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Virtual Summit School Review: Explode Your Reach With One Online Event

Build your tribe, establish authority, & bring in revenue... with a virtual conference?

Virtual Summit School Review: Explode Your Reach With One Online Event

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As a digital marketer, I am ALWAYS curious… searching for the latest strategies to 10X my business…

I’m constantly reading about SEO, youtube, facebook ads, funnels – basically anything I can get my hands on searching for that “a-ha” gold nugget.

One strategy that has been around for a while, but admittedly only recently really hit my radar is “Virtual Summits.”

And when Virtual Summits come up – so does the name Bailey Richert.

Bailey Richert has positioned herself as the go-to authority for launching your Virtual Summit.

In this review – we’ll look into her Virtual Summit MasterClass as well as what you can expect from her full Virtual Summit School course. But first…

What is a Virtual Summit?

A Virtual Summit is a free online conference where a host shares interviews with influencers during a limited time event.


These are great for attendees because they provide the same quality education of a live conference, only without the costs – for travel, hotel, food, and other related expenses…

A Virtual Summit is also a real business building event for the entrepreneurs (host and guest speakers).
Hosting or speaking at a virtual summit is an excellent way to grow and scale your business fast:
  • establish your authority in your niche
  • grow your email list / community
  • increase your revenue
  • boost your visibility
  • build relationships with influencers…

A virtual summit is a win-win-win scenario for the host, guest speaker, and attendee.

Skeptical? We’ll get into details more below…

Who is Bailey Richert?

Bailey Richert bioAt age 25, Bailey Richert had a ‘quarter-life’ crisis and decided she didn’t want to spend her next 40 years in a cubicle prison…

She ditched the 9-5, studied entrepreneurship at MIT, and started her own business helping ‘infopreneurs’ launch and grow their businesses online.

By 2016, her business had hit a plateau.

She wasn’t failing, but she wasn’t moving as quickly as she felt she could.  Despite doing everything right, she wasn’t getting as many subscribers, clients, sales, etc…

She started looking around and watching what the gurus and the top internet marketers doing.

They were always collaborating. They were building affiliate relationships and doing JV partnerships.

In May 2016, Bailey Richert launched her first virtual conference with 30 influencers in her field. It was such a success that she repeated it again in 2017… and 2018.

Her Infopreneur Summit is now an annual event.

Fast forward to 2019, Bailey Richert is an Infopreneur coach, a ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award winner, and a TEDx speaker.

She was even hired by ClickFunnels to host and manage their “30 Days” virtual summit, and in 2019, she was a speaker at Funnel Hacking Live… covering the topic of… (spoiler alert) virtual summits.

30 Day Virtual Summit

>>Register for the free “Virtual Summit School MasterClass” here<<

Bailey Richert’s Virtual Summit School Webinar Review

Bailey Richert’s webinar is titled “How to Launch a Virtual Summit in 90 Days: The tested, proven system for exploding your email list, establishing your authority, and increasing your revenue in just three months, without needing to be an A-list influencer, have a huge following or gigantic marketing budget.”
shut up and take my money
I don’t know if she used Funnel Scripts for that title – but she nailed it. 😜
A lot is promised in that title. I was hooked – and she delivers.  If you’re at all considering Virtual Summits, press play on the webinar and take notes.
Here are some of the topics covered in the webclass…
  • How Virtual Summits Work
  • WHY Virtual Summits are so effective
  • How to Launch Your Own Virtual Summit in 90 Days…
  • Virtual Summit Success Secrets
This webinar takes you behind the scenes of her business – she even shows the actual data from her first virtual summit.
With only three weeks of promotion, she managed to launch her virtual event, add 1,170 new email subscribers to her list, add hundreds to her facebook group, and bring in over $3,000 in profit…
Her next summit in 2017 crushed those numbers.
In addition to growing her community and revenue – launching an online conference was effective in boosting her visibility.
The event helped position her as an authority in her field and opened the doors to more opportunities…

Virtual Summits: A Beginner Friendly Strategy

If you think that you need to be established to host a summit – you’re wrong.  She explains this in detail on her webinar. The Virtual Summit is your vehicle for building your list and following.

You do not need a big email list to get started…

In this webinar, Richert reveals her unique strategy for getting a solid group of influencers that want to participate in your summit.
Each of these influencers will be promoting the summit with you.  These are thirty leaders with email lists that are sending traffic to your virtual summit funnel…
Their audience cannot view the live summit without registering on YOUR website (joining your email list) and entering YOUR funnel…
In addition, Bailey Richert shows you how to easily attach an affiliate program to your virtual summit.
You can financially incentivize not only your guest speakers, but other affiliate marketers to drive their audience to YOUR funnel… and build YOUR email list.
In addition to building your email list and growing your online community, Bailey Richert shows you how to monetize your summit…
Her strategies work – I know, because I purchased all-access for the “30 Days” summit she launched for ClickFunnels!
30 Days Summit

Screenshot of the 30 Days Summit – All Access

There were so many interviews jammed into a few days. It made sense to purchase and go through each video at my own pace.
Note: The ClickFunnels 30 Days Virtual Summit all-access pass is currently available for FREE here…

You do not need a huge network to get started…

Your Virtual Summit is your REASON for reaching out to influencers. It’s your network building event.
The webinar goes into detail exactly who to target for your summit. How to find the right influencers for your event that is not only willing to participate, but also help promote…

Screenshot taken from Bailey Richert’s webclass

You do not need a huge marketing budget…

There really are not many expenses involved with launching this event. You can use zoom (free) to record your interviews.

