural products.


Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symboly TUP, Tupperware is a global direct seller of products under multiple brands and categories. Reporting $2.26 billion in revenue for 2017, the company ranked #10 on DSN’s 2018 Global 100 List.


USANA Health Sciences is a Utah based MLM founded in 1993 by microbiologist and immunologist Dr. Myron WentzThe company develops “scientifically advanced” nutritional, personal care, and healthy lifestyle products that are sold through their network of 565,000 independent sales people. USANA is a publicly traded company (USNA) on the New York Stock Exchange, and reported revenue of $1.05 billion for 2017.

Young Living

Established in 1993, Young Living markets themselves as the world leader in essential oils. The company ranked #15 on the DSN Global 100 list for 2018 with revenue of $1.52 billion. Young Living operates in more than 14 markets globally with a sales force of 1.5 million independent sales reps.


A leading omni-direct lifestyle company that offers proven products from top-selling consumer product categories.

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The Best MLM Companies: What to Look For

We have NOT included every direct sales company in the above list. We will continue to update this page and add more MLMs over time. As you do your due diligence and research the different top network marketing companies and business opportunities, you’ll find that some MLMs have better products/services than others. You’ll find that some have a stronger track record than others. Some have seen controversy, and some have operated for decades maintaining a strong brand and reputation.

When reviewing top network marketing companies, research their:

  • Executive team: Who is the CEO? Does the company leadership have a strong track record?
  • Products / Services: Does the company genuinely have high quality products or services that are competitively priced for retail sale?
  • Company Growth / Stability: Does the company have growth momentum or are they fizzing out? How long have they been in operation?
  • Sales Team / Compensation Plan: Has the company attracted top network marketers? Is the company constantly tweaking and making changes to the compensation plan?
  • Upline Support: If you’re researching MLM teams and other independent reps to potentially join, what unique resources and support do they offer to help you build your business?

Success is More About You than Your Company

I know people that continue to jump from one MLM company to the next. They try to build a business with Company A, only to jump to Company B a few months later…

Assuming you chose a solid company to begin with, the company itself is likely not the issue or reason for your MLM failure. If it’s one of the top network marketing companies reporting millions in annual revenue (as many of the above companies are), it means that new distributors are joining, and products are getting sold.

There is more opportunity now than ever – especially with digital marketing and online recruiting.

Align yourself with a strong direct sales company, plant your flag, connect with your upline team, and start building your empire. If you want help from our team, you can apply here.