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Traffic Secrets Review: Inside Look at Russell Brunson’s Best Seller

Traffic Secrets Review: Inside Look at Russell Brunson’s Best Seller

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Russell Brunson, author of Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets is back once again with his latest book, the New York Times best seller Traffic Secrets.

Every day entrepreneurs and small business owners launch new websites or sales funnels... Every day many of these businesses also fail because their dream customers simply never even find out they exist!

So how do you make it so that these dream customers are able to find you online?  Enter Traffic Secrets.

In this Traffic Secrets review, we'll take a look at the author, break down some of the content you can expect to find in the book, reveal some of the author's free bonuses, and show you how to get your hands on the hardcover for free (just cover shipping)...

This is an in-depth review. If you already know that you just want to get your hands on the new book now, you can order your copy of Traffic Secrets here.

Who is Russell Brunson?

While we've discussed Russell Brunson in other articles on this blog, here's a quick bio... 

Russell has been passionate about marketing his whole life. While still in college, Russell successfully launched his first info-product and did over a million dollars in sales (before even graduating).

Since then, he's built a following of millions of entrepreneurs, he's produced millions of dollars in sales for himself (and others), he's sold hundreds of thousands of his books, and cofounded the SaaS company ClickFunnels. 

His ClickFunnels sales funnel software company currently has more than 100,000 active members. Much of their success relies on the fact that they pump millions of people (traffic) into their different sales funnels every month. 

Traffic Secrets Review: Completing the Trilogy

Dotcom Secrets explains the science behind online sales funnels. Expert Secrets is the art of selling online, and Traffic Secrets is the FUEL for your sales funnels. 

You can have the best product or service for your dream customer, but as mentioned above, it does nobody any good if your customer can't find you online.

Russell Brunson understands how to generate traffic online, and while ClickFunnels is successful today, this wasn't always the case. 

In the five years since ClickFunnels launched, they've tried EVERYTHING when it comes to driving traffic to their offers. This is the book where Russell is transparent and reveals it all.

The struggles, the epiphanies, the successes. How are they driving millions of visitors each month?

It's all in this 300+ page book, Traffic Secrets.

traffic secrets review: third book

Who Needs this Book?

If you're selling a product or service online, or even just generating leads online for a brick and mortar business, this book is for you. Traffic Secrets reviews strategies that work for any industry or niche. For example:

  • Brick and mortar
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Non-Profit
  • Coach / Consultant
  • E-Commerce
  • Selling Info-Products / Online courses
  • Direct Sales / Network Marketer
  • Blogger / Affiliate marketer

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Russell Brunson's 20 Traffic Secrets

The book is organized into three sections. Below is a quick overview of what to expect from each of Russell's  "secrets" found in each section.

Section One: Your Dream Customer

Secret #1: Who is your dream customer? You can't serve your customer until you dial in your customer avatar. This is arguably one of the most important secrets for selling (online or off)...

Secret #2: Where is your dream customer hiding? Yes, your dream customer is on the internet - but where can you find them online.  Secret #2 reveals how to find them and pull them into your funnels.

Secret #3: Hook, Story, Offer. Once you've found them online, this chapter reveals how to "hook" your dream customer in, engage them with your story, and have them take you up on your offer. If you've taken the One Funnel Away Challenge, you've likely already heard of "hook, story, offer." This chapter goes into detail...

Secret #4: There are two ways to get your message in front of your dream customer.  You can work your way in or buy your way in. Russell explains how you can turn them into YOUR traffic that you can market to over and over again.

Secret #5 Traffic that you own is the best traffic... Russell shows how to weather the storms of Google slaps, algorithm changes, and changes on platforms you can't control.

Secret #6: Most people don't buy the first time they see your offer... So how do you keep them engaged so that they return (and buy from you)? 

Secret #7: Infiltrating the Dream 100. This is Russell's strategy for getting influencers in your niche (with large followings) to send you their traffic.

Review of Russell's new marketing book

Section Two: Fill Your Funnel

Secret #8: Fill your funnel organically (working your way in)... This chapter is about the money-making activities you need to be doing online to get free traffic to your funnels now.

Secret #9: Traffic inconsistent? THIS secret is responsible for much of ClickFunnels growth, and to how ClickFunnels keeps their funnel full today.