You’ll need a platform to host your funnels and video broadcasts. The technical aspects of your summit can be handled almost entirely with just a ClickFunnels account.

The barrier to launch is minimal.

>>Register for the free “Virtual Summit School MasterClass” here<<

Bailey Richert’s 12 Step Process For Launching a Virtual Summit…

Bailey Richert’s Virtual Summit Launch is broken down into three separate phases…
The Planning Phase: Planning is about organizing the specifics and crafting a well thought-out conference.
  • Logistics: When is it going to be? For how many days? Nail down the details…
  • Content: Plan your content first – then figure out which speakers work best for each topic…
  • Decide on the tech: What mic? webcam? landing page software? All-in-one with ClickFunnels?
  • Get your guest speakers on board…
The Creating Phase: Creating is about getting your virtual online conference LIVE to the world…
  • How to set up your sales funnel – there are several options… the least complicated is ClickFunnels.
  • Record your interviews.
  • Set up your summit interview broadcast pages…
  • Set up your all-access membership site in a password protected area (simple in ClickFunnels)…

The Launch Phase: Launching is all about the promotion and execution of your virtual summit…

  • Prepare your affiliate program
  • Promote your online conference
  • Execute your summit
  • Complete necessary follow-up tasks
Bailey Richert takes all the guesswork out of this – she lays out:
  • all of the marketing material you need to provide for your guest speakers
  • the recommended level of payout for your affiliate program…
  • how long you should keep your broadcast live
  • how to follow up with attendees for maximum revenue…
  • and so much more…

>>Register for the free “Virtual Summit School MasterClass” here<<

Virtual Summit School Course Review

Bailey Richert has compiled everything you need to know from connecting with influencers, to setting up your funnels, to rocking the live event… and more.
All in one comprehensive program…
Virtual Summit School is a highly detailed and highly organized video based program that will walk you through the 12 steps in a chronological manner.

What’s included in the program?

12 Video Modules with over 9 hours of content…
Everything is broken down into short, easy to digest, actionable videos. some 20 minutes long…
No fluff – each video gets to the meat of each step. No theory… Virtual Summit School is actionable content that takes all of the guesswork out of the process.
Bailey Richert provides you with:
  • email scripts
  • 90 day launch plan
  • guest speaker checklist
  • downloadable guest speaker question forms
  • opt-in page templates/ interview page templates
  • facebook / social media images and ad templates
This is a virtual summit in a box… 
She has included everything you would possibly need to pull off your Virtual Summit.
The Virtual Summit School also includes:
  • Cold Outreach Secrets – get your ideal influencers in your summit.
  • Supercharge your summit – strategies she implemented that boosted her revenue 400% from 2016 to 2017.
  • How to increase value of your all-access pass – upsells, order bumps, “fast-action” offers, and other ways to increase cart value…
  • High converting done-for-you Summit funnels (ClickFunnels share funnels) – add to your account with one-click!
  • High converting done-for-you Speaker Broadcast page templates – these match the summit funnels
  • Guest speaker agreement / affiliate agreement templates – Lawyer drafted legal protection (valued at $497 each)
  • Bailey’s Virtual Summit Rolodex – Get Bailey Richert’s list of recommended contractors and service providers.
  • Virtual Summit School’s Student only facebook group – Advice and engagement from other students that have done or are working on their Virtual Summits…


A note about the done-for-you Summit funnels: These are completely finished funnels that were professionally designed. Funnel builders charge a lot of money to create funnels like this. The convenience of just uploading the entire summit website into your ClickFunnels account is alone worth the price of this course…
The Funnel includes registration page, sales page, order page, confirmation page… Four options for the design and functionality of your virtual summit…
price information for course

Virtual Summit School Price

If you were to personally hire Bailey Richert, her “Done-For-You” Virtual Summit services START at $5,500… This is just for your customized funnels and does not include strategy, promotions, or any other area of the virtual summit launching process.
At the time of writing this review, the entire course is being offered for $997. Check with the webinar – as this webinar special offer may expire.

The Virtual Summit School course only goes live a few times a year and may not stay at the $997 price…


>>Register for the free “Virtual Summit School MasterClass” here<<


There are so many pieces to a successful marketing plan. Virtual Summits are a highly effective way to get moving and really move the needle.


Grow your list, connect with your peers, provide value to your ideal customers, position yourself as an authority… and make a profit.

Bailey Richert has removed all of the guesswork and mapped out the blueprint with Virtual Summit School.
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