Secret #10: Instagram traffic secrets. Russell's strategies for engaging and growing followers on Instagram.

Secret #11: Insider look at Facebook traffic. Your dream customer is likely active on the world's largest social media site. This chapter reveals what you need to know to successfully connect with them.

Secret #12: Google traffic. You know that Google is the world's largest search engine. Roughly 89% of customers begin the buying process with a Google search. But are you taking full advantage of this as a traffic source? Russell shows to have your customers find you - even if they don't know who you are yet.

Secret #13: Traffic from Youtube. In this chapter, Russell Brunson breaks down his 'six steps' to creating content, serving his audience, and directing these youtube viewers to his funnels.

Secret #14: The key to staying in front of traffic trends and finding fresh opportunities. This book discusses specific online platforms, but as a static book is evergreen. He shows strategies for approaching different platforms with the understanding that algorithms, "hot" social media platforms, advertising policies, etc... all change. This chapter is Russell's blueprint for about staying on top of the ever-changing online landscape.

Secret #15: How to repurpose content and dominate all platforms. You can be everywhere your customers are, and you can do it without burning out or having to hire a team. It's all in this chapter.

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Section Three: Growth Hacking

Secret #16: Create a "hub" for your business. Get Russell's funnel hub outline they use at ClickFunnels.

Secret #17: This is the REAL secret behind the success of ABC's Shark Tank. Find out how to model this in your own business.

Secret #18: Building an affiliate army. Get other marketers to spend their own time and money to promote your offers, and ONLY pay them when they make a sale. If you're not implementing an affiliate program, you need to read this chapter.

Secret #19: The seven phases of a funnel for turning cold traffic into hot buyers. 

Secret #20: Three small adjustments that lead to large amounts of traffic to scale your business fast.

>>Click here to order your (free) copy of Traffic Secrets. Pay only $9.95 to cover shipping and handling.

Traffic Secrets Bonuses

When you get your copy of Trafffic Secrets, Russell Brunson is throwing in a few free bonuses. These bonuses are digital and can be accessed online as soon as you complete your order.

Bonus #1: Russell's FHL Presentation

This is a sixty minute recording of Russell from Funnel Hacking Live 2020. It's an entertaining (and educational) deep dive into a few of the traffic "secrets" shared in the book.

inside the members area

Screen shot of the "Traffic Secrets" members area.

Bonus #2: Dean Graziosi's FHL Presentation

Years ago, Russell was "bragging" to Dean Graziosi about his online book sales...  To then find out that Dean Graziosi was doing FIVE times Russell's sales! 

Russell flew out to Dean Graziosi's office to learn more. Implementing this strategy 4Xed the traffic to Russell's traffic. Russell asked Dean to share this information at FHL.  This is the presentation (free).

Bonus #3: How to Make a Video Go Viral

Prince EA has more than three billion video views online. He also spoke at FHL. During his presentation, he reveals the science behind creating videos that go viral to grow your brand and influence online.

Bonus #4: How to Publish on Every Platform (and still have a life)

Peng Joon's "content multiplier" presentation. This is Peng Joon's blueprint for creating four months worth of content... in just a few days.

Bonus #5: The Traffic Secrets Challenge!

After reading the book, you might ask - so where do I start? The Traffic Secrets Challenge is a thirty day roadmap you can use to start generating traffic. This is your blueprint to get from where you are today to where you need to be in your business... 

Review: Is it Worth Buying?

In summary, Traffic Secrets reviews the twenty "secrets" Russell and the team at ClickFunnels have used to build a multi-million dollar SaaS business.

Russell Brunson does an excellent job at taking complicated concepts and explaining them easily. The book is full of actionable advice along with engaging stories that make it easy and fun to read.  

I'm NOT a fast reader, but devoured half of this book (around 150 pages) in one sitting. If you're a marketing geek like I am, you likely will fly through this in a few days.

I suggest taking notes, and supplementing the book with the accompanying online "members area" where you can also watch the FHL presentations and take advantage of the related bonuses he's offering.

If you've already finished Traffic Secrets, leave a comment below. What was your biggest take away?  


Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC. View full Disclosure here.

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